Thursday, June 30, 2016

Do it for the children!

I got hit with that line a few weeks ago and she did not like my answer.

A lot of people are afraid of that line, saying "Hey, you just can't come out and say 'screw the children'.

You can't?

I did.

There is little more that I hate then people that use their kids as shields to further their own personal agenda. Damned little. Kids are kid. They are not shields.

"Screw the children," I said. "If you think that I am going to revolve MY life around YOUR children then guess again! If you are so irresponsible as to expect everyone else to raise your children for you then do not have them."

Of course she looked shocked and it looked like she was going to turn on the water works. I beat her to the punch.

"Don't bother starting to blubber," I said. "I have a heart of stone. I am simply not going to change my life for the benefit of your children and it is damned rude of you to even suggest I do."

The look of getting ready to cry went away instantly and was replaced with a look of angry hate. It was the look of someone that has just been robbed and could do nothing about it. When I told her that crying was not going to get her anywhere she had been robbed of her ace in the hole.

Then came the ''Yeah, but.''

"Yeah, but nothing. I'm sick and tired of people like you hiding behind their children. That's all you are doing is hiding behind then because you think that it is an appeal nobody can turn down. Frankly I think you are cowardly for doing such a thing."

Some time ago I saw a guy ask a smoker at an outside bus stop to "Put your damned cigarette out out because I have my kids with me. The smoker had carefully shifted to a downwind position out of consideration. The smoker caved in. I would not have.

Had it been me I would have answered "Screw your children. You're just using them as a shield to get your own way. Stop using your children to further your personal agenda."

This clown was another coward. He WAS trying to use his children as a shield because he didn't have the guts to confront the person otherwise. He needed a shield.

A couple of months ago someone told me he ran into a person that wanted handguns outlawed. She was another 'Do it for the children' type. 

"That's why I carry," he replied. "To make the world safer for the children. I can defend them."

"Yeah, but..." she started.

"Tell you what, Lady." Show me a picture of your kids so I know who they are. I'll carefully remember them and if I see them being harmed I will make it a point to stay out of it and let things run their course, OK?"

She looked stunned according to him. He did notice that she didn't produce a picture of her kids.

Incidentally I would not do this if I was actually carrying a firearm. People like that are apt to call the police and lie, saying you threatened them with a gun. This practice is growing among the anti-liberty set. It is illegal and I wish the police would crack down on it. Throwing a few of these liars in jail would straighten things up fast.

The truth is the 'Do it for the children' line is nothing more than a case of using kids as a shield and there is a simple defense against the practice.

One time a couple years back I was in a parking lot and saw a guy leaning on his horn at a woman backing out of a parking space. She was having a slow time of it thanks to the way someone had parked and crowded her. On top of that, she had started to pull out before the idiot arrived. 

Sitting in a car leaning on the horn was a totally uncalled thing to do. In this case it seemed to be malicious.

I decided to make this one my business.

"Hey, idiot!" I shouted. "Give the woman a break. She got crowded and she's having a hard time getting out. She stared before you came charging up!"

"Don't you talk to me that way in front of my children," he replied indignantly.

"Then stop setting them a piss-poor example," I shot back. "And while you're at it, grow a pair and stop hiding behind them!"

Then I lookedover him and at his kids. "Hey, kids! Your daddy is a big fat wuss!"

I heard the locks click, proving it.

Challenge it every chance you get. After a while it will go away. Challenge it because the people that do this sort of thing are cowardly.

Screw the children!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Spaghetti on paper plates.

Ah, yes. There is nothing quite like serving nice, wet partially drained spaghetti on cheap paper plates.

The instant the spaghetti hits the plate it gets soggy and loses what little ability it had to stay remotely in any kind of shape.

It's not so bad if you are simply putting spaghetti on a plate that is already on the table at the place setting.

The fun starts when you serve buffet style and people have to take a heavy plateful of spaghetti on a cheap paper plate somewhere to eat it.

When you do this it is preferable to supply a table and not have everyone try to juggle the soggy mess on their laps. Without a table people will be cleaning up for weeks.

Carrying a plateful of wet spaghetti to the table requires quite some skill. If you put one hand under the plate the outsides will start to tip and everything will start to slip off. When you move your fingers to lift the edges of the plate it will instantly contort to a U shaped affair and everything will slide out of both ends looking like Niagara Falls.

It's generally best to use both hands under the plate to support it. When you get to the table you have to toss the plate up slightly to get your hands out from under it so it lands on the table with a wet plop.

Where it lands is where it stays so planning ahead is a requirement. The starch and water that has soaked through such cheap plate means it will stick to the table like glue. Trying to move it is a sure fire way to have the entire plate come apart on you.

You can't slide the plate closer or it will likely disappear into the spaghetti and yu'll simply be eating straight off of the table.

Church spaghetti suppers are generally good for this dopey little stunt although the generally do provide a table for you to park your plate on after having to juggle the soggy pile of slippery spaghetti. It beats being having to deal with it on your lap as I once had to do at a party years ago.

There's no way in hell you can rest a cheap, soggy paper plate on your lap without making a super sized mess.

For some odd reason, while churches opt for cheap paper plates, fire halls often use quality plates. It has been my experience that churches often cheap out for some reason or another.

While I have not been to a spaghetti supper in quite some time, I do recall that I generally have a USGI Old School mess kit in my pickup for things of this nature.

This reminds me. I ought to check and see if it is still there. I have not seen it in a while. I might need that for biscuits and gravy at Camp Perry later on this summer. The food consession people might be using cheap plates this year. Being prepared makes things a whole lot nicer.

Anyway, back on task.

A quick check is all it takes to see if it is cheap paper plate night at the church supper. If it is, there's a quick trip back to the pickup and I'm good to go.

The deep dish part of the mess kit can hold the spaghetti and you throw the obligatory garlic bread on top and the other split section is good for the salad portion. It works pretty well.

Comments from other people are generally pretty complimentary. "Looks like you know what you're doing. Next time I'll bring my own plate." is pretty common. One time someone asked, "Eat at church suppers often?"

Take a tip from an old pro.  Bring a mess kit.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I generally do not post stuff from the web, preferring to write my own,

 but this one seems interesting.

If you are even considering voting for Hilary Clinton here is a pretty good reason to reconsider.

Someone's got to pay for this. Hope you don't mind a little bit of a tax increase.

It makes no sense admitting thousands of people to this country that have a religion and lifestyle incompatable with western society. Yet the Hildabeast wants to drag them in by the hundreds of thousands.

How about...uhhh....NO!

The money spent on Syrian immigrants would work wonders in out infrastructure. You can rapair a lot of bridges and roads with that kind of money.

Why not vote for someone that puts America FIRST.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

PRC 320 guys listen up!

N4RMT is Good to Go!

A couple of weeks ago I got my PRC 320 back from him after he added the LSB modification. It works like a charm.

It's damned difficult to find anyone Stateside that will work on these rigs. After all, they were made in the UK and the following of these surplus rigs is nowhere large enough for the big shops to work on them. They are difficult as they are build like tanks.

I suppose that if you live in the UK there are a number of retired Royal Signals people that can work on them but shipping them both ways is terribly expensive. There is also the question regarding the legality of re-importing them back to the States. The Brits consider them to be munitions of a sort even though there is nothing classified about them.

Anyway, N4RMT took mine in and added the modification at a reasonable price, resealed the rig properly and I am good to go. It now is capable of lower side band operation.

These rigs are made to operate in CW, AM and USB (upper side band) modes. This is OK on bands 20 meters and up. However, traditionally on the 40 and 80 meter bands hams use LSB.

Incidentally there is an offset for both USB and LSB use. For USB use you set the rig band and decade switches 2 kHz above the frequency you want to work. For example if you want to work 14.332 you set the decade switches to 14.334.

To use the rig on LSB you turn the power switch to 'Battery check'. This puts the rig onto LSB. The offset is 1.2 kHz down. For example, if you want to work 7.125 you set the decade switches to 7.123.8.

Anyway N4RMT did a wonderful job and the rig works like a charm. It doesn't get any better than this.

I have a PRC 320/L which is LSB only and made by the Brits for export. I wonder if he can do an USB mod on it.

I'll have to ask him.

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Liberty can be very scary.

It can also be very profitable...and quite rewarding.

It's a shame most people don't understand it.

It's also a shame most people are not willing to accept the responsibilities that go with it.

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Someone asked my why I had offered to teach members of the LGBT community to use firearms.

I shot back at him that it is the right of everyone to defend themselves, period. No and, if or buts. It is an absolute.

He then asked me if I was some kind of friend of the LGBT community. I shot back that I am a friend of liberty.

Like it or not, these people are our neighbors and what they do behind closed doors is their business. Those people deserve the same liberties as everyone else. To take theirs is to take your own. 

As for my personal attitude toward ANYONE regardless of just about anything is they are judged simply by the content of their character. Race, color, gender, sexual preferences have nothing to do with it.

It's as simple as that.

I can remember three trangenders I often enjoyed the company of simply because they were good people and were interesting. Back in the day my attitude drew a number of questions and comments, both bad and good.

Then again I'm the guy that took a hooker to Midnight mass one Christmas eve. I wrote about that incident a while back. It's in this blog if you want to dig it out.

I got a lot of flak for that and sluffed it off. My shoulders are broad. I suppose if I actually do start giving the LGBT community lessons someone is likely to say something to me. They'll get a damned smart answer.

Someone fairly close to me asked me, "If you don't like LGBT parades then why are you offering to do this?"

She was partly right but didn't understand the entire picture.

I don't like LGBT parades. I think they're somewhat tasteless. I also don't like #BLM rallies nor Klan rallies and a lot of other things. Yet if the government tries and deny any of these groups their right to parade or assemble they will find me as a solid supporter to insure they get their rights.

It has nothing to do with the organization itself and everything to do with a concept called liberty. Liberty trumps butt-hurt.

I've left a lot of people butt-hurt with this attitude. They can't seem to fathom why I would argue in behalf of the Ku Klux Klan all week only to show up at their rally and throw rotten vegetables at them.

It seems like a paradox unless ou understand the words 'liberty and justice for all'. Everyone has a right to assemble and I have a right to like or not like them.

Would I train Klansmen or #BLM types? Probably not because I am afraid they would misuse their new skills. These people are generally looking for people to victimize.

On the other hand the LGBT community has never harmed anyone to speak of and have a history of being victimized for nothing at all that I can see. Besides it's my choice. I'll train whoever I want.

The woman that asked me why I would train them also asked me if it would bother me being around a man dressed as a woman. The answer is a resounding no.

During my life in Kodaik I was friends with three transgenders. This was in the 80s long before it was even remotely socially acceptable. One was transgendered before I met her. She was a talented person that was in the medical field and she treated me right.

The other two I knew for their entire transgender proceedure. If I recall they were starting out in hormones when I first met them. I watched the proceedure simply because they were my neighbors so to speak. Both of them I was friendly with. 

Kodiak could be a rough place and in general people got along. It was probably a good place for a transgender to live during the transformation. Still, there were occasional slights.

One day I was at one of the bars. Julie (not her real name) was sitting there minding her own business when a woman in her late 40s came in tanked up. I think she was going through menopause because she was a real bitch.

She looked at Julie and made a particularly foul comment Julie's upcoming surgery. I won't repeat what she said save to say it was foul.

I was reading a paper at the time and didn't even look up. "I'll bet hers is going to taste a lot better than yours does," I said, dryly.

That brought the house down and I knew I had made a friend for life. My comment made the rounds and for the next couple of weeks. I seldom had to buy my own beer.

The woman with the crude mouth was already an enemy. I bet she would have kept her mouth shut if she had seen me but she didn't.

I have to give Julie credit. She always looked her best. She wanted to be a woman and worked at it. A couple of times she helped some of the strippers at the club with their hair and makeup. I have to admit they looked a lot better after Julie fixed their hair and touched them up a bit.

I knew a couple of gay men, too. One time one of them gave me a tip that I use to this day. It has saved me almost 40 years of aggravation.

He was sitting next to me at Tony's and saw me reach in to fix my shorts.

"Bad set of briefs? he asked.

"Yeah," I said. "My junk keeps wiggling out the fly."

"You don't know how to avoid that?" he asked. "Run over to Krafts and get a package of briefs and I'll show you."

So I ran next door and bought a 6-pack of briefs and we sat at the bar and he showed me how to see of a pair was put together correctly. We found a bad pair and got a Magic Marker from the bartender and marked the pair. If I recall this happened in July so I wrote 'April' across the seat.

A few miutes later another one of the guys walked in and asked what we were doing. When we told him he stuck around. I think three or four of us learned the trick.

He proved right. When I wore the pair my junk wiggled out the fly. I simply tossed them that night. 

Ever since then I check newly purchased briefs and throw out the occasionally shoddily constructed pair and if I do this I never have a problem.

The gay community has never done me any wrong. I attribute that to the fact that I try and treat everyone like a human being until they make it clear they don't deserve it.

Government isn't going to protect any of us. People that rely on the government to do this are called 'victims'. The police generally show up after the crime has been committed.

So why is the government so insistent about gun control? Why are the Democrats so adamant about disarming the public?

Simple. A disarmed citizenry is a lot easier to control.

Remember this: When government tells you that you don't need a gun, you need one.

The offer to teach LGBT community members stands. 

As for my critics? They are cordially offered the use of the piece of mistletoe I keep clipped to my shirt tail.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Little Old ladies are loose cannons.

I have said this before and I'll say it again. When dealing with an old lady one never knows what is going to happen.

You can say "Aw, shucks!" in front of one and get chewed out by one because she is offended by such profanity.

The next one you might run into can probably make an Old School Parris Island drill instructor blush. 

Some have no sense of humor whatever and others are outright hilarious.

Like I have said many times before I am a ham operator and like to work DX. I don't rely on electronic confirmation. I like paper QSL cards to confirm my DX contacts. 

The rules are the person requesting a card is supposed to supply his or her card, a self addressed envelope and cash for return postage. Generally this is done by sticking a couple bucks into the envelope. This means I often need one dollar bills.

A while ago I had a spare fifty and decided to get a stack of ones to take care of some outgoing QSL cards and add the remaider to my 'one stash'.

I went to the bank and asked the teller for ones. She gave me a cheerful, naive look and asked me, "Having a garage sale?"

This, of course, created a major target of opportunity. There are things that come up that one can simply not let pass under any circumstances.

"No," I replied excitedly. "Bubbles is workin' at the club tonight!"

She looked a little shocked. The guy teller in the next booth heard it and said over to me, "Bubbles is working tonight? I'm buyin' the first round!" He knew I was being a smart ass.

What brought the house down was the little old lady in front of the guy teller. She was cashing a check. She turned over towards me and stuck her ample boobs out and asked, "Are they having a wet T-shirt contest?"

I looked at the old girl. She must have been at least 80 and was pretty topheavy. Likely her brassire was made at Angelo's wrecking yard out of old seat belts and a couple of 1952 Caddy front bumper bullets.

"Sure are!" I replied, "And Bubbles can't enter it because she works there!"

"I'm in!" she replied.

Needless to say the whole place was laughing themeslves silly.

As for me, I didn't mind being upstaged one bit.

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