Saturday, December 18, 2010

My ISP has been down all day and today has been a drag

Today started out pretty good. I was up early and cleaned up the mess I made last night.

My tooks for the past two decades have been in a semi-organized mass and yesterday afternoon the planets came into alignment. Someone hit on a Craigslist ad and I became $200 richer. I threw that in with a little extra sctatch I had kicking around and bought myself a 54" rolling toolbox that ought to last me for several years.

While not a professional grade, it will do me right.

Anyway, Last night Neighbor Bob and I picked it up and hauled it inside where we assembled it.  When we were done there was one hell of a mess of packing materiels.

This morning I cleaned up the mess and while I was at it reorganized the tools and cleaned the entire basement.

The afternoon turned sour as I couldn't seem to get things done after the hour of noon.

Oh, well. I gues it's going to be OK.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Sorry for such a lousy post.

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