Sunday, August 30, 2015

Things are going to get a little weird in a couple of days.

I will be pressed for time and internet range is likely to be spotty for reasons I won't get into here. It'll be the better part of a month and I may may not be posting.

Yesterday I worked South Sudan on 17 meters. That's a first for me.

I THINK I worked Reunion but that's kind of iffy because it was a weak signal in the middle of a pile up and I think I was the last or second to last call he took. It was actually some kind of a double pileup. I did hear him repeat my call sign clearly, though...or at least someone did. Whatever.

I have a lot to do today so I'll cut today's post short.

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Yesterday I wandered

 outside and watched the repaving project wearing a white shirt, necktie, white hard hat and pocket protector full of pens. I was also carrying a clipboard.

I wandered around making it a point to stay the hell out of everyone's way, though. The guys knew what I was doing and smirked. They thought it was pretty funny.

I was getting ready to go back home and get ready to face the day when someone further up the pavement company food chain showed up. I have not seen him before.

So I walked up to him and mentioned that it might be good PR to square off the ragged concrete edge of my neighbor's driveway. Then I simply wandered off. I had done nothing wrong nor misrepresented myself in any way.

A couple days ago she had mentioned it to me. Where the concrete meets the pavement is uneven. The end had likely been torn up by some city vehicle some time ago.

Then I simply wandered off up the street and when he was watching me, I wrote something on the pad of paper on top of the clip board. I got to my house and stood there writing.

The minute his back was turned I ducked into the garage, came in and started making breakfast. About the time I sat down to eat it I heard something like a chain saw outside. When I looked there were a couple of guys with a pavement saw cutting the ragged edge out of her driveway.

She'll be a happy camper. I just inspected and they did a good job. It's nice and even.

Update: She got home and noticed right off the bat. I told her what I had done and she laughed herself silly.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Well, I did it again.

Another nosy one gets outraged.

Homeless Depot. Checkout line. Buying one of those switch doo-dads that keeps people from turning something off that you want left on.

"Grandchildren visiting?" asked the check out woman when she sat the item.

"Nope. My wife just had a baby girl," I replied. "I'm a 64 year-old first time father. I married a younger woman."

She wan't smart enough to leave well enough alone.

"How old is she?" the check out woman asked. Her tone of voice sounded like she expected me to say I had married a 40 something year old woman and we had a 'menopause baby'.

"She's getting her driver's license next year and when she graduates from high school we're going to have another five or six," I answered, cheerfully.

Hook, line and sinker.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The road crew outside is at it and they are going a great job.

I see today that my escape route is by going down the street. Yesterday it was up the street but that's OK.

They are doing a pretty good job of keeping things passable while they are working away. I seldom have to even stop when I leave the house.

I will admit that I believe that a part of this is that we are a successful neighborhood. We all have jobs, work etc and have things to do.

I would bet that if they were doing the same job in an indigent neighborhood they wouldn't really try as hard to keep things moving.

Ever notice that stop light cameras are not very often present in wealthier areas? My guess is that the locals wouldn't tolerate it. Instead they install them in poorer neighborhoods where the residents can't afford the tickets yet don't have the clout to get them removed. It really isn't fair. 

While I am no friend of the lazy poor, I do have compassion for the guy that is at least trying. He's the guy that needs a break every once in a while. He's running a little late for work and maybe hits a yellow light a little late. Click and BAM! He's a couple days pay poorer for trying to get to work on time.

I got nailed by one of these damned things in Philly and it cost me $100. 

As soon as I got the ticket I sat down and figured out how I could get rich. If I could invent some kind of polarization plastic that would allow someone directly behind me (as in law enforcement officers) to read my plate yet not let it be readable from a higher angle (as in stoplight camera) I could sell a boatload of them.

The policeman behind me could see my plate as he is supposed to be  able to yet the high angle stoplight camera couldn't.

Of course it would be outlawed inside of a few months so the maker would have to act fast. Too bad I don't know any plastics engineers.

Anyway, while I have no use for the lazy poor I do believe that the poor slob that's at least trying ought to get a break. He's at least making an effort and he has my respect for it.


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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Road repairs going on outside

And of course, everybody is griping about it which is par for the course.

I went out and spoke with the head honcho and said the road looked OK to me and didn't need repaving yet. He said that it is actually cheaper to keep them in good shape than let them wear any more as the repairs later on  are more costly.

I guess it's kind of like changing your oil. Saves having to replace an engine.

Anyway, it is a pain but it will be worth it as they generally do good work here. Likely it will be like a sheet of glass.

I don't mind the inconvenience.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An assisted dying law

would in no way increase the number of deaths in the world.

Everybody dies.

Letting people go when they want to would alleviate an awful lot of human suffering.

Actually the truth is that in this country this should not even be an issue. However, someone or some group came along and imposed their values on the rest of us.

In no part I'll pin a part of this on the so-called Christian Coalition that has identified with the Republican party. 

Back when, Barry Goldwater said that making a deal with the Christian Coalition would be the end of conservatism in the country and he was pretty much right. It's dragged people like Mike Huckabee into things. He's another one that just ought to go into a hole and disappear.

I basically live my life by Judeo-Christian values. That's my  business. What isn't my business is how my neighbor lives. It's not my job to tell him what to do.

The problem is that somewhere along the way we have given up a lot of liberty by allowing people to impose their beliefs on the rest of us.

The truth is we shouldn't even need an assisted dying law. A civilized death should be listed as a basic human right.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Another day another dime.

I just had a little problem with a wall wart that came with the TV box. It was one of those frustrating deals that drive people nuts. It worked when it felt like it.

I wanted to replace it and knew that going through the TV people would be a hassle. They'd likely try and use it as an opportunity to try and peddle me an upgrade of some sort.

Anyway, I read the model number etc and put it on Google and found out that I could buy one through Amazon.

It's on the way.

Years ago that would have been a royal pain to find but these days the internet makes it easy.

For those that babble about how much money Bill Gates has, think about it. He earned every dime of it. How about the socialists in this world stop trying to take it away from him.

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