Saturday, May 28, 2016

Well, Old Jug Ears went to Hiroshima

 and started blubbering about how the bombing of Hiroshima was evil.

Listen, Jug Ears, a far better president than you anguished over the decision to drop it over 70 years ago and he made the right decision. Period.

One of the things President Harry S. Truman looked into carefully is how many lives of BOTH sides could be saved if the bomb shocked the Japanese into surrendering.

MacArthur estimated a million GI casualties.

The Japanese themselves estimated that they would lose at least 20 million people if the Allies invaded Japan. They knew there would be no divine wind to blow up a storm like what happened in 1274 and again in 1281. Both of those times Mongol invasions were stopped cold by storms that tore up the Mongol fleets. 

They knew that it wasn't going to happen in early '46.

The truth of the matter is that while the Japanese lost an estimated 80,000 people when Hiroshima was bombed. However, a few months earlier the Tokyo firebombing on 8-9 March, 1945 caused the Japanese to suffer 100,000 deaths.

All in all a better president thant the one we have now took the bull by the horns and ordered the bombings in a serious and successful attempt to stop the bloodletting.

And now you want to apologize for it.

I bear no ill will toward the Japanese. In the contrary I have met any number of Japanese over the years and for the most part they have been polite, decent people.

Still, in 1945 we were at war with them and it was a war we did not start. They did. 

I'm not here to dig up a lot of histroy and open up wounds between us and the Japanese. They are a wonderful ally these days and we ought to stand by them if they need help. For one thing the Japanese PEOPLE--not the government--the PEOPLE drummed up $13 million for disaster relief.

In short I am not here to bad-mouth the Japanese.

Still, this is now 2016 and not 1945. The war has been over for over 70 years and we bear no animosity toward the Japanese.

On the other hand, back in 1945  REAL American president made a decision that actually saved Japan who at that time was a belligerent nation in a war with us.

Harry Truman made a decision that saved a Million GI casualties and probably over 20,000,000 Japanese deaths.

For that we owe nobody and apology.

Jug Ears should have kept his whiney, pouty fat mouth shut.

One other thing, Mr. President. You ain't a pimple on Harry Truman's ass.


When I heard the Japanese prime minister groused about a serviceman on Okinawa murdering a woman I thought it was a cheap shot and showed Obama (and by extension Americans in general) disrespect.

I do believe I would have quietly told him he was lucky I chose to arrive on Air Force One instead of a B-29.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Political statements at work.

How about no?

You are there to work and you don't have a right to express your opinions on their dime.

What brought this on is there's an article I read about a women that wore an "America never was great" ball cap to work at Home Depot. It caused an outcry from customers and the Home Depot people told her to ditch the hat while at work.

Fair enough. Their business, their rules. Most smart businesses steer very clear of the social and political arenas because it's bad for business. Chick-Fil-A and most recently Target are a couple that entered the fray and it cost them a lot of business.

They don't need some entry level employee dragging them into it.

She got off light. She kept her job. Most places would have outright fired her and I am surprised Home Depot didn't for all the stir she caused. My guess is that they figured that simply telling her not to wear it would cause the smallest amount of furor.

I do believe she is a dumbass, though and will likely get canned because I read in an interview she intends to wear it again at work.

I would imagine her days at Home Depot are limited because if I were running the store I'd find some legitimate reason to get rid of her. What? Late for work? Adios.

If or when she does she'll probably get canned and won't have anyone to blame but herself. It's fair. She's been warned.

Personally I wish she'd just leave but people like that won't because they have it too good here.

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The following is someone else's opinion.

Look.... I don't care who a person sleeps with. I don't care if they think they are something or someone they are not. I don't care if a person dresses up as the opposite sex. Why? Because ultimately, all of this is between you and God, and is not my responsibility. So, live and let live. 

But when you shove it in my face.. When you (or the .gov) demand that I accept this behavior... and demand that I compromise my beliefs and values to embrace these.... And tell me that my own religious beliefs are not a valid reason to oppose such deviant behavior... Well, Houston... we have a problem!! A line has been crossed. 

You have now taken a person who was neutral to your cause... and could've cared less... and have made him an "Anti". I was pushed here... you backed me into the corner. I'm being pushed to take a stand for my own beliefs and principles. By demanding that people with a penis have a "right" to enter the woman's bathrooms. locker room, and dressing room... You have made it my business as my wife and children use those facilities, and they shouldn't be subject to having to see your junk, in order to make you feel better about yourself.


To a great extent I feel pretty much the same way. I have been pushed to take a side and the interesting part I am not going to side with the LGBT community OR the straight community. I'll side with both of these two factions.

I'm pissed off and both the Social Justice Warriors that started this mess and the government for being stupid and power hungry to get involved.

It's time to rein in the little troublemakers that call themselves Social Justice Warriors. They're the ones that started this mess. They don't realize it but they have harmed the LGBT community a lot more than they have harmed the rest of us.

Things were pretty much under control and transgenders were pretty much left to themselves until those twisted little dweeb do-gooders started the fray.

No, I am no advocate of violence but I do believe in social justice. If a group of the LGBT community were to find one of these jerks, soak them in gasoline and throw a match at him or her I would have to run away before it happened. That way I could not be forced to testify against anyone.

Their screams would be unheard by me. I would not dial 9-11 and I would actually have the nerve to tell a policeman that I ran away specifically so I didn't see or hear anything.

I'd do the same for the straight community.

Now the next group to feel my wrath is North Carolinian state government and the feds for getting involved in this issue in the first place. It's not a governmental issue.

I do agree with the State of Texas for telling the feds to stuff it, though. It was none of their business.

This issue had been settled at a grass roots level for decades before the feds stepped in.

Men's and woman's rooms actually had a little flexibility before Big Brother stepped in. Women occasionally took their small sons into the men's room and sometimes dear old dad took darling daughter into the woman's room to help their toddlers out. It is what parents do and nobody objected.

Most men chuckle when that happens. Either they have or have been around little kids. They know what's going on. I'm pretty sure woman are as compassionate. They probably respect the father for taking such good care of the daughter.

There are not too many guys that travel extensively or attend sporting events that haven't had the sanctity of the men's room crashed by women that just couldn't wait because the lines at the woman's room were too long. Most men pay them no mind.

One time I as I was standing at a urinal I had a woman come in griping that the woman's room was a pig sty. I laughed as she headed to a stall.

There it was until a few weeks ago. A grass roots issue that seemed to have been settled for decades. A sleeping dog.

As for the transgender community?

They were discrete and used whichever room was appropriate and headed straight to the privacy of the stalls. Either nobody knew or nobody seemed to care. Nobody I know of had any objections...until the Social Justice Warriors created a problem where there wasn't any.

Personally I would like to see both the LGBT community and the straight community chase those little social justice dweebs out of their mama's basements and into the streets and give them a chance to show us how tough they are.

Show them that there are no campus 'safe spaces' in the alley behind the Chinese restaurant and leave them beaten senseless.

The guilty party here isn't the LGBT community. It's the social justice types that start this stupidity to begin with.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The email that led to a post

 I made a couple of days ago opened a whole lot of memories, mainly of mischief.

I remember the time a young woman in her early 20s settled an old score with me and I do have to admit that it was hilarious. I had teased her as a kid and she got her pound of flesh out of me.

She knew I was headed to the mall and ran into the house and dolled herself up in her shortest skirt and put on her makeup. The she waited abut 5 or 10 minutes until I left and followed me.

She knew where I was going and 'accidentally' ran into me and gave me some excuse or another as to why she was there and said her car was dead and needed a ride home.

As we were walking along she saw what she was looking for. It was a nosey looking group of three or four old ladies. That's where she sprung her trap. 

She held up her car keys and squealed. "A brand new Corvette for me? How sweet!" and planed a kiss on me. "Can we pick it up now or after we get back from Hawaii?"

I had been had and I knew it. I recovered as best I could. "Let's go pick it up now!" I said, trying to recover.

The look on the old woman was priceless and I knew they thought I was an old fool chasing a young girl less than half my age. I admit, I laughed. I had been had and a joke on me had cost me nothing.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

One of the drawbacks

 to running Milspec gear is getting repairs done.

It can be a bitch because most people in the various repair field don't seem to understand things. They get confused with things because most military field gear is built differently. It's built to be used in the field out in the weather.

Much of it also uses propriatary accessories like plugs, batteries and so on.

I have had an Itronix GoBook destroyed and a Clansman radio battery improperly rebuilt over the past couple of years because the repair people just didn't understand that much Milspec gear is very different than the normal Joe Homeowner/Suzie Housewife type stuff.

The idiot that told me he could fix my GoBook ended up handing me a box full of small parts and asking me why all the screws had watertight gaskets on them.

I had carefully explained that the laptop was Milspec and that he could expect to find gaskets on all of the outer screws before I turned it over to him. I was livid. The cocky little know-it-all hadn't even listened.

That really let me angry because I had carefully explained that this was not Joe Businessman's typical take to the office laptop and he said he understood.

Needless to say he went unpaid after an epic lecture on the stupidity of taking on a job on something he knew nothing about.

I did manage to salvage the hard drive, though.

Another thing I had a problem with was getting a military radio battery rebuilt. 

I carefully explained all of the details to the head rebuilder and specifically told him I wanted the ni-cads replaced. I also said that besides polarity being important, I wanted to make damned good and sure the thing could be recharged with the military charger. That way I didn't have to remove the battery from the rig to recharge it. I could recharge it in place and still run the rig while it was charging.

Then things went straight to hell. He delegated it to an idiot that had no clue.

While the battery got back to me rebuilt the dumb assed kid said he didn't know what the four little wires were for so he cut them off. I blew a fuse.

"How am I going to charge it?" I asked.

"Oh, well we can sell you a charger," he said brightly.

"And where do I get the energy to run siad charger?" I asked. My voice was getting to sound like Jack Nicholson getting ready to lash out.

"You plug it into the wall," he said, like he was explaining something to a small child.

I kept my temper. "And just where do I find this wonderful wall outlet when I am on top of a hill out in the middle of nowhere?"

He looked confused. I grabbed a pencil and paper and drew a quick sketch of a small island with a palm tree on it. "And now, Junior Rocket Scientist, where is the outlet on the island? This is the kind of place I want to be able to operate out of. I use the military charger for that kind of place."

He looked like he had been slapped hard. Completely stunned. "Well, I thought..."

"You didn't think because if you did think you would have asked," I interrupted. I turned to the boss.

"You should have explained this to him a lot clearer. You knew I wanted it to be operable with the military charger. We discussed that."

I did pay for the battery rebuild itself but I also left with one of the NiCad chargers for free. Still, I can't use the OEM charger on the battery which leaves me with three batteries I can use the OEM charger on and one I can't.

Still, I guess I can recharge the battery with a seperate hand generator but that can take hours. 

After those two experiences I am going to have scout around a little more to get things done. I'll have to start taking stuff to either specialists or people that have actually done the particular operation for themselves.

Truth is, the other day when I got a modification done to a PRC 320 I made damned good and sure the person had done the modification to his own rig and knew what he was doing.

I just wish people would think before they say they can do something.

Still, ultimately I suppose it is up to me to dig a little more and make damned good and sure the repairman actually DOES know what he is doing.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

My nephew is boiling water.


His wife just went into labor so the woman folk are keeping him in the kitchen boiling water. Women folk do this with the old man to keep him out of the way so he's not a PITA. That way the woman folk can deliver the baby without distraction.

At least that is what happens in old westerns. The old man boils water while the womanfolk deliver the baby.

These days most fathers accompany the wife to the delivery room, actually.

I just got word that the nephew's wife is in labor at the hospital but will likely give birth in several hours. So I gave the nephew a quick call.

"Boiling water?" I asked.

"Yup," he replied. He picked up instantly on what I had asked. He'd heard it mentioned before. It's an old family tale of my father in an expectant father's waiting room. My father actually brought a hot plate and a big pot and boiled water while he waited to hear that my baby sister had arrived into this world.

"Don't tell me, let me guess," I said. "You're in an expectant father's waiting room full of thick cigarette smoke pacing back and forth."

Back in the day this is the way it was. Expectant fathers paced around waiting nervously running up to the desk every two minutes to bug the nurse for news of the delivery. All the while they wuld be chain smoking cigrettes. The waiting room was generally so smokey it put a pool hall to shame. 

He laughed. "Actually no," he replied. "I'm in her room in a chair that converts to a sleeper. I'm working on a project until the time comes."

Anyway, as I write this it looks like I am going to be a grand uncle again to a little girl. 

This is an amazing age we live in. As I type this my cell phone went off and I have a text.

I am now a grand uncle to a 5 pound 2 ounce baby girl!

I told my shipmate and he simply said, "Come back when you're a great grandfather! Great uncle! Sheesh! That's like telling me you know someone that just had a baby!"

SOMEONE had to rain on my parade.

Better him than some jerk. He's a damned good shipmate.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

I just got a funny email from a friend.

"Hey, when can the wife come over your place to get some peace and quiet and figure out the family bills?" he asked. "She'll put on her hooker outfit."

I laughed and now that I think of it it's likely that his wife told him to ask me that. She's s character.

I really like that woman. She's got a pretty damned good sense of humor. There is quite a difference between tawdry and earthy and this woman is totally classy yet down to earth. It's rare and a joy to run into.

They were over the house a while ago and we were doing a ham radio thing. Dinner was here but served as a catch as catch can deal. It was a working dinner. She grabbed a plate and loaded up. I grabbed a stainless steel GI mess hall tray as it is easier to move around. She didn't bat an eyelash at that. She knew why I did that without asking.

I was on the laptop, he was on the rig and she was generally taking care of odds and ends. The phone rang.

"Hey, someone get that. If they want me tell them I'm in the driveway with some babe that just got out of a Ferrari sportin' a $40,000 boob job!" I said. I'm an automatic smart-ass, especially when something annoying like a poorly timed phone call comes up.

She laughed and simply answered the phone and told the telemarketer that had called just that. She reported that the telemarketer seemed sort of shocked and had cut the call short.

She's rather busty and after she got off of the phone she came over to me and stuck out her chest and asked me to appraise them. "What are these worth?" she asked, impishly, but in kind of a Mae West tone.

I didn't expect that and was glad I didn't have a mouthful of anything. I would have snarfed so hard that barbecued ribs would have shot out of my nose. It was her humorous way of coming back at me for the $40,000 boob job line I had told her to give to the telemarketer.

I grinned and replied, "Those are priceless!" and we all laughed and went back to the project. She pitched in where she could and things went smoothly. 

Later after things settled down the subject of neighbors in general came up and I laughed and looked at him. "You do business around here ever?" I asked.

"Occasionally," he replied.

"Bring her with you," I said. "Stop at the bank first and break a $100 bill into one fifty and fifty ones."

I looked at her and asked her, "Could you conjure up a really trashy outfit somewhere? You could come over read, watch TV and do bills for a couple hours when he's doing business and I'm working in the basement. Then when he's ready he calls you on the cell. That's when you muss yourself up. Slide your skirt off center, muss your hair and maybe pull off one false eyelash just before you leave. Then dig the wad of cash out of your bag and walk out with it in your fist."

She blushed and laughed. "Maybe leave one stocking ungartered so it slips down and I have to lift my skirt and fix it in the driveway?"

" You know the drill. Perfect. Look like you have earned every dime of that money." I said and we all laughed. "Hell, I don't even have to be home. I'll take the Miata out of the garage, leave the truck in the driveway so it looks like I'm home and leave the key someplace."

"What would the neighbors do?" he laughed. 

"Truthfully most of them wouldn't bat an eyelash. They know me too well but the one over there would go completely nuts," I said, pointing to a house nearby. "She'd be on the phone before you even drove off!" We had a chuckle and finished the evening project up and they left.

It was a memorable evening partly because of the project but mainly because of the great company. He was great and so was she. 

It's rare running into a woman like that that is comfortable around men and can share humor and still stay truly classy.

The email he just sent me caused me to chuckle and remember a fun night with good company.

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