Thursday, March 26, 2015

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman really is a screw-up when you look at it. It seems that every time you turn around he is getting into some kind of hot water.

He's recently spoken out since Holder and the Justice Department have decided not to charge him.

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

Zimmerman put this one right into the X-ring.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

One of the things I am pretty grateful for is that I can post here daily.

Our Constitution says I can and that's good enough for me. I live in a country that was founded by outright geniuses but is presently run by idiots but that's another story.

There is no rhyme nor reason as to what I post here. I can't say this is specifically a political blog because it isn't. Nor is it a shooter's nor a ham radio blog even though a lot of posts are shooter or ham related.

It is nothing more or less than what it is advertised as. It is the the grumblings of a wayward sailor.

This blog is about anything I see and decide I want to comment on. It can be anything. I kind of like it that way.

One thing that is a constant, though is that I side with the guy packing a lunch pail even though sometimes it doesn't look like it.

Anyway, I suppose that it is a good thing that the Constitution allows me to do this, not that it really matters. I am the kind of outlaw that would find some kind of way to speak my mind for as long as I could even though I'd likely wind up in some concentration camp.

Speaking of speaking one's mind, has anyone ever noticed that the powers that be hate the First Amendment? They don't like being in the firing line. 

I would imagine the last president that truly embraced the First Amendment was Harry Truman. Truman was generally smart enough to embrace any vilification he got as president. The rest of them most likely don't like being taken to task.

Truman was taken to task by the American people when he fired Douglas MacArthur. The American people didn't like this very much at the time.

Truman simply said that history would eventually support his decision and he was right.

(Sea story digression time) My dad was in the church hall one time for some thing or another and as usual was sitting by Deegan. Deegan was kind of a character  who went by his last name. Even his wife called him 'Deegan'. A rite of passage for me was when I didn't have to call him 'Mister Deegan' anymore. One day he told me to stop calling him 'Mister' anymore unless we were around the womenfolk.

Deegan had served in Korea and was mentioning what a raw deal Mac got. My dad pointed out that Mac had brought it on himself by disobeying Truman and said that Deegan would be looking for another job if he didn't obey his boss. After all, Harry Truman was Commander in Chief.

Deegan thought about that a minute and said, "You know, you're right."

Point is, it took time but the truth came to light.

Still, the press vilified Truman for firing Mac. Truman didn't care. He was likely the last president that truly understood and respected the Bill of Rights.

As this wayward sailor grumbles he has to say that he hopes that the younger people will respect and love the Bill of Rights and not be afraid to do whatever it takes to defend it from the powers that would take these rights from them.

Maybe after I am dead and gone some wayward sailor will take over where I left off. 

I just hope he is able to.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

There are people you just like to run into every so often.

It may be the guy at the hardware store or the woman behind the coffee counter but just running into them from time to time makes your life a little nicer.

The guy at the local hardware store is one of those people that I generally learn something from. He explains things to me that make the job I am doing go easier. He's also a pretty neat guy.

Then there's the woman at the deli counter. She always has something nice to say. Once she gets to know you she has a pretty outrageous sense of humor.

The guy that runs the electronic department at Target is pretty interesting. He always has something interesting to say. I think Target is a retirement gig for him, actually.

Some of them you see fairly often, some seldom. When I go to Camp Perry which I seem to do every year I meet a bunch of people I like to see.

Some of them are work-related, too. There are a handful of old time dockmen I alway like to run into. Most of these guys are the old pros that know how to get things done with less time and effort that the newer guys.

Of course, there are a collection of jerks out there but they are outnumbered by the good guys but let's put the jerks aside.

One of the things that make life worth living is people.

This post is dedicated to the good ones that make life worth living.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Sometimes ya just gotta bite the bullet.

One of the guys just climbed a tree and tied a rope to somewhere near the top to use for an antenna. He figured he'd tie the rope to one end of the antenna and the other end of the antenna would be lifted by another rope  he threw over the branch of another tree.

Problem is the antenna is a bit too long and he can't get it lifted properly.

Of course, the prospect of climbing the tree isn't too inviting.  As so many of us are inclined to do he started engineering a way to get around having to climb the tree again.

It doesn't take a lot before things get out of hand and one is doing several times the work than simply re-climbing the tree.

It sounds to me like he should have climbed the tree and installed a plastic laundry pulley with a piece of 550 paracord reeved through it and tied the pulley to the top of the tree in the first place. 

Still, rather than engineering and re-engineering things it would be a lot easier to just bite the bullet and climb the tree and do it right. 

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Inside the next couple of months this blog is going to take a turn

for reasons I can't get into.

I may not be able to get a post out every day. I may have to make several catch-up posts after a period of silence.

We'll see what happens but I figure I'd mention it now.

Life is about to change.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

A space holder

I have a couple blogs and just posted in one of the others.

That boots it to the top of the list and if I am foggy tomorrow I am likely to put the daily post in the wrong blog.

This is to kick the Hash back to the top so I don't screw up.

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Your mother lied to you.

She told you you were smart, handsome, intelligent, clever and going to be the President of the United States some day.

And you sit there in your mom's basement playing X-Box waiting for the American Public to show up and demand that you come out to accept the presidency.

She lied to you. You're not going anywhere.

Let's look back at school.

Were you taking calculus in 8th grade?

Did you take it in your junior year of high school? Did you take it at all? No?

Well, it looks like NASA isn't going to call you to run on down to the Kennedy Space Center to take charge of the space shuttle project. Might as well chalk that one off. That's not going to happen.

Of course, you know you're smart and clever and NASA is willing to overlook the fact that you can barely count.

After all, your mother told you how smart and clever you are. And you are. After all, you're some kind of Grand Wizard on Dungeons and Dragons.

If Dungeons and Dragons paid cash money, you'd be rich!

But it doesn't so you have to go to Fast Burgers for a four-hour shift to make some money for a new X-Box controller which is going to take months to save for even though it is not all that expensive.

After all, you've got some partying to do. Six-packs cost money and don't last very long. 

Of course, you can make excuses, but the sooner you realize that your mother lied to you and you're not going to magically become president the better off you will be.

You can face fact, get a job of some sort, look at your options and see what kind of schooling and training you can get and start trying to make a life for yourself.

Don't hold it against your mother that she lied to you, though. She's supposed to. It is in her DNA.

Every mother that gives birth wants to believe she's given birth to a future president.

The best thing you can do is get out of the basement and on with life. She may be a little sad that you don't get elected to the Oval Office but she'll learn to be proud of you if you wind up a reasonably successful carpenter or heating guy.

Now get the hell out of your mom's basement.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

From the best I can gather the Israelis are

signing their own death warrant in the long run.

I have not been paying attention to Israeli doings lately although I suppose I should be.

They have just re-elected Netanyahu. He seems to have managed to alienate a lot of his supporters over the past few years and he really isn't too popular of a person anywhere but in Israel. He has lost a lot of support from the rest of the world.

I would imagine it won't be long before the Arabs finally get angry enough to spool up for another Arab-Israeli war. When this one starts it isn't going to be short. It will be a slug fest and will cost Israel dearly.

With diminished support from the rest of the world it is going to be a hard row to hoe for Israel.

Then again, I may be wrong as I have only heard what is going on in dribs and drabs. Still, from what little I know, it doesn't look good for Israel over the long haul.

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