Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thanks, governor! A retirement job!

I just heard where the governor of PA is asking for another buck-a-pack tax on smokes. Ten bucks a carton.

Job opportunity.

They are a lot cheaper in West Virginia and Delaware. The state line is only about an hour away and it probably wouldn't take moving too many cartons to pay expenses. The family Toyota Tacoma has a 4 cylinder engine in it so costs are low.

It wouldn't take a whole lot to set up a weekly route and move maybe 100 cartons at a clip. Booze is a little cheaper, too. Maybe find a few drinkers that want a deal.

The trick is not to find a whole bunch of carton a week smokers, but a few mom and pop convenience stores that can really move some product. It would probably not be too hard to find them. 

Not when you figure they can make an extra buck a pack or more, cash money directly into their pocket.

Of course, the operation would be tax-free simply because it is a criminal enterprise. They would not be able to come to the surface and be a legitimate business and pay taxes so that means the state eats that one.

If I were the governor of, say Ohio or West Virginia I'd let some sharp entrepreneur set up shop on the border the same way they do firework stands.

Over-the-state-line fireworks stands have two entrances. One is for out of staters and the other is for locals. The locals can only buy what is legal for them to have in their state. Non-residents can buy anything.

They ought to do the same with cigarettes and liquor. Set up stands right along the border. It would be a slam dunk moneymaker for both some businessman and the state. The state, of course, would lower the tax on exports and make up for it by doing an astounding volume. 

Every time I see a tax on some kind of item the first thing that comes to mind are the two words 'job opportunity'.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More snow.

More snow today.

I hate snow.

According to Weather Underground it is going to snow all day.

It makes me feel like General Custer looking up and seeing more Indians.

Anyway, someone tried with a remarkable lack of success to shame me into doing something I didn't want to do.

That generally doesn't work out well because I have no sense of shame.

Generally when you tell someone you're busy and they ask you what you are going to be doing it is to compare what they want you to do with what your plans are.

So when they asked e my plans I told them I was involved in very important social work making sure that single moms were able to feed their young children. "That's pretty important if you ask me," I said and they agreed.

Then he got a little too nosy and asked the name of the organization. I told him there wasn't one and I did it on my own. I guess he was impressed. Then he asked how I did it.

That's when I went in for the kill.

I told him that if I didn't get down to the Kit Kat club and start putting dollar bills into the G-strings of the single moms than their babies would go hungry and we wouldn't want that to happen, now, would we?

He knew he had been beaten by the man with no shame. 

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I'm watching something happen now.

I have been on a certain shooter website now for years both as a shooter and a ham radio operator.

Shooters get a lot of bad press from groups like PETA because a lot of them hunt. The PETA types seem to like to use that as prima facia evidence that shooter are callous and hate animals.

One of the guys on the board has a love for dogs and runs a one man campaign to rescue as many as he can.

The wonders of the internet make it possible for him to find a home for his rescued canine friends just about anywhere. Right now he has a pooch he's trying to get to the Spokane area as there are people there that want to adopt the critter. He lives in Kentucky.

Every so often he goes up on the board asking the guys to try and put together a relay to get a dog to its new home. Generally it works out. People offer to take the rescued dog at part of the way and pass him on to the next person who in turn takes the animal another leg of the way.

If anyone is interested in occasionally transporting an animal part of the way to a new owner say something in the comments and I will try find a way to put you through the the rescuer.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Someone asked me what to do with an IRC

An IRC is an International Reply Coupon. It is valid in many places to use to purchase a stamp with.

The USPS does not sell these but they are supposed to honor them. You can take one to the post office and trade it in for one overseas stamp.

Finding a PO clerk in a sub-station that knows about this is probably kind of difficult, though. You'd likely have to go to a main PO.

Hams in general and DXers in specific sometimes use these when they want a QSL card from overseas. You send your card, an SAE, and an IRC so the person can send you back his card.

Most hams generally send a  US dollar or two, though.

Still, they are good to have because some places prohibit their citizenry from possessing foreign currency or stamps.

I'm aware of that from Hurricane Sandy. 

A Cuban ham got torn up pretty badly and the ham community put together a small relief effort. It was actually based in Spain.

I couldn't send the Cuban any money because of the blockade but I did, however send his Spanish QSL manager a few bucks to buy a drink with. What he did with it was his business.

I believe he bought Euros with it and sent it to Cuba.

In return I asked him to have the ham send me a QSL card directly from Cuba so I could have the stamped envelope and add it to my collection.

A few weeks later I received a QSL card directly from Cuba so I imagine the Spanish manager forwarded the donation, having converted it into Euros, to the ham in Cuba.

I'll digress here a minute. 

If governments want to treat other governments other like dogs that's fine by me. Don't ask me to treat non governmental humans like that. I won't.

Don't get me wrong. I can perform the duties of a soldier and chew up enemy combatants in wholesale numbers. However, don't ask me to mistreat any non combatants that are a part of a reasonably well behaved part of the countryside I happen to be in. I simply won't do it.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

The cat is at it again.

I think you ought to hear from him and hear what he has to say.


The cat has spoken.

Thank you, Kitty.

I do not care who you are or what you do but if you have a cat and a computer you had best get used to the cat taking the short cut across your keyboard. That is what cats do.

Anyway, I am looking out the window and I see that it is snowing which sucks. As I have written before and likely will again, I hate snow. 

I just blew out the driveway yesterday and it looks like I'm going to have to blow it out again today. I'll just wait for the snow to stop falling, whenever that is.

In other news I just got confirmation from Western Sahara. It was somewhat of a QSL record. It only took about three weeks from the time I sent to Spain for confirmation until the card showed up in my mailbox.

S01WS uses a Spanish QSL manager and apparently downloads their logs to him quite often so that means the QSL manager can get to it as soon as one's card arrives. Then again, maybe I just got lucky. Who knows?

Anyway, I made a quick count and believe I have over 185 confirmed entities.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Well, I am not $5.35 richer! Hoo-rah!

Which, I suppose, is better than being $5.35 poorer.

I went snooping around some of the 'find lost money' sites a while ago and they sent me to the Pennsylvania 'lost and found'.

An email to Harrisburg told me I had some money due and that it was under a hundred bucks.

Well, OK. That meant I had between a penny and $99.99 in the pot so I decided to claim it. I filled out the necessary forms and Presto!

A couple of months later a check arrived for $5.35.

I guess you could consider it a kind of lottery ticket where you know you've won something but do not know how much until you claim it.

You'd think the state would have told me how much they had in my name but they didn't. I had to claim it to find out.

It kind of reminds me of Congress passing various bills. You have to pass the bill to be able to see what's in it.

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Friday, February 27, 2015

I have read where the government

 has said that they consider conservatives to be a bigger danger to the nation than foreign terrorists.

I guess that puts me on the list of people they are snooping in on. That really doesn't bother me too much because I am simply going to live my life the way I want to. That's the way it is.

I suppose they can probably trump up some kind of crap to throw me in jail but I figure that I'd likely find good company there. Not all people in jail are true criminals. Some are simply people that broke the law and they decided to jail.

When you look at things carefully we're ALL lawbreakers at some time or another. What the system has done is get so complex and written so many laws that even Mother Teresa could likely wind up in the slam.

Look in your medicine cabinet some time and check any old prescription medication you didn't finish up. If it's over six months old then you have committed a drug offense. It's as easy as that.

If you have a half-pound of nails and a couple pieces of pipe in your garage then you could be tried for having bomb making materiels in your house. 

I guess a whle ago they decided that it was OK for the final user to tear the little tag off of pillows. That means we were given a freedom back. I wonder if someone took that to court or the government was embarrassed into changing it because of all of the jokes that came from that stupidity.

To tell you the truth cutting the tags off of pillows when it was illegal was one of the smug joys I took in life. Every time I would do that I would point my fingers like it was a Tommy gun and say, "Rat-a-tat! They'll never take me alive!" in a James Cagney voice. Since they changed it I simply stuff the tag end into the pillowcase.

The older I get the less liikely they are to use me for jury duty because there are a lot of things I simply don't think are worth sending someone to jail for. For me to send someone up the river there had best be a victim. Someone must have either been robbed, or injured and the injured party for the most part better have pretty damned clean hands.

I don't have time for petty-assed bulll$hit anymore. Sending someone to jail for conspiracy to commit long hair or some other dopey thing isn't going to cut it.

I suppose when you think about it, according to government officials, we're ALL a bunch of terrorists.

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