Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Did you bring enough gum for everyone?

This story goes back to junior high school and I suppose in part it made me what I am today.

One of the few teachers that earned my respect was a teacher I had for home room.

The incident that made me respect him was the good old gum game. He caught me chewing gum and asked me if I had brought enough for everybody.

I knew if I said I hadn't and spit the gum out I'd be good to go. But I realized I had no real after school plans so I went for it.

"How come I have to bring enough for everybody? Sounds kind of communist to me." I shot back.

Of course, I was told to stay after school.

When I reported to him, he simply told me to sit down.

"When you said that making someone bring in gum for everyone sounded communistic it made me think," he said. "It does sound like something socialistic! You were right."

"Still," he continued. "I had to give you a detention because you lipped off about it. You're free to go after your bus leaves."

I thought about this for a second and kept my grin inside. Once in a while if I felt like tking a chance and getting home early I'd intentionally miss the bus and hitchhike. The bus made several stops and had a long route.

If I got lucky I'd catch a ride right off the bat and about one time in three get dropped off at the house. Generally I'd get dropped off at the bus stop, and usually well ahead of everyone else. 

Then he grinned. "It's hard being an individual, isn't it?"

I thought a second. "Yeah, but I think it's worth it."

"Well, at least you're not just another lemming in the herd," he replied. "You're not always right, you know. But at least you try and think for yourself. That's a lot more than I can say for an awful lot of your classmates." 

As soon as bus three left I shuffled out and as soon as my feet hit the stairs I took off like a shot, crossed the highway and stuck my thumb out.

The second car stopped and picked me up. It was Officer Sangetti. He was a tough, hard boiled cop known for being hard. He was also the department juvenile officer.

While I wasn't afraid of him, I knew to treat him with respect. 

"OK, Kid. What did they keep you after school for? he asked.

"They caught me chewing gum," I replied. "And when he asked me if I had brought enough for everybody I told him he sounded like a communist."

He stopped a second and digested it and I was treated to a very, very rare suppresed smirk. "It does sound a little communist," he agreed. Then he went on to tell me that schools have to keep order.

"I just wish they'd let us think once in a while," I replied. That drew a curious look. 

He mentioned to me that a couple towns over they had found a dead guy that looked like a victim of the mob. I figured there was a point he was going to make.

"The best way to avoid problems with the mob is to simply stay away from them and not let them rope you into anything. The best way to keep the police and the mob from chasing you is to not do anything dumb in the first place." I replied. 

"Smart kid," he replied. "Headed home?"

He knew where I lived. He lived nearby and I wasn't too far out of the way.

I said I was and he dropped me off at my door. I had beaten the bus by quite some time and when he drove off I hid out for a while so Mom wouldn't ask me why I was home so early. 

I have to give my teacher credit. He was still a gum chewer catching guy but he never asked a single student ever again if they had brought enough gum for everybody.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

in defense of Sabrina Corgatelli

A woman named Sabrina Corgatelli seems to have made the social media news as some kind of a pariah.

She's in Africa now hunting animals and is brassy enough to post pictures on her Facebook page during the midst of the Amazing Cecil the Lion media frenzy. For this at this time I question her sanity. Her timing sucks. 

I don't know this woman and have never even heard of her until a few hours ago but for some reason I feel a desire to defend her actions to some degree.

Personally over the years I've killed a few deer to put meat on the table along with pheasants, a few ducks and a few rabbits. I like game for the most part. It's a good, clean source of meat. I haven't hunted in a few years and get my venison from the generosity of other hunters. I'm grateful for when I get it.

I've also dispatched a couple of sick animals and removed a number of nuisance animals. None of the killing ever brought me any joy. The joy generally came at the dinner table.

I do admit that I like long walks in the fall in the pursuit of pheasants, though. I enjoy the crisp air of fall and simply being outdoors.

I have no desire to go to Africa and shoot any game animals there. If I were to go on a safari I would likely pack a camera instead of a gun.

But that's me.

Let's take a look at what Sabrina is doing over there. She's hunting. So what.

From what I can see she's found a reputable professional hunter (PH) as a guide. She has all the required permits and licenses. She is in no violation of law that I am aware of.

She is actually bringing no mean sum of money into South Africa and creating a number of jobs for the locals on top of providing them with a lot of meat. 

I doubt that little if any of the animals she kills will go to waste. The locals will likely scarf up just about all of the animal that she doesn't take home with her.

The costly fees and permits will likely go toward game management to insure that there will be animals for future hunters to harvest. South Africa is actually smart about game management. They know that hunting brings in big money and do their best to manage the herds.

Permits in South Africa are issued on a basis that will sustain the herd.

Most people do not realize that hunting safaris and photo hunts are what give those animals any value. Without the income they provide the animals, for the most part, would be considered nuisances and pests and would have likely been eradicated years ago.

Back here in the States I listened to a woman that had moved to Florida babble about waking up to find an alligator on her lawn. She flipped and called the police that called whoever the police call to remove alligators from residences.

She made it pretty clear to me that she didn't care how it was removed. Had someone shot it and tossed it in the back of a truck and taken it to the dump that was just fine by her. 

Part of the reason I remember this so clearly is that it was getting close to Earth Day and she asked me what I was doing to save the planet. Go figure.

Once I was doing some work at someone's house and a stray pit bull wandered into the yard. The woman told me she wanted it gone. I was a tad confused. "Do you want me to shoot it or what?" I asked.

"I don't care!" she screamed. "I want it gone!"

I didn't shoot the poor old dog. I simply went out and chased it away.

The bottom line to both of these is that when push came to shove neither of these women really give a damn about the animals.

A lot of big game animals are nothing but nuisances and pests to local Africans. Many herbivores eat their crops and the carnivores tear up their domestic herds.

If you were a farmer and some eland ate up your crop that you were depending on to feed your family you'd want the eland gone, too. If a lion tore up some of the goats you had been raising you would tend to hold a pretty dim view of letting him return for seconds.

In both cases the farmer would likely poison, snare or shoot the animal. I can't say as I'd blame him. I'd likely go after the animal that was harming my livelihood.

In short, a lot of those animals are a detriment to African life. A lot of villagers probably want them gone.

Not to mention that many of them are downright dangerous. Hippos kill about 500 people a year. Rhinos are not very gentle, either.

Now let's enter the murky world of poaching for ivory and rhino horn, both of which have a demand in the world.

Couple the aggravation the animals cause with the demand for ivory and rhino horn and it's pretty sure fire that someone is going to try and supply the demand. 

Throw poverty into the equation and it's a miracle there are any elephants or rhinos left at all.

I know a dairy farmer that hires a local guy to keep his field clear of ground hogs. They dig holes and if an expensive dairy cow steps in one there is a pretty good chance Old Bossy will wind up with a broken leg.

Can't say as I blame him. Good cows are expensive and hard to replace. I'd probably do the same damned thing. He simply wanted all of the ground hogs eradicated.

He's checked in as someone that was against big game hunting, which is odd for a farmer.

Then I asked him if he'd eradicate them or manage the ground hog herd if there was someone willing to pay HIM $10,000 apiece for the right to shoot them.

He didn't answer me but I know what he was thinking.

Enter the hunter that comes into the host country with a big wad of cash and hires a PH who in return puts together the safari and hires local to perform the required chores.

A good chunk of that money goes to the host country government in the form of trophy fees, licenses and so on giving what is generally a poor government some money to hire game wardens, anti- poaching patrols and the like.

These people are the ones that give those animals a value. They are the ones that give the governments a reason to manage the herds and insure sustainability.

A while back Kenya, a former mecca for hunters, outlawed trophy hunting. Ever since they did that their herds have been in a serious state of decline.

People are quick to point to eco tourists that photograph the animals. Truth is eco tourists generally stay in cities and make day trips on guided tours to nearby parks. They don't require the services of PHs and the various other locals that provide services to hunters.

I've read where the average hunter brings in 50 to 100 times the money the average eco tourist does. Eco tourists don't pay any trophy or licensing fees and simply don't spend the money that the hunters do.

It's the hunters that bring in the big money.

Frankly, I'd love to know what Sabrina is paying for her hunt. It ain't cheap. I sure couldn't afford it even if I wanted to hunt in Africa.

Truth is, like it or not, that she's probably part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

As for her detractors, I seriously wonder about them. None of them seem to understand game management. Most of them are sitting on their wallets instead of opening them up and donating a single dime to game management anywhere.

I know that in the States a lot of the states rely only on the revenue that comes in from hunting and fishing licenses and associated fees to manage the animal herds in the state. 

This means that the herds and fisheries are managed and sustained only with money paid in by hunters and fishermen. The guy that doesn't hunt or fish pays little if anything toward managing the wildlife of his home state.

If you want to do something for conservation then simply buy a hunting or fishing license. You don't have to use the license, just buy one. In most states he money will go to the state's conservation efforts.

Many hunters also put their money where their mouth is by joining conservation organizations. One organization, Ducks Unlimited, has done an awful lot in helping maintain the flocks of ducks in the States.

There are others that have done a lot to preserve wildlife, too.

This likely means that a lot of Sabrina's detractors don't have dime one invested in the fish or wildlife of their home state, much less having something invested in African wildlife. They're just running off at the keyboards.

Many of her detractors would likely act like the woman that found an alligator on her front yard or the mother that spotted a stray dog out front. They'd simply want it gone and not care how it was removed.

I wrote earlier that hippos kill over 500 people a year. I wonder how many of Sabrina's detractors would act if they heard that a government was going to kill off a few in the interest of public safety.

Many of you would defend the hippos. "Hippos gotta be hippos" you'd say.

Yet if you were visiting the zoo and someone threw one of your kids into a cage of hungry tigers it would he a different case altogether. I don't think you'd accept an explanation of "tigers gotta be tigers".

I don't know who this Sabrina is and I really don't care. All I can figure is she is living a dream now in Africa and paying for it. She's not poaching or doing anything illegal.

Yet I see a bunch of rabid people wishing death and destruction on her and calling her a bunch of pretty rotten names.

To those that are calling her names and wishing her an early demise, you ought to take a better look at yourself. You look a lot worse as people than the person you are calling out.

How about before you hit 'enter' you take a few minutes to think about yourself and your purity. What have you done to assist in conservation efforts? What other skeletons are sitting in your closet? Think about what you have written before you post it.

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

I think that just for the hell of it I'll check in over the Cecil the poor old lion brawl going n these days.

First World problem.

Before I go any further I'm calling this entire mess nothing more or less than a First World problem because we are the only ones with the luxury of time to spend wailing and gnashing our teeth over it.

While we're at it, how about the five elephants that truly ARE endangered in Kenya that were killed by poachers while this ballyhoo was going on.

Truth is, most Zimbabweans don't really even give a damn about the death of a lion. According to some sources, even Zimbabwan government officials had never heard of Cecil's or even Cecil killing until it became big time international news. Doesn't sound like he was too well known to the big shots over there. Lion? What lion? You don't say? Someone killed a lion?

Several locals have asked why we don't get upset when a lion eats a couple of villagers. Interesting point.

When that happens the PETA types defend it by saying lions gotta be lions. Interesting point.

So they eat a couple villagers every so often. So, what? Lions gotta lion.

Next time you're at the zoo and hear some PETA type gripe about the lion in captivity mention that they eat people. If they explain that lions just gotta lion just grab the PETA person's four year old and fling him or her into the cage.

Let me know if their attitude changes. I'd be interested to find out.

I have yet to hear from the #zebraslivesmatter people. I'll let you know when I do. It would be interesting to hear what they have to say. I'll bet they were tickled pink to hear Cecil bit the dust.

Now lets take a look at Dr. Palmer. 

As of now we don't even know if he did anything illegal. He hired a professional hunter (PH) to take care of his hunting trip. It's the job of the PH to make all of the arrangements, get the proper permits and insure the hunt is ethical and legal.

Assuming Palmer didn't know what was going on he is guilty only of being duped by an unscrupulous PH. 

If Palmer did know what was going on he is complicit in the illegal hunt and probably deserves to be punished. We don't know enough to judge things yet, so we really ought to not get so worked up until we find out who is responsible.

From the accounts I have read, the entire poor excuse for a hunt was a botched, unethical affair. Cecil was baited out of a National Preserve which is arguably unethical. (I think it is unethical) He was baited into an area where there had been no lion permits issued, making the kill itself illegal. 

From there he was struck by an arrow supposedly shot by Palmer and wounded. He was killed forty hours later by gunfire by whomever. Hunter ethics demand a quick, clean kill. 

After Cecil died his radio collar was removed which is yet another violation.

So we're looking at a string of crimes here and unless the good dentist was aware of this, it looks like the entire mess drops on the lap of the PH.

I just read where he has had his license yanked and is out on bail.

Truth of the matter is that Good Old Cecil was on the protected list. It's possible that no permits were issued in the area to protect him from hunters.

This doesn't sound lie too much of a hunt to me. It sounds like out and out poaching.

From what I heard, Cecil was pretty popular among the photo safari set and drew a lot of money into Zimbabwe. I have looked on his Wikipedia page and it says he'd allow vehicles to within 10 meters of him.

I have to say that he probably brought a lot more money into the cash strapped country than his trophy fee did. Unlike most creatures (humans included) it seems like he was one of those rare creatures that was worth more alive than he is worth dead.

Cecil's Wikipedia page, according to another source didn't get set up until after he was killed. It smells like the entire ballyhoo is a red herring set up by the media to cover for something else.

Anybody taken a peek at what Congress is doing while we are all glued to our seats over the Cecil drama?

The Planned Parenthood fetus parts scandal seems to have taken a back seat to Cecil. So have several other things.

Of course, the politicians are on this because they never let a crisis, real or imagined, go to waste for political gain.

Now they'll pander to the heart strings of the "He killed Bambi!" set. Laws will likely be enacted and we'll probably send a gazillion dollars to Zimbabwe to get them to outlaw hunting or some such thing.

Of course, the PETA types that want to ban hunting don't realize that the damage done to the herds isn't done by ethical, legal hunters. It's done by poachers.

The money that hunters bring to this paradise on earth is likely one of the only things that finances anti-poaching patrols. without the revenue the animals would probably be extinct.

The PETA types are quick to say that eco-tourism doesn't hurt the herds but that's half the story. It doesn't help them very much, either. Figures I read say that the average hunter brings in more money that 50 to 100 eco tourists do. 

What helps the herds is money to make sure the anti-poaching patrols are on the job. The big money from hunting does a lot more good for the herds than the nickel-dime eco tourists. 

Hunting trophy fees are not cheap, but photo excursions are, relatively speaking. Big game hunting still seems to be where the real money is.

Zimbabwe needs the money badly. Their dollar isn't worth anything. If you want to become a millionaire now it's easy. Buy Zimbabwean currency. Five bucks get you a million Zimbabuan dollars...and you get change from your five. Instant millionaire.

When you realize their dollar isn't squat you can only imagine the quality of the anti-poaching patrols. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that a couple of greenbacks will probably get the patrol to move about 20 miles down the road. 

Meanwhle, there goes a small herd of elephants, killed for their ivory. Or a couple Rhinos killed for their horn. The rotting carcasses added to the endless list of unsolved criminal poaching. 

If it's not an elephant or five, it's another lion or something bagged by an unethical PH or poisoned by a native that's tired of having his goats or maybe his kids eaten.

Incidentally, the villagers are not just upset over the damage caused by the big cats. Elephants are pretty destructive as are giraffes and a lot of herbivores. They eat crops and a herd of elephants can flatten a field in minutes.

Hippos kill more natives than any other species.

Of course, First world people can scream blue bloody murder over the death of a lion half a world away over shrimp cocktails. They'll eat half the shrimp cocktail to save room for the steak which in turn will be half eaten to save room for the cheesecake.

They'll likely finish the cheesecake and lick the plate clean, all the while talking about poor old Cecil.

Meanwhile, back in Africa some villager would kill to have the leftovers and half-eaten steaks and shrimp that have landed in the dumpster. 

Very possibly he's going to be having whatever leftovers that Cecil's cousin left from his prize goat. That's if he's damned lucky.

As for Palmer? Who knows. 

Last I read the feds were looking for him and you can bet your ass they are going to be looking for some thin excuse to ship his ass back to Africa to face trial in some kangaroo court. 

After all, its votes for some dopey political candidate that would likely sell his own monther into white slavery for three votes. To him this is a pretty good deal. He can save his mom for the time he faces a close election.

A quick Google check in Zimbabwean court systems says that theoretically it's a Roman-Dutch based system influenced by the South African system. From a practical point, it's been compromised by Zimbabwe's Fearless Leader, Robert Mugabe.

It looks to me that Palmer is facing a decade or more in an African jail unless he can come up with some serious scratch to cram into Mugabe's pockets. At least that's my guess at this point in time. I could be wrong. Maybe he will go directly to jail and sit there until he can drum up some cash. At which point he will be quietly released. Who knows?

On the other hand, maybe we'd be better off with Palmer sitting in jail someplace. 

Judging from the hate mail Palmer's received maybe HE'd be better off sitting in a safe African jail someplace. Wanting the man dead for poaching is a little extreme in my book.

Truth is I have no idea if he knew that he was being taken for a ride by the PH. Maybe he was, maybe he was a knowlegable party to it. My guess, based on his history, is he was. Still, we don't know for sure.

He does have a history involving a legal bear kill in the States and has a hunting related felony conviction over it. As a result he can't own firearms here.

From what I've read between the lines this guy really isn't much of a sportsman. I've harvested game off and on for decades. I've killed nuisance animals from time to time. None of the killing has ever given me any joy. My joy came later at the dinner table.

Over the years I've met a couple of so-called hunters that didn't enjoy the harvest, the camraderie or the hunt. They drew their satisfaction in the actual killing.

Truth is I think there is something wrong with these guys. I think the only reason they hunt is because it give them a legal excuse to kill something. I think it is possible that Palmer is one of these.

Still, no matter what, he doesn't deserve the death threats he's getting from the whack jobs. There's someting wrong with them, too. Many of them sound like bogger whack jobs than Palmer. The crime doesn't seem to fit what some of the punishers want to give him.

One of the things I am grateful for is the luxury of First World Problems. It's really rather nice living in a country where people have the time and resources to worry about a dead lion in Africa.

Ahh, yes. The #Zebraslivesmatter people have just checked in.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

When is the black community

 going to come up with someone that is worth sticking up for?

I'm getting pretty sick and tired of the black community going to bat for people like Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Treyvon Martin and others.

All of these people seem to have one thing in common. They have a chip on their shoulder and have picked fights with people, usually policemen.

I remember back in the early 60s when the NAACP was a cooking organization that was doing a lot for the black community. They preached self reliance and took some pretty gutty stands against the establishment.

I remember when they forced Ol Miss into accepting James Meridith as a student and successsfully integrated the school. 

Meridith was a pretty sharp man and an Air Force veteran to boot. The NAACP went to bat for him and they won a rightful victory.

I was proud of them back than and wish I could be proud of them today.

But I guess they have reinvented themselves or some other damned thing because they seem to be pretty hard up for causes or people to defend. Either that or they've been infiltrated by too many hateful Al Sharpton types.

It's a damned shame.

Instead they have thrown their weight behind a handful of belligerent blacks with a chip on their shoulder that go looking for trouble. Then get upset when they find it.

Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown and Sandra Bland are a few. All three of these picked fights and wound up dead after things escalated. Bland committed suicide while in custody.

When I see the black community go to bat for these types of people I get pretty disgusted. 

It seems to me that an organization that once prided itself in preaching self-reliance and independence has reduced itself to little more than teaching people how to sign up for welfare checks. There's no self-reliance in that. t's nothing but dependency.

It's a damned shame.

I've posted before that the NAACP has gone down the tubes and I believe it to be the truth. Of course, I will likely be slain for telling the truth. The NAACP is still a sacred cow in the minds of a lot of people. I don't see why.

Instead of jumping up every time some belligerent black picks a fight with a cop they and other black organizations should be doing things to improve both the lot of  blacks and the image. Supporting these people makes them look stupid. 

Instead what they should be doing is encouraging education and getting blacks to get some schooling of some sort to get out off the welfare rolls.

It doesn't have to be college, trade and technical schools are great places to learn a trade. Trades put a lot of meat on a lot of tables. Good tradesmen are real jewels to find. Many of them do much better than a lot of white collar guys.

Yet instead of trying to improve the lot of poor blacks they come charging in to defend a belligerent thug that likely created his own problem.

I'm not covering for the doings of a brutal cop here. There is no excuse for that in the law enforcement community. None.

Still, it seems that just about every time the incident occurs it was provoked. I would imagine that simple good manners could have avoided the problem. Good manners are free. Anyone can afford them.

While I am on the subject of black advancement organizations, there is one I seldom here of very often these days.

The United Negro College Fund seems to be keeping a low profile lately for whatever reason. Truth is they seem to be doing a big part of what the NAACP should be doing and that is educating and bettering people.

Most likely you won't hear from the people attending scool on one of their scholarships because they are too damned busy with school work to be able to afford much time. Educating blacks and teaching them to be successful is probably going to do a lot more good than teaching them to fill out welfare forms.

Betcha there are not a whole lot of UNCF students carrying around a chip on their shoulder. Their book bags are probably heavy enough. Besides, these young people are going somewhere and can't be bothered with carrying resentment.

I seriously believe that the NAACP should cut ties with Al Sharpton and associates and start pushing education and self-help career training. It's time they started putting responsibility where it belongs, on the individual.

This country has spent billions and billions of giving blacks a fair shake and fighting racism. We have enacted all sorts of legislation and created all sorts of set-asides for them. 

Truth is, it isn't fair to a non-black that is qualified to lose a spot to a black of lesser quaifications. 

Programs like this are probably not too good for black pride, either. Government programs in effect are sending the message that blacks ar not as capable as everyone else. Therefore they need a specil program. What bullshit!

As with most government programs, it has been unsuccessful. If anything it has created resentment.

If you are black and have read this far you likely can read and probably have a job and can take care of yourself. God bless you. There's a house for sale down the street from me and if you can afford to buy it I'll gladly help you fix a leaky toilet at 3 am. I'll help you unload and move in. You can borrow my lawn mower until you can get one for yourself. This rant isn't aimed at you.

It's aimed at the NAACP and other organizations that seem to have fallen away from the purpose they were started for. 

MADD was formed by a woman with a sole purpose. She wanted drunk driving laws enforced. When she accomplished her mission she dropped out. Of course, the organization reinvented itself and has since become (in my eyes) a nuisance.

It's time the NAACP re-reinvent itself and fall back to it's original purpose, which is the advancement of colored people.

It's time for them to either disband or start pushing for self-help education and real improvement. Ditch the professional race baiters and crybabies and buckle down to teaching people to take care of themselves. Preach to their membership that it is up to them to achieve success and not the government's job.

Yes, some of them are going to be victims of predjudice. Get over it. It still happens. Still, this is now 2015 and the bulk of it has disappered. Truth is, though, everyone for the most part gets a pretty fair shake these days. Another truth is that peole want blacks to be successful because they're tired of taking care of them via government programs.

It's time for them to stop making sure their membership gets a handout and that they-the organization- start giving their members a hand UP.

All of the federal legislation, set-asides, welfare checks, War on Poverty programs are not going to do a damned bit of good. What it takes is people, individually and collectively, to get off their asses and try and make something of themselves.

I suppose that there are a few people that this post is going to anger. They'll likely call me a racist and a few other choice names. Go ahead.

Incidentally blacks have no monopoly on sticking their hands out. There are more than enough whites standing in the free lunch line than you can shake a stick at.

I'll also bet you that there are a few people of all colors out there that will tell me that I'm just saying what should be said, although if I had half a brain in my head I'd keep my mouth shut. 

Then again, NASA hasn't been at my door looking for someone to help them with the Space Shuttle. I suppose you can say I'm not too bright in this day and age because I call it the way I see it.

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Friday, July 31, 2015

I just read

 where a trio of Russian girls just scammed ISIS out of some money through the internet.

I wonder how the Russians are going to punish them. It may prove to be interesting.

I know how Judge Piccolo would punish such an evil wrongdoing.

"Guilty. Disorderly conduct. Five dollar fine. Two minutes of community service. Here, empty my wastebasket...Thank you. Community service served. Give the clerk a five on the way out....Next!"

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Thursday, July 30, 2015


 of the little things I am grateful for is that the members of a certain internet board treat me well.

It's a police board and as you can imagine, they are to a small degree clannish. This board actually isn't too bad. They try and answer serious questions and for the most part simply ignore the troublemakers and trolls.

Of course, if you are a reader of this blog you will know I am a compulsive smug smartass. Then again I do try and avoid the cheap shot.

Still, it is funny every so often to watch a newbie take the bait. Then again, sometimes whan I troll they troll me.

Recently one officer mentioned buying a Fisher Space pen, a pen popular with officers because it will write on just about everything in almost all conditions. I guess they run about $15 and up.

I told him that he ought to not hand it to people to sign tickets with and said I had 74 of them at last count. I ended with "Why? Any of you guys need one?" 

Of course I was treated to a tongue in cheek instant message asking me how much I wanted for one.

Another time a cop mentioned a certain brand of handcuff key and someone else said they were a couple bucks on eBay.

I chimed in with "You mean anyone can buy one? I wish I'd have known that earlier! Every time I escape after being handcuffed I wind up busting about 15 or 20 of those little Dremel grinding wheels getting the damned things off!"

I gotta admit, cops have a pretty good sense of humor because several guys gave me a number of tips and pointers for removing them without a key.

It hasn't all been peaches and cream. Over time I've had a couple lively discussions but I have to give the guys credit that they have never taken a cheap shot or maliciously taken my words out of context.  

Still, even when some of us disagreed they always managed to keep things civil. Most of them took their time to expain their point of view pretty carefully. Communication has been excellent.

You would be surprised to find out how many cops are pretty adamant about playing by the rules. The overwhelming majority of them are.

I'm pretty grateful the cops on the board are good to me.

Thanks, guys.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Well, here's another shot at States Rights.

Seems Congress is trying to make it illegal for the states to require labeling on GMOs.

What bullshit!

The American people have every right to know what is in their food and the states have every right to require proper labeling.

Congress is over reaching with this one and needs to be reined in. 

That and every congress person should be required to wear a NASCAR type jacket with the name of everyone that has given them anything embroidered on it. It may not change a whole lot but at least the public will be able to know who bought them.

To find out why the blog is pink just cut and paste this: http://piccoloshash.blogspot.com/2009/12/my-feminine-side-blog-stays-pink.html NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE WRITING OF TODAY'S ESSAY