Friday, October 21, 2016

The other day I actually exercised the first box right.

I figured that it may be the last chance we will ever have to exercise it.

I took a milk crate and gave it a quick wrap of duct tape and wrote 'soap' an all four sides with a Sharpie pen and went off looking for a likely looking spot. I landed in front of a State (liquor) Store and plopped the box down.

Then I got up on it and started making a semi-rehearsed speech on behalf of Donald Trump. It proved to be interesting.

I actually drew a small crowd and a number of comments. Some said I was preaching to the choir. A number of people chuckled and said they had never seen a guy get up on the soap box like that before.

I told them it was very possibly my last chance the way things were going and a number of people somberly agreed.

One of the few Hillary supporters argued that he had heard such and such on CNN and that drew chuckles. Someone said to him that CNN stood for Communist News Network and he scowled and shuffled off. He muttered something about calling the police on me.

Someone else told him they would do nothing, First Amendment and all... he shuffled off.

I found that there is an awful lot of support for Trump in my neck of the woods although it is not so much support for Trump as people see him as someone to block Clinton.

Actually the basis of my speech was mainly that. Block Hillary.

I was pleasantly surprised how many people agreed. I was also surprised when an old woman walked up and asked me if I was exercising my First Amendment right. When I told her I was, she said "God bless you!" and said she had never actually seen someone literally get up on the soap box before.

I am not comfortable publicly speaking and I had a very hard time getting started. However, once I did get started it got a little easier. I didn't really get used to it, though. Still, a man's gotta do what he's gotta do.

One of the people commented on the taxes he paid on liquor. I looked at him and grinned. I pointed out that Southwestern Pennsylvania has had quite a history of moonshining if he didn't want to pay the tax. That amused a number of people.

I had only one thing that even remotely resembled an incident and I handled it well.

Some hippie type Social Justice Warrior started to heckle me and I politely asked if he would kindly let me exercise the use of the first box of freedom.

"What's that?" he asked.

"The soap box upon which I am standing," I replied.

"What are the other three?" he asked.

"The ballot box and the jury box," I answered.

"That's only three," he said, indignantly. "What's the other?"

"The cartridge box," I said. "But I didn't bring a gun with me so I suppose I can't open that one. But I suppose with the number of carry permits in the county I can borrow one from one of the good citizens here if I need one."

Admitting I was unarmed had a small relaxing effect on the maybe 8 or 10 people that were there. Then something pretty cool happened. A fairly well dressed said he had a .45 in his car I could borrow if I needed it. I knew he was kidding and so did most everyone there.

"Stick around in case I do need it," I said. He grinned. Some people chuckled. 

The hippie didn't know if this was serious so he shuffled off. He had a dour look on his face. The whole incident probably lasted under two minutes. It was hardly worth mentioning. Still, it was amusing.

Anyway, after a while someone showed up and pointed that even though I was in front of the State Store I was in fact on private property and he asked me to leave. This is fair enough. If it is private property the owner has the right to ask me to leave. I did without incident.

As I was picking up my soapbox the guy said that he had been listening to me and I made sense. He was apologetic and explained they had a policy and had to enforce it fairly. I told him I understood and left.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

One of the things I laugh at are woman with false virtue and false indignation.

I got into hot water a couple of times when I lived in Kodiak. In fact I narrowly missed getting my ass kicked more than once.

The fleet was out and as a result so were most of the men. It was a girls night out so to speak and I was in town sitting in a bar listening to four woman sitting at the bar. Three were griping about their husbands and one was commiserating with the other three. The one was happy as a clam with her mate and made no bones about it. She adored her husband.

The head bitch was showing off some piece of jewelry and said it had come as a result of some certain sexual favors granted to her husband.

Just then a hooker sitting off to one side left to troll somewhere else. She quietly got up and left as discreetly as possible.

The head bitch saw her leave and as soon as she was out of earshot said, "I hate women like that."

"So put her out of business," I said. "It's economics 101. I YOU start servicing the fleet for free she will likely leave town."

The entire place busted up and the bartender blushed a bit and commented, "He DOES have a point. She is only here because there is money to be made."

The queen bitch was pretty upset and just said, "Yeah, well."

"Yeah, well, nothing." I shot back. "Truth is you're afraid of the competition." As soon as he figures out he can get serviced better and for a lot less than your new piece of jewelry cost you're going to have to compete."

There was a lot of embarrassed laughter and she gave me a snooty "Harumph." This was followed by a look of false indignation.

"You've already told us what your price is, Claris. "You told practically the entire bar. Sounds to me like you don't like competition."

Sheila Jensen, the woman that had defended her husband was trying not to wet her pants. She was sitting there quietly with a somewhat embarrassed look on her face.

"Sheila, Tom's a damned lucky guy to be married to you," I said. She smiled blushingly.

"Thank you," she said.

Tom Jensen had the smallest boat out of the four husbands of the four wives. It was a limit seiner. He was most likely the most successful of the four husbands as his expenses were lower. He also had a reputation of being generous with his crew shares and as a result always had a damned good crew.

"Sometimes a knight in shining armor shows up disguised in greasy coverall," I said.

Sheila laughed. Tom was known for his coveralls and his battered pickup. Sheila's car wasn't much, either. Both of them had enough sense to know that new cars in Kodiak were a total waste of money. Of course the other three wives got new cars every two or three years.

Sheila bailed out and was followed by the other three indignant woman. Sheila was likely headed home. The other three were likely headed off to one of the hotel bars that were off the beaten path. 

I knew there would be fallout and I stood a pretty good change of getting my lights knocked out. I had one thing going for me. There were a number of regulars there that had heard every word. 

One well preserved older woman that kept herself in excellent condition and immaculate came up to me. "Piccolo, you go where angels fear to tread, she said. "You were 100% right but likely there will be hell to pay. Those three will tell their husbands you insulted them and tell them half the story. Watch yourself. Doris is tending bar tomorrow night and I'm going to cover for Lois who needs the evening off."

The fleet returned in dribs and drabs. The first one I encountered was Tom Jensen. I wandered into Tony's and saw him. He saw me and grinned. "I already heard," he said.

"Then what are you doing here?" I said. "Get some flowers for Sheila and go home to that woman!"

He looked confused.

"You didn't hear the all of it," I said. "Sheila defends you like an attack dog."

He smiled. "She's meeting me here. We're going out tonight."

"I wondered why you were not in coveralls," I grinned.

I met two of the three husbands the following evening. One of them, one of them was married to Claris. He took one look at me, pointed at me and said, loudly, "Pic! You insulted my wife!"

"She insulted herself," I shot back. "She was sitting at the bar showing off her new jewelry that she said you bought her after some certain sexual favors. Then she insulted a hooker. I simply said she didn't like competition because you could have gotten the job done professionally and for a lot less."

"True story," said a fairly loud voice. "I was there and saw the whole thing."

He looked at the bartender who simply nodded. So did a couple of regulars. Blaine, a friend of mine said, "He's right, you know. Sully told me she's pretty damned good. See if she'll give you a wholesale rate."

"You're damned right she does," said Sully. "It's a damned good deal!" Sully was one of those people that hid nothing. He was pretty blackmail proof because of it. I learned to hide nothing from him and if accused of something I generally denied it by saying I was somewhere else doing something worse. When Sully said the hooker was worth the money the whole place cracked up.

The two men left in embarrasssment and I knew I'd heard the last of it. They knew that if they stuck it to me they would look a lot worse than they did. In time, both of them ended up treating me with respect.


Cloris was eventually kicked to the curb after a couple more little scenes. She left town shortly after the divorce was finalized. Rumor had her in Anchorage living with a drug dealer.

The other two guys probably has some serious words with their wives that night. I don't know what happened. I do that one of the guys lost his boat to the bank the following year. He survived. The other lost his boat at sea with all hands. I knew three of them. I attended a memorial service for two of them at the Anchor Bar.

Tom and Sheila raised a couple of kids and he managed to survive a career in the fishing industry. He sold his boat and went into semi-retirement a while ago and works nights as a janitor at one of the schools for a few hours a night for the insurance and something to do. His second oldest son followed his father's footsteps and survived a sinking. He left the fishing industry.

The hooker left town a few months later. Of course she left no forwarding address. A few months after she left a rumor went around that she was in Oregon, reportedly a hairdresser.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I can take my mask off, thank God. I'm not the Lone Ranger.

One of the guys just sent me this.

I just posted this rant on one of my motorcycle forums that has an Off Topic discussion board. The forum has a mix of mostly conservative and of course a bunch of full blown liberals with whom I am always at odds. One of the libs started a discussion titled "Who Inspires You?". Lots of the standard BS like MLK, Honest Abe and some saying their fathers and grands and then comes me and my reply below. I should expect a good deal of admonishment along with some praise pretty quick.

My (his) reply:

This one is sure to get me flamed but what else is new here. Donald J. Trump inspires me.

Why in the world would a self made billionaire even want to step out of his luxury high rise penthouse and into the cesspool of politics is beyond my comprehension. This man had the world by the balls and every comfort known to man with a gorgeous wife and family all living the good life and is now tied to the bumper of a rat infested political machine and being dragged through mud and feces with his entire life under a microscope. He will have spent well over 100 Million of his own dollars to win a job that pays less than a half million per year and claims he is doing it for US as in you and me and for the United States of America.
For many years I and many of us have been saying "We want our country back" and DJT is the one and only person we have ever witnessed enter the political fray and go directly after all those who have stolen our country. He is at this point probably the most hated man in America by all those who want to maintain the Status Quo but also the most loved by the millions who have and are being beaten and taxed into poverty.
Like him or not, he is the only person who has ever stepped up to the plate and set the entire political word on it's ear without the fear of his own well being. Never again will there ever be such a man willing to put it all on the line the way Trump has in this election cycle. Some here will certainly say he did it for the power. Maybe except that he already has more power than any mortal man needs. Some will say he is doing it for his ego and this too might be true but I am perfectly fine with that since he has exposed oh so many of the corrupt politicians and dealings that have taken this country into the depths of despair with overwhelming debt, racial and religious divide, police being targeted for death and the entire world on fire in every corner. I guess you can even say his opponent is a better choice but please tell me and us if you can, exactly how are the ones who got us here in the first place are going to fix the mess they themselves have made. Tell us how anything will get any better with the proven failures and endless scandals of the Clinton's that have plagued this country for well over 30 years. I am all ears on this as I have lived through it all of my adult life and so far to date I have never seen any politician do anything but blow smoke up our ass. The democrats are and have been the party for the poor for at least the last 50 years and the poor are getting poorer and the inner cities are still dumps. They have been fixing social security for as long as I have paid into it, over 50 years now, and it is just as broken today. BTW, How is all this Free Healthcare working out for us? Not to mention our National Debt has doubled in the past 8 years. Yup, we need Hillary like I need the clap!

His name

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Another James O'Keefe video. Get this one out.

Do not expect to see this on the mainstream media. The stations have spiked it because Hillary's justice department will slam them when she gets elected. The DNC has already said so.

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Voter fraud anyone?

As usual, Donald Trump is right. He said the system is rigged.

It is.

He's right...again.

Incidentally listen to the unrelated ad. It's interesting because it explains a little about what is going on in the Muslim world.

Here's one for all you folks back home.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Emergency post. Get this out anywhere you can.

Send this to FOX, CNN, anywhere.

Post it on every internet board you can.

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These people listed in the hot kink below will never receive my respect, my loyalty or my obedience.

What do you people have to hide? What have you stolen from us? What does Hillary have on you?

Were you caught fucking a goat? Were you caught fondling a child? Maybe you were screwing someone's wife.

Probably not, but entirely possible. Maybe true in some cases. Who knows? Still, it sounds an awful lot like Hillary has something on you. My guess is that it it is money.  

Somewhere along the line someone may very well have stuck a few bucks in your pocket. There is a damned good reason why you have stuck it to us. Someone is either blackmailing you or bribing you. Which one is it? We want to know. We have every right to know.

We already know that insider trading laws don't apply to Congress. I have to assume you are stealing from us. How do your scams work?

Perhaps you have bought up stocks in some insignificant company and then awarded them a lucrative contract driving their stock up. Then you sell, leaving the government warehouses full of junk to be surplussed off down the road.

Perhaps you have gotten kickbacks from companies for awarding them a contract. 

You must have done something.

On the other hand, maybe you're upset that the rank and file are not following your little guidance obeying you and supporting your little agenda. You're having a temper tantrum because we decided not to give little Jeb his turn. You want to teach us a lesson.

Next time we'll be good little voters and do what you tell us to. How about 'No'? 

For the past forty years we have supported every lackluster candidate you have shoved down our throats. We have voted for McCain, Dole, Romney and both Bushes. This year we decided it was our turn because you wanted to ram Jeb down our throats. We said no.

We, the rank and file conservatives have played your game for decades and when we wanted our turn not only did you turn your backs on us, you stuck it to us.

We will not forget this in the future and will do everything in our power to destroy your careers. If we can we will find a way to hold you to task for your betrayal.

You have proven to be traitors and deserve to be treated as such.

Incidentally the list on the link in not all inclusive. Off the top of my head I have to add the entire Bush family and Bill Kristol among quite a few more.


Update. I have heard from maybe a 6-7 out of 10 that the GOP elites had a backroom deal with the DNC to run none other than "Daddy it's my turn" Jeb Bush against Hillary.

When Trump came charging in they had to keep the deal with the DNC hence the #NeverTrump business.

I can here Jeb talking to his old man. "Daddy, that mean ol Donald Twump came in ant took my place. Do something, Daddy! Do something."

We may not win but we have a chance. I can picture Jeb debating Hillary with the fix in as it is. "Daddy, tell me what to say to the mean old lady!"

This is the circus clown the RNC wanted to palm off on us.

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Emergency post.

Todays regularly scheduled babbling has been interrupted with an important message. Please tune in tomorrow when we return to our regularly scheduled bullshit.

I have stolen this from another board and have posted it here. It is worth taking action on. Make the phone call, please. Please make the phone call.

If you are a naysayer stay out of this thread, this thread is not for those that listened to the MSM and have given up. 

This thread is for those that actually want to do something instead of just bitch about it. 

If you live one of these states keep reading. 

District of Columbia 
New Jersey 

Some of this info has already been posted but its worth posting again. 

If you think its tinfoil hat stuff just do a little digging yourself and you will be concerned. 

"Smartmatic (also referred as Smartmatic Corp. or Smartmatic International) is a multinational company headquartered in London and originally incorporated in April 11, 2000 in the State of Delaware,[2] United States that specializes in the design and deployment of complex purpose-specific technology solutions aimed at helping governments to fulfill their commitments toward their citizens." 

Investor and philanthropist George Soros established the Open Society Foundations... Yep George Soros. you should know him he is the number one contributor to the Democrats. 

The Chairman of Smartmatic is the Vice-Chairman of the Open Society Foundation. 

Now thats interesting , the Chairman of the company that supplys the electronic voting machines to 16 states in three weeks and will count the votes without any over-site....... works for George Soros. 
On the Smartmatic Board of Directors is David Giampaolo: 

Who is he? He's the CEO of Pi Capital, a London based private investment club. They have private events with lots of famous speakers. You know, like... Bill Clinton: 

What else do we know about David & Pi Capital? Well, they just recently announced a strategic partnership with Saranac Partners, another UK based wealth management firm founded by Tom Kalaris: 

Who's that you ask? He's the ex-head of Barclays (of Libor rigging fame among other wonderful deeds!) Wealth division and co-chief of Barclays America (big Clinton donors too). Resigned in shame in 2012 after fraud investigations about the way Barclays raised capital from Qatar. You know Qatar, right? Big Clinton Foundation donors, sent Slick Willy a $1million birthday present in 2012 just because. Allegations of being one of the primary financiers of ISIS. Yeah, that Qatar. 

Just google Smartmatic and election fraud. 

What i'm going to to is contact the Louisiana Secretary of State and the SOS voting division and let them know about a MAJOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST!! 

What i'm going to Fax is this: 

Mark Malloch-Brown, a Brit, is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Smartmatic international corporation, a so-called 'elections solutions provider' that offers its voting machines, vote counting machines, software and techies to run elections all over the world. 
Besides his top position at Smartmatic, Mark Malloch-Brown serves in quite a high position (Vice Chairman) at no less of an organization than George Soros' international Open Society Foundation who have given MILLIONS in donations to the Democrat party!!!. 
How do we know this? It's no secret. Mark Malloch-Brown is so proud of his service to George Soros that he boasts of it on the Voting Machine Company's website. 
“ (Mark Malloch-Brown) chairs the Boards of a number of non-profit boards including ...the Open Society Foundation...SOURCE OF THE ABOVE - - 
“ What this means on Election Day is that ...a private company (linked to Soros), manages everything about the voting, from voter registration, the printing of ballots, the programming of the voting machines, the counting and tabulation of the votes, and the final reporting of the results for... millions of Americans in (many) states. 
Smartmatic's voting equipment and procedures have raised the suspicions of people in more than one nation, and their trustworthiness has been called into question by cops, judges and politicians. 
In 2012, the Mexican government contracted with Smartmatic. But the results were abysmal as they transmitted only 30% and 45% of the actual ballots in two elections. Making the results weighted in favor of particular candidates, officials were more than livid! 
In the 2013 election in The Philippines, they transmitted only 76% of the actual ballots. 
In 2014, Smartmatic has been charged with fraud in the Brazilian election. 
Smartmatic's equipment, software and technicians will be counting votes behind closed doors in the following US states- -- Arizona -- California -- Colorado -- District of Columbia -- Florida -- Illinois -- Louisiana -- Michigan -- Missouri -- New Jersey -- Nevada -- Oregon -- Pennsylvania -- Virginia -- Washington -- Wisconsin . . .SOURCE - - 
“ Any actual counting of the votes by citizens is very rare in the United States except for a few counties in Montana and other states where paper ballots are still hand-counted. In most counties the ballots are treated as input data to be processed through computer systems controlled by private companies... 
Let's get this all out in the open long before the Trump / Clinton votes are counted out of our sight.. 
In light of the fact that their corporation has a Chairman of the Board who also chairs George Soros' Open Society Foundation - considering that Soros is Hillary's biggest contributor and Soros has great interest in the US presidency - let's find out in cyberspace in broad daylight how Smartmatic can be ASSURE US THE COUNT WILL BE FAIR. 
Does the contract with Smartmatic have of Conflict of Interest claus? 
As a citizen and registered voter in Louisiana I ask some one in the Louisiana Department of State to please look into this look into this. 

If you live in one of those 16 states and give a crap about this country I suggest you do the same. 

Here are contact information for all 16 states that will be using these machines. 


Arizona Secretary of State: Michele Reagan (Republican.) 
Phone: 602-542-4285 
Toll free in Arizona 1-800-458-5842 


California Secretary of State :Alex Padilla (Democrat) 
Elections Division: 

Main Number: (916) 657-2166 
TTY/TDD: (800) 833-8683 
Voter Hotline: (800) 345-VOTE (8683) 
Elections Division Fax: (916) 653-3214 


Colorado Secretary of State: Wayne W. Williams (Republican) 
Elections and voting: 
303-869-4861 (FAX) 

District of Columbia : 

Board of Elections Government of the District of Columbia 
Main: 202) 727-2525 
Fax: (202) 347-2648 

Florida Elections Commission 
Phone number (850) 922-4539 
Fax number: (850) 921-0783 

Illinois State Board of Elections 
Springfield Office : 
Phone: 217-782-4141 
Fax: 217-782-5959 
Chicago Office : 
Phone: 312-814-6440 
Fax: 312-814-6485 

Louisiana : 
Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler (Republican) 
Secretary of State 
225.922.2003 fax 
Elections Division 
225.922.0945 fax 

Michigan : 
Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson (Republican) 

Missouri : 

Missouri Secretary of State Jason David Kander (Democrat) 

(573) 751-2301 (Voice) 
(800) NOW-VOTE (669-8683) 
(573) 526-3242 (Fax) 

New Jersey : 

New Jersey Division of Elections 

Tel: (609) 292-3760 
Fax: (609) 777-1280 

Nevada : 

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske (Republican) 
Elections Division 

Phone: 775-684-5705 
Fax: 775-684-5718 


Oregon Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins (Democrat) 

Toll free 1-866-673-VOTE (1-866-673-8683) 
Fax 503-373-7414 
TTY 800-735-2900 


Pennsylvania Department of State 

Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation 

Phone: (717) 787-5280 
Fax: (717) 705-0721 

Virginia : 

Virginia Department of Elections 
Telephone: (804) 864-8901 
Toll Free: (800) 552-9745 
FAX: (804) 371-0194 


Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman (Republican) 

Washington State Elections Division 

Telephone (360) 902-4180 
(800) 448-4881 
Fax (360) 664-4619 

Wisconsin : 

Wisconsin Elections Commission 

Call us at (608) 266-8005 for general inquiries. 
Call our Help Desk at (608) 261-2028 for technical assistance. 
Call us toll-free at 1-866-VOTE-WIS 
E-mail us at or visit our Elections Staff page for a directory. 
Send us a fax at (608) 267-0500. 

Here is another very interesting hot link for those of you that want to read it. Everyone should.

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

I have not seen anything like this

I have read over a couple of internet board that there are older people that have never voted that have registered for this election to support Donald Trump.

The election is no longer a Republican vs Democrat election any more. It is a battle between corruption and cleaning up corruption.

If this was a Republican/Democrat fight then the Republican candidate would not be Donald Trump.

If the corrupt does prevail then the next step is either live in slavery or force of arms. Possibly in a smoking pile of ashes because the Russians have threatened nuclear war if Hillary Clinton is elected.

I have said this before and I'll say it again and sound like a broken record. Donald J. Trump is NOT the president we want. He's really not very presidential. He is the asshole we need to begin digging ourselves out of the corrupt sewer we have in government.

The media is in an uproar and they are slandering him 24/7. 


Because if Trump manages to persevere and get into the White House than a lot of people are going to jail. A lot of big money people are going to be exposed and a lot of people are going to be embarrassed.

Right now the entire Bush family has supported Hillary, McCain has just endorsed her. My guess is they are afraid she is going to win and they want to get on her good side. These people have something to hide and Hillary has something on them.

This blog is going to change its form if Hillary Clinton is elected. It is going to become mean and spiteful. I will become a 3%er and let's leave it at that.

I can see in the road up ahead that Hillary Clinton is not going to be very effective with the average guy. We know we owe her nothing.

It's been said before but we owe her nothing. Not respect, not loyalty and not obedience. What is interesting is that I have heard a number of police officers comment they will not enforce unconstitutional laws.

If she decides to, for example, come after the right to keep and bear arms and demands registration there will likely be massive 90%+ non compliance. Crime will also increase. Things will get ugly.

I repeat, this election is NOT about Republican vs Democrat. It is about corruption vs cleaning it up.

Get out there and vote.

We may very well lose the electoral college but at least if we can get the popular vote we can say she doesn't have a mandate of the American people. 

We might even win!

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