Sunday, December 26, 2010

Do something even if it's wrong!

One of the things I will cheerfully admit is that there is a very good chance that I am wrong about some of the things that I post about.

You can't be right all the time, and sometimes you simply get the wrong dope to draw your conclusions from.

Maybe sometimes I get good information and draw lousy conclusions.


I had a certain amount of a somewhat activistic mentality earlier in my life and I guess over the past few years it has returned. to a certain extent. I have been somewhat active in 2nd Amendment causes and a few other conservative issues and have gotten the usual amount of crap that goes along with it. It goes with the territory I suppose.

Still, there are a few people out there that I am diameterically opposed to that I have to respect in a very grudging way. These are the people that at least sing out and try to make things change  in the way they truly believe they should be.

Truth is that I have more respect for some of these people than I do the ones that I see eye to eye with, yet  stay silent.

For example, although I am, as I write this, I am eyeing a big steak in the refridgerator, there is one thing that I can say for the jerks at PETA.

They are at least trying to change things, even if I think it's for the worse.

I can't speak up for a lot of the things they do, some of which are patently illegal, yet at least they are not sitting on their asses drawing their pay, so to speak, and doing nothing.

There are a lot of conservatives who DO sit on their asses and simply draw their pay (so to speak). From from time to time I'd like to think that I am one of the ones that gets off of theirs and  at least makes some sort of a half-assed effort to make things right.

Many years ago I was indecisive about something and my father grew impatient with me and said, "For God's sake, do something, even if it's wrong!"

I wondered about that for quite some time until I figured that he was just telling me to get off my ass and give whatever I was thinking about a shot. (I'll tell this story a little later sometime. It's a pretty good one.)

This country can easily survive the PETAs and the other oddballs groups. In fact, what makes this such an interesting country is that there ARE so many groups like that. The nation probably should be a boiling cauldron of ideas and causes in order to stay healthy and I suppose it's OK once in a while if the pot boils over a bit.

The Founding Fathers probably predicted that this would happen from time to time. Hell, back in the 60s there was a saying that the country was like a stew. If you didn't stir it up every so often, the scum would rise to the top and the bottom would get burned.

Yeah, the country can stand the little  uprisings from the little groups of malcontents.

What it can not survive is when good people sit there and do nothing.

Back in the army, I did something dumb and the First Sergeant chewed me out for it. Of course, I was apologetic. He told me not to be and pointed out that even though I had screwed up, I had at
least made an effort to do something. He said that I was probably a better soldier than a lot of the others that never tried to do anything for fear of screwing up. The term he used was 'sitting on their asses drawing their pay and doing nothing'.

We often gripe(and rightly so) about the large number of people on the government tit that we are supporting and we point out that eventually the minority will be supporting the majority and that these people are getting something for nothing.

While that very well may be true, there is one other thing to think about.

How many of us are sitting on our asses and keeping our mouths shut?

Maybe it's time WE got off of OUR asses and started earning OUR pay?

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