Friday, November 27, 2015

I am getting some pretty

 interesting reports on some real jerks that should have been forced to stay home locked in a closet yesterday.

One of them listened to President Obama. He started a political dissertation on gun control at the dinner table of a couple of Second Amendment supporters. He had been warned that politics were off limits but couldn't keep his mouth shut.

These people decided that the most intelligent thing to do was simply throw old Uncle Ned out on his ass. He reports that things were actually pretty good after he was gone. What I consider funny is that the wife handed Dear Old Uncle Ned a gift certificate for MacDonald's on the way out.

Someone else reported that his son showed up coked up and proceeded to drink heavily. He got the boot which is a pretty hard thing to do when it is your own child. It's sad but I guess it had to be done.

Another report I got was someone's mother showed up and started to criticize her son and expressing her disapproval of his wife. He didn't throw her out. He simply made it clear that she wasn't ever going to see her grandchildren unless she shut up. They also made her eat at the kiddie table. Smart move.

It wasn't all bad news, though. Someone's serviceman son got leave and managed to spend the holiday with the family. I guess he astonished his mother by doing the dishes.

Meanwhile somewhere in middle America a family is damned grateful to be reunited with a wayward daughter they had not seen in quite a while. She took off a couple days after high school graduation three or four years back and is working days and attending school nights to be some kind of a beautician. I guess her first year or two out of the house was pretty rough, though. They are both relieved to see her healthy and doing well.  

I heard one guy threw a brick through his TV when he watched some kind of special about the harm done to the human body during the typical Thanksgiving dinner. I suppose he needed a new TV to begin with and likely scored one at a Black Friday sale. 

I imagine that if I had seen that CBS blurb I would have thrown a brick at the TV. There's always some imbecile with a medical degree that will come along and attempt to ruin everything. 

It's like the poor guy I know that has about three or four drinks a year. He never gets to enjoy any of them because his wife gets all upset and ruins it for him. He's part of the reason I keep a jug in my garage. About once or twice a year he drops by for one.

I also keep a pack of Camel straight cigarettes in the freezer for another guy I know that smokes about one every six months. He went from 2 packs a day to about two cigarettes annually. His family tries to ruin that for him so he visits me.

To the doctor that tried to save us red blooded turkey eatin' Americans from ourselves, go choke on your tofu and granola. I'll salute you with a nice cognac spiked eggnog next chance I get. Maybe even a cigar.

Come Christmas when the good doctor  starts in on ruining that holiday feast for us I'll let her use my mistletoe...The piece I keep clipped to my shirt tail.

To those that had to persevere I share your frustration. Thanksgiving is enjoyable. It is Christmas that is rough on me. I generally have to persevere over Christmas.

To those that simply threw someone out, here's to your courage and hopefully you salvaged your holiday. In a couple of months it will be funny. You'll laugh at the time you threw Uncle Ned out on his ass.

To those that had the joy of being reunited with a loved one, I share your joy.

Oh, yeah. In Pittsburgh someone told me the Heinz history museum is open 361 days a year. They are closed New Year' Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hope the employees had a good holiday off.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Today is Thanksgiving and Mr. Obama is NOT welcome into my home today.

Today is Thanksgiving and it is strictly a family day.

It is one of the few days that religion, politics and things of that nature are put aside and we enjoy ourselves as a family.

The president has asked families to discuss gun control over dinner today and I find it to be highly objectionable that he is trying to enter my home to push his agenda on this family holiday.

It doesn't matter what political issue he wants us to discuss today, politics are off limits. It is a source for too many family arguments.

Quite frankly, Mr. President I am disgusted that you would even want to to barge into our home and disrupt our family feast just so you can make a feeble attempt to further your political agenda.

Fact is that I consider your suggestion just one more piece of government intrusion into our lives.

Now please shut up and eat your turkey.

Let us eat ours in peace.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I figure someone just got out of the joint

 because I just got a wrong number for the first time in a couple of years. 

Actually I got a wrong number the other day but it was simply someone's grandmother with arthritic fingers that hit a wrong button. The poor old woman apologized and I was kind and easy going about it. No sense being rude to an old woman.

Today's wrong number likely came from someone that just got out of the joint after serving some hard time.

I answered it with a simple 'Hello' and got a surprise.

"Yo! Darrell! You got that fi hunn rit I paid you befoe I got jacked up?" demanded a voice.

"No," I snapped and hung up.

Two minutes later it rang again. "Darrell, I mean it. I ain't f***in' wit choo. I want my f***in' money, Man!"

I hung up again. It rang again.

"I mean it, Man! You get me my motherf***in' money or I'll kick your f***in' ass!"

I hung up again. He didn't call again.

I'd love to see how Darrell is going to squirm when the guy meets up with him.

Several years ago when I got my present cell number I started getting all sorts of calls from people looking for hookers and drugs. I attributed it to the recycling system of telephone numbers. I simply figured that the number I had been assigned was some drug dealer's former burn phone. Or for that matter, maybe his regular phone.

For months I was constantly getting calls from people looking for drugs, whores or money. After the first week of being annoyed, I simply decided to run with it and became a drug dealing least over the phone.

Most people didn't recognize the voice and simply said, "You ain't Darrell!" and never called again. That was a good deal as far as I was concerned.

On the other hand, a small handful of people thought I WAS Darrell and I arranged drug deals and promised to send Fonsica or whoever the hell the whore was to wherever the caller wanted. Of course, the caller wound up on a wild goose chase.

I didn't do this out of particular meanness. I simply did it because I couldn't take all of that crap seriously.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I'm just going to out and out say it

I don't think that letting the Syrian refugees in this country is a very good idea.

If you are willing to look at what has happened to Europe after letting these people in you will understand that those people do not know how to live in a free society.

We already have problems with these people in Detroit and there is already a sharia court permitted in Texas.

Personally I see no reason that am American woman would support a religion that permits her husband to beat her or throw acid into her face. There is no room in this country for anyone that believes in honor killing either.

It is not OK to hack up your daughter for smiling at the boy down the street.

It is as plain and simple as that.

People like that do not contribute to a free society. They destroy it.

I have been a supporter of people coming into this country that want to enjoy liberty all of my life. I have stood up for blacks, Asians, Indians and just about anyone else that has come here because they leave their ugly baggage behind them come here and contribute and respect the rights of others.

Please send the Syrian refugees somewhere else. Especially the males between the ages of 17 and 55.

This is the first time I have not supported a group of any kind from entering this country and it is a damned shame I have to be this way.

However, when I see what middle east refugees have done to France, Germany, the UK and other parts of Europe I see no other choice.

Maybe Rudyard Kipling was right when he said, "East is east, west is west and never the twain shall meet."

It's sad I have to feel this way but that's the way it is.


Oh, yeah.

Swaziland and Tinian are now in the log and my requests for QSL cards are in the mail.

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Monday, November 23, 2015


The weather has not frozen the ground yet and I am being plagued by moles.

While I don't mind them as animals I do not like what they do to the front yard. They can do just about abuthing they want out back. I'm pretty easygoing.

Harbor Freight used to sell little windmills that spin in the wind and have some kind of offset in them that creates a vibration that drives moles away.

When I went there to snag a replacement they said they had to pull them off the shelves.

My guess is that some moron tried to urinate on one in a hurricane and got upset about it. Either that, a more likely scenario is that someone was foolish enough to let a toddler play with it in a windstorm and the spinning blades injured the little one. Enter Dewey, Cheetham and Howe.

The old one was great. It kept the moles out of the lawn and as usual when something works they take it off the market.

Especially when it costs nothing to run and solves the problem.

I did get lucky, though.

They still sell them on eBay so I ordered two of them.

I hope they get here soon.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nobody cares how much you spent for it

I am not going to get into the details but someone bought something expensive and was bragging about how much he paid for it.

I didn't want to rain on his parade so I kept quiet about it but the truth is he got shafted. He paid too much.

The truth is that there are a lot of manufactured goods out there that you are just buying a name brand on and the off brands are just as good or even in many cases better.

Some years ago when I began my career as a competitive shooter I saw the normal M-14 on the line was made by a certain company that wanted an arm and a leg for one.

I wound up getting a better one for less by simply buying a well made receiver, a good barrel and a surplus parts kit along with a National Match stock. Then I had a friend barrel the action and assemble it for me one evening for a bottle of bourbon. I came out well ahead of the game and wound up with a better rifle than those off the shelf.

Of course, there were few M14 makers out there at the time.

I also did well when I bought my sailboat by avoiding the big names out there that were in vogue at the time.

I was on the west coast and was looking for a deep water cruiser. Most of the manufacturers in the area were building light racing boats and even on the used market they commanded premium prices. The very few serious makers of cruisers were totally off the charts money wise.

I took an alternative route. I looked around for a solid boat that was built in New England and wasn't very popular locally. It wasn't a part of the cool racing type that was in vogue at the time. Nor was it really a weekender. It was somewhat of a spartan deepwater cruiser.

I bought her for a good price. 

I wound up with twice the boat for half the money and equally as important, she was designed for my specific purpose.

I can't help but think that my friend that is boasting wasn't really thinking when he made such an expensive purchase. He could have done a lot better.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Last night I had a feast.

Yesterday I bagged the Northern Marianas, Tinian to be exact. This is courtesy of a Japanese ham that sets up there from time to time. Interesting.

Tinian is where Enola Gay took off to bomb Hiroshima.


Right now I am sitting here enjoying the beginnings of a great breakfast that I have not had in a while. Codfish and eggs.

I'm having morning coffee now so it will be a while.


The deer are out in the back yard and they have sure grown to be a pretty sizable herd of about 7 or 8. Winter is coming and I suppose disease will thin it out over the next few months. That and an occasional meeting of an automobile.


Nothing major to report here but I did have a great dinner with a relative last night. I like doing that as it give me a chance to cook a bigger meal than usual. Nobody really likes to cook for themselves and they don't do as good of of a job when they do. 

Last night I did some codfish up right and made it a point to cook too much so I'd have leftovers for breakfast.

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