Friday, September 22, 2017

A subject came up the other day and it brought back memories.

Letters only!!

Do NOT send packages of any sort, especially containing any kind of foodstuffs whatsoever to service people that are in basic training.

Just don't do it. Period.

The sergeants will make life miserable for the recipient.

Most likely they will make the youngster eat the entire package right then and there and afterwards make him or her exercise until they puke. 

Back in the day I had a great aunt that asked for my address while I was in basic and my father not only refused but called my other aunts and uncles and put the fix in to save me from grief.

Once they are out of basic training you can send them all the cookies and cakes you feel like baking but under no circumstances do you send anything but a simple letter to someone in basic. 

That is unless you don't like the person.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Someone asked me why I have written about the Foreign Legion and

the truth is that a Legion officer probably saved my life when I was in my twenties.

When I was planning my next move while I was living in the tipi in the Rockies I thought I might want to do game preservation work in Africa next. I wrote the governments of several African nations and got varying answers. At the time there was turmoil there and I got a couple of counter offers to basically become a mercenary. I wasn't interested.

In addition to the African nations I wrote the Legion because someone said they were mildly involved in law enforcement and game preservation. This proved to be unfounded but a Legion officer took the time to send me a very thought provoking answer that tuned me into the reality of such a career choice.

He was quick to point out that the price of poached ivory was so high that the poachers, who were criminals to begin with, would not hesitate to simply murder a game warden.

He said that he considered his career as a Legionnaire to be far safer than that of an African game warden. THAT got my attention.

Anyway, I do feel I owe the Legion one because of the kindness of a Legion officer and the kind letter he sent me so long ago.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I guess CNN decided not to play a rerun in Florida.

I didn't see any pictures of Melania Trump's feet while the Trumps were in Florida after Irma so I guess it means that there is not going to be a crybaby song about if Melania wore high heels or not.

I guess after America laughed at CNN for that feigned outrage after Harvey they decided to give it a rest.

In the for what it's worth department when I saw Melania in Texas wearing a pair of sneakers I figure it saved me about $8 because I have never seen Mrs. Trump in anything BUT high heels and I was going to buy her a pair of flip-flops so she could rest her poor tired feet when nobody is looking.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I'm pretty much done with yard work for a while

and last night I was handed an unsolicited bottle of Tullamore Dew by my next door neighbor.

There is a hill between out houses and it had overgrown with weeds. It really did look like hell. Most of it is my property but the top few feet belongs to her. before I started this project I  told her what I was doing and got her blessing.

She has been very good to me over the years and in general I run things by her in matters involving the lot line. It is one of those deals where all I have to do is ask... but I do have to ask.

Of course, I cleared the whole hill as I was clearing it anyway and it would have looked like hell if I had stopped at the lot line so I cleared the whole damned thing. It looks OK.

Last night in gratitude she dropped off a bottle for me. She didn't have to but she did.

I guess it is all part of being a good neighbor.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

I often wondered about the Office of Rumor Control back when I was in the army.

Of course any organization of any size has a rumor mill. It's a part of life. In the army we referred to our rumor mill as 'Rumor Control'. It had a snappy military air about it.

While in fact the rumor mill was created by pretty much all of us, one day we were sitting around over coffee and fantasizing where the countless rumors actually got started. Of course, most of us sitting there had started a rumor or two ourselves but let's not let the facts get in the way of a good story.

We depicted an office of about a dozen guys sitting around drunk on their asses by 0800 thinking up various tales to get started. We also opined that at about noon they would break out the LSD, peyote and other psychedelics and REALLY get things going. 

Our First Sergeant overheard our conversation and in a rare moment of his dry humor came into the conversation and told us with a straight face that he had an old squad mate in the unit and that they used no drugs of any kind. They simply thought up the stuff as they went along.

Of course we knew Old Top was BSing us but it was fun listening to his take on things. Then he made an 'accidental' reference to 'next week's possible unannounced field exercise' and left.

We broke up almost instantly to check our field gear and make sure it was in shape. We also put the word out and many of the guys went to their field gear and checked it.

Of course, there was no unannounced field problem, but a couple of days later he announced an upcoming inspection of field gear.

Those of us that has taken the rumor Top had started to heart were ahead of things as we had at least inventoried our gear and given it a preliminary check. I had cleaned much of mine up.

Some time after the inspection most of the original group met and we chatted about the fact that Top had taken advantage of the rumor mill to get things done. In effect he had actually made life better for us.

I guess that's because an old soldier knew how to take smoothly advantage of everything both good and bad that the system offered.

I miss people like Top because in spite of only having a grammar school education he was a genius.

I have said this before and I will say it again. An awful lot of the best teachers I have ever met all had the same first name. Their first name was 'Sergeant'. 

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Another day of yard work

Yesterday I chipped up everythng that ought to have been chipped.

Today I will deal with some stuff that is grassy and will be mulched up with the lawn mower.


I have another project going and I may or may not publish it, as funny as it is.

When I first moved to Alaska I had little way of getting in touch with the family for the first two years and while I was gone my father inadvertently started a rumor that took flight as to my  whereabouts.  Forty some odd years I found out the rumor never died.

I will write it but as a letter to an organization that has done me quite a favor when I was a younger man. I very well may owe them my life and a long letter is in order.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

ANother day in the wayback....kinda

The way back is pretty much near the acceptable range and the side hill is about 90% done. All I have to do with the side yard is chip up the stuff I hauled down off of it.

Tomorrow a friend will loan me a chipper/shredder and the job will be complete and I'll touch up the actual way back and be done with it. 

So much for chainsaw madness and hack/slash.


Maybe later today I will find a book binder to tie up another project that will haunt people after I am dead and gone.

It takes a truly professional pain in the ass to stir up $hit from the grave.


I also owe a certain organization a long letter of thanks.


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