Thursday, August 28, 2014

I always get a kick out of the people

 that have proposed gun registration schemes and other things that PROMISE the government won't use the registration lists to disarm or otherwise harm the public.

They seem to forget the track record of the government.

The government has broken every treaty thay made with the Inidans and it hasn't been until fairly recently that the Indians have started to get things made right through the courts.

The government tacked a tax on telephones early in the 20th century that was supposed to pay for the Spanish American war and then go away. The war has been paid off for decades yet we still pay the tax.

When FDR passed the Social Security Act back in the thirties the government said that the money would be set aside and not used for anything else whatsoever. The fund was plundered during the LBJ administration and was spent in less than two years on a bunch of failed programs.

The social welfare programs of the FDR administration were supposed to be temporary programs until the country could get back on its feet. The programs are still there and have bloated out of proportion.

The most recent of the big governmental lies is that you can keep your doctor.

I have has people over the years call me whacked out and I'll say simply that it is a matter of opinion. However, I am certainly not stupid enough to believe a government with a track record like ours has.

Yes, it really IS that simple. I trust them about as far as I can throw them.

If you think I will trust them with ANY of my rights, guess again.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Someone asked me where I got off being a tough guy.

It goes back to the time of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Shortly after the bombing the media decided to make militia groups pop out from behind every tree so as to further whatever agenda they had against the right.

The CMP marksmanship program came under subtle pressure and local TV stations would show up at matches and take videos of the rapid fire segments to palm off on the gullible public as being militia training instead of what it is. It is nothing other than a sport.

The guys generally wore old BDUs to shoot in because they have a lot of room in them and are pretty comfortable. Truth is it added to the militia scenario the media was feeding the public.

Some of the guys in the program were stubborn stupid and refused to trade the BDUs in for jeans. The dumbasses played right into the hands of the media and a local club's program had to go underground for a while.

At a local club I started showing up in hot pink camo to aggravate the BDU wearers and it actually did some good. A couple of the stubbornest BDU wearers told me that if I'd ditch the neon pink camo they'd fund non-camo BDUs.

Shortly thereafter someone I didn't like very much bet me I didn't have the guts to wear the pink BDUs to Camp Perry. 

Normally I wouldn't have taken him up on it but I knew he'd try and squirm out of paying me and i wanted to embarrass him. Bam! I wore them to Camp Perry and the women that run things there loved them and asked me to wear them next year. 

For years they were my trademark.

Shortly thereafter pink became the breast cancer awareness color and I can sure support that. I'd don a pink ribbon or something. 

Occasionally some insecure guy would give me a little crap over it and being the kind of guy I am I decided to make pink a routine part of my wardrobe.

Actually for years beforehand I'd wear a pink shirt and a black tie to some events so adding a little more pink wasn't much of a change.

What cemented it firmly was when some snot nosed kid started flipping me crap one day. I guess the gay rights people were in the news and he was probably a homophobe.

A friend of mine stepped in and pointed to the youngster that any guy like me wearing pink was likely bad enough to be able to take care of a whelp like him and that further pestering would likely land him in a deep quarry somewhere wearing concrete golashes.

The kid looked dubious and my friend told him I was an Old School Tough Guy that didn't play games.

While he was doing this I flipped out a knife and started cleaning my fingernails and the kid fled. All in all it was an Academy Award performance and from then on I became a self-appointed Old School Tough Guy.

It's been fun.

What was funny was the time at Camp Perry I was wearing my neon pink BDUs and a young private asked a senior NCO about them. The NCO told the private that I didn't have a whole lot of marks on my face and that the best thing he could do is leave me alone.

The private avoided me and the NCO met me later and we shared a laugh. A couple years later he saw me in a pink CMP ball cap and told me he was going to get one for himself.

He did, too. He wore it the following year after he retired and came to Perry as a civvie shooter.

Tough guys wear pink... if they feel like it.

Actually, tough guys wear whatever the hell they want to.

They also do whatever they want to. If a tough guy decides to feed a baby who is going to stop him?

Tough guys mop floors because their mother is not there to pick up after them and they are not pigs.

My favorite wannabe tough guy was a sailor that was on an aircraft carrier running a mop and decided he wanted to be a badass. He put in for SEAL training but his division officer wouldn't approve it. He told the wannabe that before he could go to badass school he had to prove he was a tough guy by taking care of himself and his shipmates first.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Old School Tough Guy.

Doing what tough guys do when babies start crying. They feed them.

I showed this picture to one of the newer employees today and he asked me if it was a grandchild.

Being the evil sort that I am I told him that it was my firstborn because I married a younger woman.

Being the nosy sort he seemed to be he asked me how old my wife was. 

I told him she had just gotten her driver's license and when she finishes high school we're going to have another six or seven.

It didn't take a half hour before people I know started calling me asking me what kind of story I had fed the kid.

It's actually my grand niece. What a sweetie she is!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

reunion 45

Reunion 45 was pretty interesting. A bunch of people from my past showed up and we got to chatting here and there until the band started and about 1/4 of the people there bailed out.

One of them that bailed was a woman I have wanted to thank for a few kind words she made about 37 years ago. I was bummed. I wound up getting her address from someone else and sending her a letter. When we ran into each other years ago I was at a crossroads in life with the ink not even dried on my divorce decree or Army discharge.

Her interest in what I was doing made me feel good about myself and gave me a sense of value that stayed with me for life. She very well may not even remember the encounter but it has stayed with me for life.

She really looked wonderful. The years have been very kind to her.

Can't say I blame the people that bailed. With music you really can't talk save to shout. Personally I think having rock band wasn't the best idea in the world. An awful lot of us booked flights to the outside porch to be able to continue our conversations.

All in all it was a good reunion and I was glad I went as I met up with a few people I have not seen in almost a half-century.

There were a couple people I had wondered about over the years and it was good to see what they were up to.

What was interesting is that there was someone I hadn't ever thought about over the past 45 years that I struck up an interesting conversation with. He's been driving a truck for years and looks pretty good. One thing we shared in common are DOT laws and we share a phobia of illegal drugs. Both of us are too close to retirement to be able to start new careers. We can't afford to fail a drug test. We'd lose it all.

The years have been good to some of them and have been hard on others.

There were a number of women that had managed to stay fairly attractive and that says a lot considering we're talking an average age of about 63.

The Class of '69 was a crossroads class. The Old Guard was taking a beating and the new age was entering. It was truly (according to the hippies) an Aquarian Age we were living in and it was a confusing time.

The Vietnam war was hot and there were differing opinions of it. Some joined the Marines, others ran off to Berkley. Although the Summer of Love had passed a couple of years earlier, it was the Summer of Woodstock.

To a certain extent we were a class torn in two. The drug scene was in full swing and tune in, turn on and drop out was in the air. 

To be honest I was surprised to find as much common ground with my classmates as I did. 

There was some sadness. One of the sharpest minds I had ever met had been dulled by medication. He said he had been forced to using anti depressants.  We have all heard the ad that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Seeing one dulled like that is just as bad if not worse.

Another thing that was scary and that was that one of the people there was still a pothead and started in on how the state was getting ready to legalize cannibis. It didn't bother me as I have thought that the war on drugs is a waste to begin with. It served as a mild warning not to go to the after-hours party as likely someone would light up.

I can't even afford to be around a dope smoker at this stage of my career. When I was offered an invite to the party I simply refused it gracefully.

Interestingly enough, both of the banes of my existence were dead. The guy that sat behind me for six long years in homeroom grades 7-12 was gone. As was another that never did seem to grow up.

Another thing is one of the organizers told me that the vice-principal asked him to get invited. Thank God he refused to pass the invite on to him. He was a jerk then and likely hasn't changed. He'd have had a lot of apologies to make had he shown up.

Another interesting thing happend and I guess one of my classmates came out of the closet and came onto me a little. I just ignored it and chuckled inside. What the hell, at my age it's nice to know that SOMEONE thinks I'm hot. As I age my perverse sense of humor just seems to be getting a lot dryer.

Many people were not there. I was hoping that the kid that lived across the street from me would show but he didn't. We grew up grades 1-12 together but by high school we were on different paths. Last I ever laid eyes on him was at a rock festival in Canada in '70.

I think that one of the mistakes that was made was that organizers didn't realize is that sometimes less is more.

For a 45th reunion I don't feel entertainment is necessary. We generally bring our own. It's about people meeting people. To have a successful reunion all that is needed is a few tables and chairs, a source of food and a source of beverages. A bar is great, but not absolutely necessary. A tub  full of iced beer and soda and a pile of sandwiches will work.

I think that people go to these to swap notes and satisfy curiosities. I'll admit that I did.

There was so much I couldn't bring up because I knew nobody could relate to it. I spent the first twenty years after graduation making a hard living in far flung remote outposts that most of them have only seen on the Discovery Channel.

For example the concept of eating an animal you have just shot is a concept that is totally alien to many of these people. As is having to take a shotgun loaded with slugs with you to go to the toilet fifty yards away from camp because you are in bear country.

One thing, though. A number of people aske me if I had recently gotten remarried and started a family. I'm going to blame that on one or two of my mischevious close relatives. 

One person asked me how long I had served in the French Foreign Legion which amazed me. Apparently the rumor (not true) was about 40 years old and started life as a sarcastic comment I had made to my sister when I was in the army.

One thing I did was that I think I got two people back in touch. 

I mentioned seeing another classmate in Kodiak back around '86 and knew the woman I mentioned it to was a friend of hers back in the day. I also gave her a clue as to how to get in touch with her and I think they might reconnect.

Even though several of the people I wanted to spend time with bailed and I spent most of the reunion on the porch where it was quiet, I was glad I went.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

There are a lot of things

 that are more obvious bull$hit than acting like your 8 year old grand niece has just finished a six-pack.

One of them is telling someone that you shot your neighbor's pet dinosaur. 

After all, they have been extinct for 600 million years or so, give or take a millenia.

Some kid just got bounced from school and stuffed into the system of troublemakers for writing that he had shot his neighbor's pet dinosaur.

I wonder how far I would have made it through school if I had to start all over again in this day and age. Probably not very far at all.

You would think that the people in the school system would have a little common sense but it sure doesn't seem so.

Common sense in education is getting to be a scarce commodity these days.

Where do they get these idiots?

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Friday, August 22, 2014


 in Ilion, NY has just laid over 100 people off as they slowly transfer their business out of New York.

Actions have consequences and the SAFE act was likely the final straw. 

Of course, Governor Cuomo is claiming he had nothing to do with Remington taking their business elsewhere and his supporters are making the usual claim.

"My gubner din't do nuffin.'"

Huntsville, Alabama seems to be winning this one. They offered Remington lower taxes and a nonunion workforce. They took the offer and I can't say as I blame them.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

People of value.

One of the things I hear all the time is that some people make too much money. 

I suppose that the argument would hold some water if we were talking about people who made it dishonestly or by not producing something and just shuffling paper.

A while back I heard someone say that Henry Kaiser profiteered during WW2. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. What he did do was build ships. Lots and lots of ships.

The ships must have been worth what he charged for them because they were paid for. Another thing, too. They likely were more expensive, too because there was a lot of overtime involved. The yard ran 24/7/365 as there was a war on.

A big part of Kaiser's success was that he popped ths ships out fast. They were needed.

The biggest headache generals face is getting things moved. Logistics is the key to victory. You can have the best troops in the world and without the supplies needed the quality of the troops is moot. 

Kaiser managed to speed up production of ships so that they were sliding down the ways at a rate unheard of prior to the war. He was innovative.

I suppose there are people out there that will say that the ships he made were obsolete the day they hit the water. They're probably right. They were of an older design. However they could be made fast and relatively inexpensively. 

Another fortune that was made during WW2 was made by Andrew Jackson Higgins, another boat builder.

Higgins made landing craft and motor torpedo (PT) boats. He's famous for his landing craft. The versitile 'Higgins Boats' hauled troops and equipment from transports to the beach. Their design made it so they could beach them, discharge men and cargo and pull themselves off the beach for repeated trips.

Higgins at one point was set up shop on the streets of New Orleans while his boatyard was being built. He also paid everyone the same regardless of race or sex. This was, at the time, somewhat unusual because often blacks and women were paid less money for the same job. Higgins didn't give a damn. As far as he was concerned, a boat builder was a boat builder.

These men made fortunes during the war and I suppose there were a lot of gripers that accused them of taking advantage of the situation to line their pockets.

The truth is that both of these guys earned every dime they made because they built the tools the arsenal of democracy needed to win the war.

Today one of the current game changers is Bill Gates and he has certainly made a fortune. He earned that fortune, too.

Bill Gates changed the very way we do a lot of things from business to communicate. He made things a lot easier, faster and comfortable for all of us.

Yet Gates, like Kaiser and Higgins, have detractors. The one I heard most recently is that "Bill Gates doesn't need all that money."

Well, maybe he doesn't but it's his. He earned it. It's as simple as that. 

Of course people don't seem to like it one bit when I point out that they don't need a 3 bedroom house or a car that will go faster than 65. When I suggest that they be forbidden to own these things they indignantly tell me that it's their money and they earned the right to own the house or car.

That's when I point out that Gates has earned his money, too.

When they say, "That's different," I point out that the only thing different about it is who is having their money taken away from them. The truth generally quiets them down.

The truth of the matter is that these guys have made so much money because they are worth it.

Generally the gripers don't have what it takes to run a shipbuilding business or a computer company like Microsoft because if they did they would be.

As for me, I'm just a dumb old sailor.

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