Friday, May 22, 2015

From time to time I go snooping

 into different areas for different perspectives. 

Today someone forwarded me an article from one of the white supremacy web sites regarding the recent Baltimore riots.

Sadly enough, I had to agree with a lot (but not all) of what they said. 

For the most part I am toe to toe with those people but every so often even a blind squirrel finds a nut somewhere.

I won't get into it in detail here but I think the truth is that a lot of what went on in Baltimore is directly or indirectly the result of the failed social programs of the LBJ presidency.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

One of the people I ran into when I drove cab

 was an older German that had been injured on the Russian front and was assigned light duty as a guard in a couple of German POW camps.

I don't remember how I got him to open up but he spoke with me at length about his experiences as a guard in a few different camps. What was interesting is that he had his kids wth him and his kids listened carefully. His daughter later told me it was the first time she had heard any of it.

After getting injured on the Russian front and sent back to Germany to recover he was reassigned for a brief period of time to a POW camp guarding Russians who he claimed were pretty docile. He was also assigned to guard British and American army types for a while until he was assigned to a Stalag to oversee American and British aviators, mostly officers.

He said the most boring duty was manning a machine gun tower at any of the camps although he preferred it at the Russian camps. It kept him away from the horrible stench of the Russian prisoners.

I asked him what his worst duty was and he stated without any hesitation at all that it was guarding American and British aviators. I asked him why.

He pointed out that American and British aviators were volunteers to begin with and were pretty adventuresome and self confident to begin with. When you couple that with the fact that the air services of both countries generally got the pick of the best and brightest of the lot you had a recipe for trouble and mischief. American and British officers were constantly up to something.

For one thing they were alway plotting an escape and when they were not doing that they were constantly letting the enemy think they were trying to escape.

He said that it never ceased for even an instant.

Once the Commandant once announced that they were aware that there was a radio in the barracks somewhere and that it was to be turned in. He said it was turned in an hour later. The fact that it was turned in told him that there were most likely a dozen other radios in the camp.

They never seemed to let up.

It was interesting spending a few minutes with this guy and I wish I could have spent more time but he had places to go.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The negativity ads are already up and running.

The RNC has started a 'stop Hillary' campaign and someone else has started bellyaching about Rand Paul wanting to continue the Obama policy with Iran.

I really think that a stop Hitlery campaign is inviting a Democratic victory for Warren. For one thing a lot of people do not like Hitlery. A Hillary vs a halfway decent Republican candidate wold probably put a Republican in the White House. I say let her run.

However, if you get Hillary to drop out and back Elizabeth Warren then a Democrat in the presidency is a damned good bet.

My prediction, and I am generally wrong is that Paul is going to run out of momentum and have to drop out.

Hitlery will likely drop out and be replaced by Elizabeth Warren who will likely win because the American population is already over the tipping point.

The Democrats have already gotten their voter base by making sure that close to half the population is tapping the federal treasury one way or the other. They will vote with their pocketbooks so as not to lose their nipple on the federal tit.

Meanwhile, back at RNC we have the boys in the back room trying to stab Paul in the back much along the way they tried to stab Teddy Roosevelt by offering him the vice presidency. It was actually a pretty good strategy.

TR was a well-loved war hero that th RNC knew would draw the votes for MacKinley and the vice presidency was a good way of keeping TR out of the hair of the RNC (meaning the big boys in the RNC back room pulling strings.)

Of course, the RNC had no way of knowing MacKinley would be assasinated. You can bet they were not happy campers when they got the word TR was at the helm. Teddy really upset the apple cart of the boys in the back room.

When Paul runs out of steam he will likely be replaced by one of the lackey clowns out of the usual gang of wannabes. Some clown of a lackey like Huckabee, Santorum, or a retreaded Mitt Romney will run and be soundly beaten.

Actually, of all of the leftovers the RNC has kicking around lurking hopefully the one with the best chance would be a New and Improved Mitt Romney.

The public is disgusted with the past 8 years of Obama. They are looking for a change...but someone that won't take their free stuff away from them. The public (as usual) wants to have their cake and eat it, too.

It seems to me that the RNC would rather have Hitlery or Elizabeth Warren in the Oval Office than Rand Paul, Ted Cruz or someone along these lines.

Pesonally I think the job should go to Larry the Plumber or someone along those lines. As far as the financial end of things goes, they ought to elect an Irish Catholic mother of twelve that is married to an auto mechanic and has all 12 of her kids put through college. Any woman that can put 12 kids through school on a mechanic's wage could probably have the national debt paid down to nothing inside of two presidential terms.

Either that or she has been married to a closet bank robber all these years.

People often wonder about third party and that is a Major Cause of Concern for both parties. Both parties are like a dog fighting over a bone. When the third dog shows up they both gang up on him, run him off and resume fighting over the bone. Neither party really wants a third party to enter the fray, especially if it looks like it may be a winner.

Of course, there are times when a third party is encouraged by one or the other party. An example of this might be if Rand Paul doesn't get the nod from the RNC (and it is unlikely he will) and they opt to run Mitt Romney. Paul decides to run third party.

That is cause for the Democrats to rejoice because virtually every vote for Paul is a vote Mitt won't get.

It's happened before and likely will happen again. It has been said that H. Ross Perot changed the outcome of the election when he ran on a third party ticket and most likely he did.


As of now my guess is that Hitlery will drop out, Elizabeth Warren will be drafted, they will throw Hitlery's assets behind her and Warren will win. That's my early on guess.

Then again, maybe Hitlery may NOT drop out. She's really quite a Queen Bitch and wants it so bad she can taste it. What is interesting is that I saw her a couple of hours ago on the ship's TV and she said, "Don't you want a woman president?"

One wag said, "Yeah, but not you, Bitch. How about Condi Rice?" I reprimnded him severely for that by going to the freezer and dishing him up some ice cream.

Incidentally the thinnest book in the library is the book of black voters that did not vote for Obama. The old 'give a brother a chance' line fits right in here. There are a lot of women that are very likely to vote for Warren simply because she is a woman. Or for that matter, Hitlery.

Woman that are pistol packin' mamas that would normally vote for the most conservative candidate out there are very apt to throw their votes to Warren  under the guise of 'Let's give her a chance'. Her policies will likely have little or nothing to do with anything. Many women will vote with their emotions. Plan on hearing a lot of 'Do it for the children' going around.

Things like this are not uncommon among the low information voters. They never seem to get it.

I had a shipmate ones that said, "Democrats are for the people, right?"

When I pointed out that he was a hunter and fisherman and reloader and that the Dems were likely to put the kibosh on things like that he voted blue, anyway. He lived in Maryland.

Some time later he came up to me and asked me to pick up some reloading supplies for him and seemed upset he could no longer get things in Maryland and wondered why. I told him that he voted for it and he didn't seem to get it. This is a lot of the same type of mentality among woman that will garner Warren votes.

You have to also remember I am not any kind of political analyst, I'm only a sailor with a high school education. There's a lot going on in back rooms I am not aware of.

One thing I'm fairly certain about, though, is that it's going to be a damned ugly election and I seriously don't recommend putting a bumper sticker on your car, especially if you're a conservative. It's an invitation to vandalism.

Then again, I suppose it you need a new paint job and are willing to watch your car 24/7 it might be the way to go. You catch some spoiled brat of a college student keying your car and have him arrested. Most likely his rich daddy will come in with an open checkbook offering to make things go away instead of letting the kid face felony vandalism charges.

Hell, you might even be able to get a new car out of the deal if you play your cards right. (Gee, Pic! How could you afford a new Corvette? They only gave you $325 trade in for your pickup!)

Still, I think it's going to be a particularly nasty election and truth is I'm not really looking forward to it other for the reason that Obama is going to be out of office.

I am NOT looking forward to Elizabeth Warren.

Of course, this is all subject to change.

You have to remember I predicted that George Zimmerman would not have to go to trial in the Treyvon Martin shooting. The following day Zimmerman was arrested. I don't have the best track record of seeing the future.

That honor goes to Carnac the Magnificent.

Speaking of predicting the future, ever call a psychic hot line? They always ask you what you want to know. I always say, "You tell me." If they really were psychic they would already have the answers. Calling such a place  would sound something like this: "Hi, Pic. The winning lottery numbers are..."

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and now I see a dark horse on the Democratic ticket emerging. Jim Webb of Virginia. Watch him. From what little I see of him he is a moderate Democrat and likely could bring the Democrats together.

Democrats that hate Hillary may very well find him to be the guy they are looking for.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One of the reasons I seem to get

so many freebies and favors done is because I am not stupid about it.

Many moons ago there was some now long forgotten and no longer used software a friend of mine purchased a ten pack of. Tom only needed six of them. He got the extra four as part of a package deal. 
Because they were his, he could do with them as he saw fit and gave me one of the ten he had license for. This included the secret code key that I could not figure out with my Marvel Mystery Encoding ring.

He also gave one to Louise because his wife said she could use it. Tom's a pretty generous guy. That left him eight which meant he had two spares.

Louise also got the secret code key.

Of course, Louise decided to share it with a few of her friends and a few days later when Tom went to install the software on his machines it wouldn't take because Louise had passed it around. Tom had bought ten programs, used four, given away two and figured he had four left.

Needless to say, he was flabberghasted and called me. I reported I had only used the one he gave me and kept quiet about it.

He had his wife call Louise. She reported that Louise had not only given the code to three of her friends, but to Hippie Al who promptly posted it on some on line hackers net. Poor Tom didn't stand a chance.

This part of the story has a happy ending, though. Tom's wife is a tiger and promptly went after Louise and got her to cough up for a five pack of the software. There was almost a cat fight over it and Tom's wife marched Louise straight down to the office store and made her put the five pack on her credit card.

Tom also pinned a jacket on Louise and she probably hasn't gotten too many freebies over the years.

Although this is small, it serves as an example. Some years ago I used to get the safety guys to save me a few of the out dated chemical light sticks  from our survival suits. I'd toss them into a box. Come Halloween I'd hand them out to a couple of the mothers on the street to pin to their little kids on Halloween.

The kids seemed to like them and they could be seen by motorists after dark so it was a win/win situation.

The truth is I was pretty selective about who I handed these out to simply to avoid getting a bunch of calls from the neighborhood mothers. I actually handed them out, for the most part to the fathers. They were admonished not to tell anyone where they got them lest the supply instantly dry up.

Everyone kept quiet about it and I did that for several years until the policy at work changed and they could no longer give them to me.

Over the years I have seen any number ot things magically disappear because the recipients didn't know well enough to keep their mouths shut.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

My niece and nephew are on to me so

I don't get away with a whole lot anymore.

They know how I think.

However their friends do not which is a pretty good deal.

It seems to be their friends and other relatives  have preyed on since the birth of my soon to be God son.

Every time one of them even mentions the words 'new baby' I ask them what my niece is going to do with the old one.

Invariably the guys grin or outright laugh and the women look confused.

Try it some time and you will see what I mean.


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Sunday, May 17, 2015

WHaddya nuts?

Yesterday I said I am going to dress like the Godfather because I am going to become one.

My wife asked what she should wear and I directed her to check out spaghetti sauce jars. I do not know if she was too happy because she never said anything. 

Someone else suggested I take a Michael Corleone/ John Gotti look.

Bullshit! Those guys are not Godfathers! They are greedy, selfish killers. They don't even LOOK like Godfathers.

You have to remember that the Old School mob was smart enough to throw a little scratch around and put something back into the community.

Al Capone may have been one of the best killers in the business and is considered responsible for the St. Valentine's Day massacre. On the other hand, he ran the biggest soup kitchen in Chicago.

When you'r hungry and someone feed you on tends to look pretty favorable on one's benefactor. The recent gang of thugs doesn't seem to give a damn. They have no sense of decency.

If I am going to be a Godfather, I am going to be a REAL Godfather instead of some two-bit thumper!

Truth is most likely the Old School Godfathers studied Niccolo Machiavelli...or at least adopted his style.

Anyway, I have decided not to get measured for a suit at Gino's in New York. "The best tailor in the city". This is occasion requires someone that knows Old School and can turn me into a REAL Godfather. I don't want to look like someone slick and over polished that has been plucked out of a Saville Row tailor's arse.  Save that for the Michael Corleones and John Gottis of this world.

I need resources that Gino the tailor doesn't have at his disposal.

It's off to Goodwill.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Time to got buy a double breasted pinstripe suit

along with a black shirt, a white tie and a wide brim fedora.  I want the widest lapels I can find.

Oh, yeah. I also need a big, giant diamel pinkie ring.

I'm gonna be a Godfather! My niece just gave birth to a little boy!

They asked me to be the child's Godfather!

If you're going to be a Godfather, you ought to at least LOOK like a Godfather!

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