Thursday, August 25, 2016

Suicide hotline. Hold, please.

No. I am not going to jump off of a bridge, and no I am not going to shoot myself.

Every life has a beginning, a middle and an end. My beginning was long ago which puts me closer to the end than I was when I started.

Right now I am in the middle. 

I have been taking time out to prepare for the end and it gets people concerned. "Right now I am doing my will," I'll say.

Instantly people will ask me "What's wrong with you?"

Then they start jumping to conclusions and start offering to call someone they know that is a suicide counselor or a doctor or whatever. It makes me want to slap them and put some sense into them.

Every life has a beginning, a middle and an end. That is indisputable. 

The time to get your affairs in order is sometime during the middle so when you get to the end you don't have that to worry about.

Actually the big thing is that I worry about Kitty. Mrs. Pic is a human being and can likely take care of herself. Kitty is a house cat and can't. Kitty is dependent and therefore needs to be worried about. Mrs. Pic doesn't. However, I do have to make sure things transfer over to her smoothly.

I think I'm going to be around a while but it is good to know that I have things ready for the inevitable.

I just wish that people would stop jumping to conclusions when I mention it.

Then again, I guess it is human nature. The other day I asked Mrs. Pic to get me some foot powder and she immediately asked me, "Why? What's wrong with your feet?"

Nothing is wrong with my feet and I use foot powder to keep it that way.


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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I remember and old episode

 of 'Car 54 where are you?" that still makes me laugh today when I think about it.

My memory on the details isn't 100% clear but the gist of it was that there was no crime in their beat to speak of and that they were going to transfer Gunther and Francis to anothe beat. They were also going to give them an award because the neighborhood was pretty crime free.

The people on the beat were up in arms about it and as usual the powers that be were all confused about things.

One of the locals told the precinct captain that the reason for no crime was that the locals handled it.

"Someone tried to rob my house wares store and Guiseppe the deli guy saw him and sneaked up behind him and whacked him on the head with a sausage. We dragged him six blocks away and dumped him in an alley. When someone else tried to rob Guiseppe I threw a sheet over his head and Guiseppe whacked him and we hauled him off. Cops have better things to do than this."

One woman added "When you're expecting they are always within shouting distance to take you to the hospital."

About half the neighborhood chimed in with something or another that Gunther and Francis did to make the neighborhood a nicer place to live. Much of it was what people would consider stupid stuff.

"Francis shares his wife's recipes with my wife. She sure knows how to make a good ham loaf! It's delicious and cheap, too."

Of course the flabberghasted precinct captain decided the best course of action was to leave things just as they were. After all, there was no trouble in the neighborhood and maybe the best thing to do was leave things alone.  

While the episode was probably quite unrealistic there really were a couple of points.

First, if something works, leave it alone.

Second, you can't beat grass roots efforts of people that are friends and neighbors.

Third, sometimes the right person for the right job comes aolng and while it may not make sense to you, it may very well make sense to a lot of other people...especially the people using the service.

Fourth they don't make things like that as funny as they used to.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


One of the things I am starting to see is that while Americans are still generous with their money they are being smarter about who they give it to.

I'm on a couple of 'back channel' forums and I am seeing a lot more of this as time passes.

The question is generally something like  "Hey, I got a spare hundred bucks. Where can I send it that would do the most good?"

Of course, the United Way isn't on the list. Neither is the Red Cross.

A couple of the Louisiana locals know the score and seem to be doing a pretty good job of directing the small amounts of money to where it will do the most good.

"There's this old black preacher that's been putting people up in the church as best he can. He's swamped. I'll bet he can use some money to buy food with."

My guess is that he's an Old School type preacher that can probably figure out a way to feed people for about a buck or so per person per day. He'll pinch a nickel so hard the buffalo will scream. It's probably the best bang for the buck so he gets the recommendation.

Or "There's some woman down the next town over that's taking in a cartload of stray pets. She seems to be having good luck reuniting them with the owners. I brought her 100 pounds of dog and cat food the other day. She's swamped. Here's her address... Hey, send it to me instead. I'll also bring her over one of my wife's casseroles, too. She could probably use it."

This is a change from the usual business of sending a few bucks to the Red Cross. It seems to get the money to where it gets it directly to where it is needed. The middlemen and 'administrative costs' are pretty much eliminated.

It's pretty much grass roots and from what I see going on in Louisiana it's pretty damned cost effective.

I have always preached keeping things as far down the chain as possible. If you look at the efforts there of the Cajun Navy you will see that costs there are at a minimum.

A lot of this comes out of the individuals pocket and a lot of it seems to come from direct donations. One of the costs the Cajun Navy has is probably gasoline simply because boats run on the stuff.

I'm venturing that the Cajun Navy would readily accept a couple of drums of gas as readily as they would accept cash money. Actually it would be somewhat more efficient because if you gave them cash then someone would have to go out and buy gas with it.

I would not be surprised to find that fuel dealers would be willing to donate gas, either. So that makes it easier and more efficient.

The bottom line is that Americans are just as generous as they always have been. They're just getting a little more careful and making sure their donations get to where they will do the most good.

And that is a very good thing.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Cajun Navy deserves a post.

The flooding in Louisiana brought out the true spirit of what this country is supposed to be. A non-governmental guerrilla force emerged to rescue stranded people consisting of (gasp!) private citizens!

It was immediately dubbed the 'Cajun Navy' because a lot of them are Cajun.

With a group like this, who needs the feds? Most likely they are a lot more efficient and a damned sight cheaper. They just go in and get the job done.

I read where the locals decided after the feds took their own sweet time after Katrina and the boondoggle paperwork and territorial fighting that it's a whole lot easier and better to do it their selves.

Of course, Old Jug Ears sent a memo telling people to make sure the rescuing was done with proper respect to the race of the rescued.

(I often wonder about that. Blacks comprise something like 12.7% of us. I can hear it now. "Nope. Gotta let at least three more blacks drown to keep the numbers politically correct!")

He sent some big, long memo telling the people hate not to show discrimination with the rescue efforts. Needless to say, an awful lot of Louisianans of all races were outraged.

For what it's worth I have seen boatloads of blacks along with whites being rescued. I seriously doubt that there is a whole lot of predjudice in the hearts and minds of the rescuers. They just want to get people to safety and worry about the rest later.

What a moron! What was he thinking?

I suppose he thought that the Cajuns were going to show up wearing KKK sheets and screaming at some poor slob sitting on his roof,  "Black lives DON'T matter! Choke on it! Drown, Bitch!"

Not hardly. I'm reasonably certain they don't differentiate and probably don't care. I doubt most of them really care what color somebody is when they go to rescue them. They are just going out to help their friends and neighbors.

This just goes to tell you about how Old Jug Ears thinks. Everything to him is racial and/or political.

Incidentally most of the stuff in the way of gasoline, Gatorade for rescued, food, whatever is likely coming out of the individal Cajun sailor's own pocket.

Of course I do think that there will be racial complaints, though. Some fat, lazy, useless indolent black will be sitting high and dry and be upset that a Cajun boat is rescuing someone practically drowning nearby. He'll be angry because they won't take him to the Wiggly Piggly to buy a couple of 40s. He'll bitch and say it was becase he is black.

I have seen where a number of Cajun Navy boats are flying the Stars and Stripes which is, I suppose, a good thing.

Personally if I were there I would likely be flying the Southern Cross just to wipe the eye of Old Jug Ears. But that is just me.

Speaking of wiping someone's eye, who showed up? You guessed it. None other than Donald J. Trump. Old Jug Ears couldn't be bothered. He was golfing in Nantucket. Hillary couldn't be bothered, either. Maybe it was too hot for the refined delicate tastes of Crooked Hillary.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the feds are most likely fighting over responsibilities, territories and who is in charge of what assets. It has nothing to whatsoever to do with saving lives as it does with careers and politics.

Frankly I often think they ought to put the Salvation Army in charge of the whole mess... as dictators! Turn ALL assets over to them. They may find themselves in over their head but at least they would not be boondoggled with juristictional disputes. The 'Sally's' are not political either. They just want to get the job done. 

Still, I understand the Cajun Navy is fairly well organized and if someone doesn't now the area well enough they snag a sheriff's deputy as a ridealong. It makes sense.

Another interesting point is that I have heard the effort referred to as American Dunkirk. So named after the British Expeditionaly Force was rescued off of the Dunkirk beaches by the private boat owners of Britain during WW2. 

Of course, because the Cajun Navy doesn't fit into the Mainstream Media's political agenda and makes Obama look as foolish as he is. Do not expect to hear a whole lot about it.

That's why I posted it here.


Oh, yeah.

In another 'cover the boss' stunt. The Governor of Louisiana claimed he asked President Obama not to show up.

Yeah, right.

He's just covering for Zero so he doesn't have to interrupt his golf game in Nantucket.

We're not stupid.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Here. Read the directions.

The directions

Every so often it is a pretty good idea to refresh one's self on the way this country is SUPPOSED to work.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Go to the Southern Poverty Law Center's web page.

They say that Black Lives Matters is not a hate group.


It is. Don't be fooled.

Someone gave the BLM people over 100 million bucks. Interesting.

So where is it all going? 

One place it is not going is Louisiana for flood relief. I don't see any boats down there with #BLM or Black Panthers on the side.

I suppose that doing legitimate relief work is just too good for the BLM and Panther types. They are probably afraid they might have to help someone out that's a different color.

Still, there is a fairly large black community down in that neck of the woods and I have heard a few of the smarter blacks speak up and say that their absence is duly noted.


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Friday, August 19, 2016

Do not self deploy!

With the flooding going on in Louisiana there has come a cry ham operators to help out and supply communications until things can becoem reestablished.

The ARRL has tweeted that volunteers are needed and has also added the caveat 'DO NOT SELF DEPLOY!' They have a number of the Louisana area coordinator posted and volunteers should call ahead and make arrangements before they head down there.

It makes sense because anyone arriving to help is another mouth to feed. They're also another person that has the potential for simply getting in the way or worse yet, needing rescue themselves.

I remember Sean Penn arriving at Katrina and getting in the way. He didn't even know enough to put the seacock in his boat before putting it in the water.

Being willing to help and being able to help are two different things. The people down there need people that are trained and not just a warm body.

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) people have a certain amount of training in emergency communications. The average ham does not. I don't.

There is a group of locals down there presently nicknamed the Coonass or Cajun Navy. These are locals that are manning their own personal boats and evacuating people. Reportedly they are doing a great job. 

While they don't really have a lot of formal training, they have they know their boats, the area and the people. That's generally better than any class.

On the other hand, the ham radio people are looking for people with background that are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. That probably means cooking, cleaning, doing various repairs as well as running a radio.

I'd bet the area coordinator is doing his best to filter out the big ego types that think they'll just be doing 'cool' stuff like some of the people that showed up after Katrina. These types generally are more trouble than they are worth as they tend not to be able to cook and do the necessary paper work and housework that accompanies such an effort.

Incidentally on another board the self deployment subject came up and I pointed out that if I were to self-deploy -and I'm not going to- that I have the gear for one purpose.

I'd get the Cajun Navy to run me into an area that is unaccessible and drop me, my rig and a couple of cases of MREs off. I'd set up shop, check into the main net ONCE and let them know I'll posssibly be relaying any important messages and then just listen, listen and listen at scheduled times.

It would probably be uneventful but would serve to at least let the villagers know that help can be gotten if needed. It's not all cool stuff that's needed.

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