Friday, July 29, 2016

The other day THAT GUY asked me who Bubbles was...

There is always a dummy that can't seem to think and has no imagination.

The other day someone asked me why I wasn't willing to go to his nephew's wedding in Cincinnati. It's a day's drive from here and I don't know the kid. I have no clue how I got invited or why.

Truthfully he didn't expect me to go. It was some kind of his family pro forma crap.

I told him that Bubbles was working at the club that night. 

He asked me who Bubbles was and I looked at him and shook my head.

It is in male DNA to know who Bubbles is. 

Bubbles may be a blonde, brunette or redhead, She may be tall or short and cute but there are three things that she has going for her.

She has a pneumatic bust, not a brain in her head and is highly skilled in certain amorous arts.

There are a grand total of six men on the planet that don't know who Bubbles is and I had just met one of them.


 One of the things people are pretty good at is trying to give you exactly what you DON'T want.

I swear. You could advertise for a junk car to put up on blocks in your front yard to piss off the neighbors, willing to pay NO MORE than $20 for.

Your inbox will be flooded with people trying to sell you an $85,000 late model Range Rover or a year old Cadillac.

WHen that happens I offer them the $20 I said I waas willing to pay for the wreck and they get all pissed off.

Recently I helps a friend out finding him an old 30-30. I said that I was looking for an old Sears, Montgomery Ward, Western Auto or Ted Williams model 94 and wasn't willing to pay a lot. I specifically said that if someone offers me an expensive rifle I would only pay what an old Sears model was worth.

I got a half dozen people writing back offering me rifles ranging in from beat up Winchesters to highly sought after collectables. The prices they wanted were between $500 and $3200.

I decided to answer all of these aggravating replies and told them I was only willing to pay $150 for it. "I said in the ad I was looking for an inexpensive beater," I replied. "So I am going to offer to pay you what I will pay for an old Sears. Try $150, cash money."

Most people didn't answer my reply but a couple did.

The guy with the $3200 collectable sent me back a reply that I was nuts if he thought I was going to  get a $3200 rifle for $150. I told him that he had only himself to blame for not reading the ad.


The reason for  the double post is you may not get one tomorrow.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Right now I am getting another laptop up and running.

One of my GoGooks has finally died and I just got handed a Panasonic Toughbook from a friend to replace it.

The GoBook I am using now is actually the laptop I keep hooked up to one of my ham rigs for running digital. I'll get the Toughbook tuned up later today and on line.


I forgot to mention in my 26 July post when I sighted in my friend's 30-30 that I tried to do what I did rapid fire a few years back while the police were using a local club range,

I hit six targets rapid fire at fifty yards in about three seconds firing.

There was an old newspaper in the pickup and I stapled 6 pieces at the fifty yard line and let fly. I hit all six but I suppose I wasn't as quick as I used to be. Still, it was pretty good shooting for an old man.

I do believe that an old saddle gun like that is a good thing to have and I am thinking of picking one up for myself. I am feeling a need to go deer hunting this season just to get back into the woods and unless I decide to seriously meat hunt, an old 30-30 is just what the doctor ordered.

If I decide to seriously meat hunt I'll probably scout out the area for a while and simply snipe a deer and that means I'll use something a little more serious.


Yesterday's post said a lot as far as I am concerned. 

While I will never give up the belief that a man should be judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin, I am not going to let things bother me any more.

Collectively, people get what they deserve and things are likely to remain as they are now and will probably get worse. 

I am simply going to take a disgusted  'Don't blame me attitude'.

Actually I would like to give ALL the race baiters chain saws and put them in some kind of arena and let them settle it that way. I'm not greedy. I don't want the ticket revenue. I'll settle for the popcorn concession. 


Things are pretty sad when you have to support someone like Donald Trump.

This entire election is the biggest $hit sandwich I have ever seen inn my life and I do not have faith that the Republic will stand for very much longer.

The United States of America was founded by geniuses but has been run by complete, total unmitigated idiots.

I do believe that I have lived like an American should be able to when I lived in Alaska. I lived the way I wanted to and stayed pretty much out of everyone's hair. In return, they stayed out of mine. I rarely was told what to do by anyone and was held accountable for my actions both by courts of law and the court of public opinion.

I fared well because I took care of myself and was fairly responsible. 

Although I lived what appeared to be a totally irresponsible lifestyle, someone once commented that I was totally and completely responsible in my irresponsibility.

I am please that for the better part of a decade I was able to live like that.


I fell asleep early and woke up early today and I'm a bit hungry. Codfish and eggs sound pretty good for some reason. The oven is on.

That is all. 

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Did I waste my time?

Sometimes I think I wasted my time supporting Dr. King and trying to bring black and whites together as one.

There was a lot to do back in the early 60s and it was a tumultuous time. 

It actually was (in my opinion) something that was coming since WW2. During the war blacks were given positions of responsibility for the first time and they performed. When they got back they didn't want to go back to the status quo. But I digress.

The truth of the matter is that the whole thing has been pretty much a miserable failure and I have been wasting my time. 

The big reason is that there is too much money and power to be made keeping the races divided. My guess is the powers that be are working to make sure things stay the way they are.

A people divided are easier to conquer.

Since the 60s things should have been a lot better than they are now and a big part of it I am going to blame on both sides. The white guilt people and the BLM types have done a wonderful job of keeping the sore open and festering.

Morgan Freeman spoke a while ago in an interview. When he was referred to an a black man he said that he preferred to be referred to simply as just a man.

He said that the division between the races was like an open sore that everyone picks at and never gives it an opportunity to heal.

He got that one right.

Anyone that has ever seen a compulsive scab picker knows that he is likely to be pretty scabby looking as he never seems to recover from whatever it is that he managed to open up. 

A scab picker can take years to get over a simple smooshed pimple because he never gives it a rest and lets it heal.

I suppose we are never going to get to the point where a man is judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin and I confess to becoming quite bitter about this in my old age.

Then again I simply should have followed the money and realized that so long as money and power can be made keeping us divided things are not going to get a whole lot better.

Incidentally, race relations during the Obama administration have gotten a whole lot worse. 

When Jug Ears gave Al Sharpton and the BLM people an audience he made it clear to me that he was a divisive person. Race baiter Al owes us quite a bundle in back taxes and the BLM people apparently support the shooting of cops.

Some unify-er  and president he is. In that respect he's similar to David Duke.

The only way we are going to see the dream of Dr. King happen is when we give it a rest and let the whole thing heal.

And that simply ain't gonna happen.

It's sad and really makes me feel like I wasted a part of my life.

There are times I think I should have become a lawyer or investment banker, plundered a pension fund, retired at 35 and simply spent the whole fortune on hookers and blow. 

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Yesterday I wrote a post about an old 30-30 I helped a guy sight in once.

What reminded me of that besides running into the cop is that I just found one for a friend. It is the truck gun I have been looking for and he got it for a fairly good price.

Anyway, he had yesterday off and wanted me to help him sight it in.  

I almost always start the sight in process at 50 yards and a humongous paper, at least 4'x4'. People look at it and wonder and most of the time it is huge overkill but it wasn't yesterday.

While elevation was pretty much dead on, windage was over a foot to the left. I took a brass punch and drifted the sight over a bit and now the rifle shoots about a minute of venison.

After that I took my bolt gun out to 200 yards and shot a couple of experimental sub minute groups. Smallest was .607 MOA which is pretty good for a factory gun.

The guy wondered why his old truck gun couldn't do that and I told him to stop a minute and look at things the way they really are.

What it is, it is.

The old workhorse is a Sears, made before Ted Williams put his name on it and is probably almost as old as I am. I'm 64. The rifle has bounced around in the back of a pickup or been hauled around for quite some time by the looks of it.

Originally it was designed to put meat on the table and probably never was truly accurate to begin with. It never was a target grade gun.

Still, it was fun getting the old workhorse to be able to do what it was designed to. A 'minute of venison' is good enough to put meat on the table and that rifle will do it.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Garand Match is coming up at Camp Perry.

I don't think I will shoot it this year.

Instead I am going to coach new shooters.

Every year there are new shooters and some enter never having shot a match. That's OK. We squad newbies with experienced shooters and it generally works. Generally.

One year I got a newbie that thought he was a know it all because he was in the Navy back in the day and he proved difficult at best. However, he did safely get all of his rounds into Lake Erie so I suppose that's all that matters.

Anyway, there is always a pair of Fricks and Fracks, two buddies or runnin' partners that stick together. They get upset when you try and pull them apart, yet neither of them know what is going on.

Frick and Frack generally wind up slowing things down and upset the entire rhythm of the match.

Enter Piccolo. 

One of the women there said to me that if I was around for the Garand match that I could be helpful by being a coach. We chatted and she said she'd be grateful if I'd coach a couple of newbies.

I think I will.

I'm a better coach than I am a shooter.

I did this several years ago and my first time Garand match newbie bronzed which pleased me.

As you get older it is a good thing to help the next generation along.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

I feel pretty good about one thing now

 and that is that an important part of my will is now squared away.

I am still healthy and in halfway decent shape but I am getting along in years. I'm also aware that every life has a beginning, a middle and an end. I am rapidly coming closer and closer to my end. It's just a natural thing.

The time to take care of things like that is when you are still healthy. When you finally get sick and see the end is near you have one less thing to worry about and you can enjoy what little time you have left.

Doing this is actually somewhat of a pain in the ass as you discuss things with the people involved. 

While some of them take it simply for what it is, there are always a couple that get alarmed and think you have either been diagnosed with something or are planning something.

Someone got alarmed when I spoke to them about this and asked if anything is wrong. I told them I was going to grab a Tommy gun and find a gas ball to climb next Tuesday and they started this "What? What? You're going to shoot it out with who?"

"The G-men," I replied, sarcastically. "They'll never take me alive! It'll go down in history as the James Cagney Memorial Shoot-out!"

"Stop trying to over analyze everything." I added. "I am just planning ahead." 

He looked at me and appeared embarrassed.

When I spoke to my nephew he took it well at face value and said that he's going to pay me a visit. He know how life works and the last time the two of us had a very memorable time. "Kissing my ass to keep you name in the will, huh?" I replied and we laughed.

Anyway, I feel pretty good now that I have that taken care of.

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Much going on

Busy today

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