Sunday, July 31, 2016

I pulled a pretty good prank on the Marine team at Camp Perry the other day.

It was hotter than hell and I knew they'd all check in at the armorer van so I laid my trap there.

I was sitting next to a bag when they came up from the range all hot and dusty. It was pretty hot that day. In the bag was  Jim Beam bottle full of iced tea.

I put it up to my lips and chug-a-lugged the entire bottle as the entire team looked wide-eyed. One was heard to say "That is born again hard!"

Another said "Some of those old men are just plain tough."

When I was done I simply got up and said, "If that bottle was any bigger I'd need a designated driver." With that I walked over to my pickup, started it and left.

A couple of the guys caught on instantly and smirked.  Most caught on  pretty quickly when that thought about what they had just seen.

Still, when I met up with a couple of the grinning guys a couple of hours later they they told me that there were a couple of them that swallowed the whole thing hook, line and sinker.



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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Well, I just aw where Trump has pissed off yet MORE of the right people.

The #Never Trump people just endorsed Hillary.

Proof positive that Trump is scaring the hell out of the right people.

I think I will talk to people in the neighborhood in a couple months as the election draws near.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

The other day THAT GUY asked me who Bubbles was...

There is always a dummy that can't seem to think and has no imagination.

The other day someone asked me why I wasn't willing to go to his nephew's wedding in Cincinnati. It's a day's drive from here and I don't know the kid. I have no clue how I got invited or why.

Truthfully he didn't expect me to go. It was some kind of his family pro forma crap.

I told him that Bubbles was working at the club that night. 

He asked me who Bubbles was and I looked at him and shook my head.

It is in male DNA to know who Bubbles is. 

Bubbles may be a blonde, brunette or redhead, She may be tall or short and cute but there are three things that she has going for her.

She has a pneumatic bust, not a brain in her head and is highly skilled in certain amorous arts.

There are a grand total of six men on the planet that don't know who Bubbles is and I had just met one of them.


 One of the things people are pretty good at is trying to give you exactly what you DON'T want.

I swear. You could advertise for a junk car to put up on blocks in your front yard to piss off the neighbors, willing to pay NO MORE than $20 for.

Your inbox will be flooded with people trying to sell you an $85,000 late model Range Rover or a year old Cadillac.

WHen that happens I offer them the $20 I said I waas willing to pay for the wreck and they get all pissed off.

Recently I helps a friend out finding him an old 30-30. I said that I was looking for an old Sears, Montgomery Ward, Western Auto or Ted Williams model 94 and wasn't willing to pay a lot. I specifically said that if someone offers me an expensive rifle I would only pay what an old Sears model was worth.

I got a half dozen people writing back offering me rifles ranging in from beat up Winchesters to highly sought after collectables. The prices they wanted were between $500 and $3200.

I decided to answer all of these aggravating replies and told them I was only willing to pay $150 for it. "I said in the ad I was looking for an inexpensive beater," I replied. "So I am going to offer to pay you what I will pay for an old Sears. Try $150, cash money."

Most people didn't answer my reply but a couple did.

The guy with the $3200 collectable sent me back a reply that I was nuts if he thought I was going to  get a $3200 rifle for $150. I told him that he had only himself to blame for not reading the ad.


The reason for  the double post is you may not get one tomorrow.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Right now I am getting another laptop up and running.

One of my GoGooks has finally died and I just got handed a Panasonic Toughbook from a friend to replace it.

The GoBook I am using now is actually the laptop I keep hooked up to one of my ham rigs for running digital. I'll get the Toughbook tuned up later today and on line.


I forgot to mention in my 26 July post when I sighted in my friend's 30-30 that I tried to do what I did rapid fire a few years back while the police were using a local club range,

I hit six targets rapid fire at fifty yards in about three seconds firing.

There was an old newspaper in the pickup and I stapled 6 pieces at the fifty yard line and let fly. I hit all six but I suppose I wasn't as quick as I used to be. Still, it was pretty good shooting for an old man.

I do believe that an old saddle gun like that is a good thing to have and I am thinking of picking one up for myself. I am feeling a need to go deer hunting this season just to get back into the woods and unless I decide to seriously meat hunt, an old 30-30 is just what the doctor ordered.

If I decide to seriously meat hunt I'll probably scout out the area for a while and simply snipe a deer and that means I'll use something a little more serious.


Yesterday's post said a lot as far as I am concerned. 

While I will never give up the belief that a man should be judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin, I am not going to let things bother me any more.

Collectively, people get what they deserve and things are likely to remain as they are now and will probably get worse. 

I am simply going to take a disgusted  'Don't blame me attitude'.

Actually I would like to give ALL the race baiters chain saws and put them in some kind of arena and let them settle it that way. I'm not greedy. I don't want the ticket revenue. I'll settle for the popcorn concession. 


Things are pretty sad when you have to support someone like Donald Trump.

This entire election is the biggest $hit sandwich I have ever seen inn my life and I do not have faith that the Republic will stand for very much longer.

The United States of America was founded by geniuses but has been run by complete, total unmitigated idiots.

I do believe that I have lived like an American should be able to when I lived in Alaska. I lived the way I wanted to and stayed pretty much out of everyone's hair. In return, they stayed out of mine. I rarely was told what to do by anyone and was held accountable for my actions both by courts of law and the court of public opinion.

I fared well because I took care of myself and was fairly responsible. 

Although I lived what appeared to be a totally irresponsible lifestyle, someone once commented that I was totally and completely responsible in my irresponsibility.

I am please that for the better part of a decade I was able to live like that.


I fell asleep early and woke up early today and I'm a bit hungry. Codfish and eggs sound pretty good for some reason. The oven is on.

That is all. 

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Did I waste my time?

Sometimes I think I wasted my time supporting Dr. King and trying to bring black and whites together as one.

There was a lot to do back in the early 60s and it was a tumultuous time. 

It actually was (in my opinion) something that was coming since WW2. During the war blacks were given positions of responsibility for the first time and they performed. When they got back they didn't want to go back to the status quo. But I digress.

The truth of the matter is that the whole thing has been pretty much a miserable failure and I have been wasting my time. 

The big reason is that there is too much money and power to be made keeping the races divided. My guess is the powers that be are working to make sure things stay the way they are.

A people divided are easier to conquer.

Since the 60s things should have been a lot better than they are now and a big part of it I am going to blame on both sides. The white guilt people and the BLM types have done a wonderful job of keeping the sore open and festering.

Morgan Freeman spoke a while ago in an interview. When he was referred to an a black man he said that he preferred to be referred to simply as just a man.

He said that the division between the races was like an open sore that everyone picks at and never gives it an opportunity to heal.

He got that one right.

Anyone that has ever seen a compulsive scab picker knows that he is likely to be pretty scabby looking as he never seems to recover from whatever it is that he managed to open up. 

A scab picker can take years to get over a simple smooshed pimple because he never gives it a rest and lets it heal.

I suppose we are never going to get to the point where a man is judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin and I confess to becoming quite bitter about this in my old age.

Then again I simply should have followed the money and realized that so long as money and power can be made keeping us divided things are not going to get a whole lot better.

Incidentally, race relations during the Obama administration have gotten a whole lot worse. 

When Jug Ears gave Al Sharpton and the BLM people an audience he made it clear to me that he was a divisive person. Race baiter Al owes us quite a bundle in back taxes and the BLM people apparently support the shooting of cops.

Some unify-er  and president he is. In that respect he's similar to David Duke.

The only way we are going to see the dream of Dr. King happen is when we give it a rest and let the whole thing heal.

And that simply ain't gonna happen.

It's sad and really makes me feel like I wasted a part of my life.

There are times I think I should have become a lawyer or investment banker, plundered a pension fund, retired at 35 and simply spent the whole fortune on hookers and blow. 

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Yesterday I wrote a post about an old 30-30 I helped a guy sight in once.

What reminded me of that besides running into the cop is that I just found one for a friend. It is the truck gun I have been looking for and he got it for a fairly good price.

Anyway, he had yesterday off and wanted me to help him sight it in.  

I almost always start the sight in process at 50 yards and a humongous paper, at least 4'x4'. People look at it and wonder and most of the time it is huge overkill but it wasn't yesterday.

While elevation was pretty much dead on, windage was over a foot to the left. I took a brass punch and drifted the sight over a bit and now the rifle shoots about a minute of venison.

After that I took my bolt gun out to 200 yards and shot a couple of experimental sub minute groups. Smallest was .607 MOA which is pretty good for a factory gun.

The guy wondered why his old truck gun couldn't do that and I told him to stop a minute and look at things the way they really are.

What it is, it is.

The old workhorse is a Sears, made before Ted Williams put his name on it and is probably almost as old as I am. I'm 64. The rifle has bounced around in the back of a pickup or been hauled around for quite some time by the looks of it.

Originally it was designed to put meat on the table and probably never was truly accurate to begin with. It never was a target grade gun.

Still, it was fun getting the old workhorse to be able to do what it was designed to. A 'minute of venison' is good enough to put meat on the table and that rifle will do it.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Garand Match is coming up at Camp Perry.

I don't think I will shoot it this year.

Instead I am going to coach new shooters.

Every year there are new shooters and some enter never having shot a match. That's OK. We squad newbies with experienced shooters and it generally works. Generally.

One year I got a newbie that thought he was a know it all because he was in the Navy back in the day and he proved difficult at best. However, he did safely get all of his rounds into Lake Erie so I suppose that's all that matters.

Anyway, there is always a pair of Fricks and Fracks, two buddies or runnin' partners that stick together. They get upset when you try and pull them apart, yet neither of them know what is going on.

Frick and Frack generally wind up slowing things down and upset the entire rhythm of the match.

Enter Piccolo. 

One of the women there said to me that if I was around for the Garand match that I could be helpful by being a coach. We chatted and she said she'd be grateful if I'd coach a couple of newbies.

I think I will.

I'm a better coach than I am a shooter.

I did this several years ago and my first time Garand match newbie bronzed which pleased me.

As you get older it is a good thing to help the next generation along.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

I feel pretty good about one thing now

 and that is that an important part of my will is now squared away.

I am still healthy and in halfway decent shape but I am getting along in years. I'm also aware that every life has a beginning, a middle and an end. I am rapidly coming closer and closer to my end. It's just a natural thing.

The time to take care of things like that is when you are still healthy. When you finally get sick and see the end is near you have one less thing to worry about and you can enjoy what little time you have left.

Doing this is actually somewhat of a pain in the ass as you discuss things with the people involved. 

While some of them take it simply for what it is, there are always a couple that get alarmed and think you have either been diagnosed with something or are planning something.

Someone got alarmed when I spoke to them about this and asked if anything is wrong. I told them I was going to grab a Tommy gun and find a gas ball to climb next Tuesday and they started this "What? What? You're going to shoot it out with who?"

"The G-men," I replied, sarcastically. "They'll never take me alive! It'll go down in history as the James Cagney Memorial Shoot-out!"

"Stop trying to over analyze everything." I added. "I am just planning ahead." 

He looked at me and appeared embarrassed.

When I spoke to my nephew he took it well at face value and said that he's going to pay me a visit. He know how life works and the last time the two of us had a very memorable time. "Kissing my ass to keep you name in the will, huh?" I replied and we laughed.

Anyway, I feel pretty good now that I have that taken care of.

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Much going on

Busy today

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Every now an then you run into a pretty sharp kid.

One of my attributes is that I can ask just about anybody anything and keep a straight, serious look in my face. I can be a pretty good troll when I want to be.

I was at Camp Perry yesterday.

So with a straight face I asked an eighteen year old girl to marry me.

She was shocked for less than a second and her face lit up.

Her father behind her went straight into shock and snarfed the canned iced tea he was drinking.

She looked at me with a big grin and asked, "How old are you, what is your health like and what is your net worth?"

Damn, she was sharp!

"I am 83 years old, I smoke 4 packs of Camel cigarettes and drink 1 quart of Jim Beam a day," I replied. "I also have a net worth of 7.3 million dollars, most of which is tied up in real estate and gold."

"Now, that sounds pretty tempting," she replied. "Any kids I have to split it with?"

"No. No children," I replied. "And no greedy ex-wife to contest the will."

"Oh, yeah?" she replied feigning great interest. "No messy ex-wife, huh? This keeps sounding better and better."

In the background the father smirked.

By this time her father seemed to have recovered and was looking at his daughter handle herself. His look changed. The initial instinct to protect his child was replaced with a combination of curiosity and pride. He was watching his daughter take care of herself and seemed quite pleased with the way she was handling herself. He very well have seen her in a whole new light. 

My guess is that he realized she was soon to leave the fold and he would no longer be there to protect her. He seemed to be pretty proud of the way she was handling herself.

Sometimes we forget that the actual test of raising kids comes after they are out of the house and on their own. We raise them to be able to take care of themselves after they leave the house. Sometimes parents overprotect their kids and when they leave the house they are thrown to the wolves.

I looked at the father. "You seem to have done a fine job of raising this young lady," I said. "She's as sharp as a tack."

He had a lot to be proud of.


Another sharp kid.

Twenty minutes later I was in a shop on Commercial Row and in one of the shops I saw the vendor eating lunch while he peddled his wares. He had a bucket of KFC in front of him.

As I was leaving I saw a father and son headed for the entryway. The son was maybe 13 or 14. 

"Careful young man," I said. "There's a man eating chicken in there!"

The kid looked confused for a second, recovered and grinned.

"Thanks, Mister," said the kid. 

"Ever seen a man eating chicken before? I asked.

"Sure have," said the kid.

The father looked confused.

"Where have you ever seen a man eating chicken before?" He asked the kid, now looking totally confused.

"At a Kentucky Fried Chicken," said the kid. "There's lots of them there."

The father still looked confused. Then he blushed. He had finally figured it out.

The kid grabbed the door handle, opened it and looked in.

"He's right, Dad," he said. "There IS a man eating chicken in here!"

Two other guys behind him looked at each other somewhat confused as the kid walked into the shop followed by his father.

"A man eating chicken?" one asked the other.

The two men followed the father and son into the shop to see the man eating chicken.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

There is a new semi auto ban in MA.

And it wasn't even legislated by law.

The AG there just took it upon herself as far as I can tell.

Our liberties are protected by 4 boxes and the way things are going we may have to open the fourth box. NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE WRITING OF TODAY'S ESSAY

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I am getting more and more angry by the minute.

The other day that man in the White House had the unmitigated gall of saying that the police themselves are responsible got the recent rash of police killings.

That man has had some of the BLM people along with ace race baiter Al Sharpton visit the White House. 

What is interesting to note is that while Obama was entertaining the BLM people, Vladmir Putin put the BLM movement on the Russian list of terrorist organizations. That's where they belong.

He's doing a first class job of setting race relations back to pre Dr. King levels.

Personally I am no big knee jerk police supporter. I support good police work and speak out when the police get out of line. The police are no different than anyone else. They reflect society and as a result there are a small handful of individual jerks in blue suits.

The overwhelming majority however, are truly dedicated professionals.

Like it or not, the cops do a pretty good job of holding society together and they deserve respect. They certainly do not deserve to be shot at by malcontents that belong in jail in the first place.

I have since childhood tried to deal fairly with everyone and judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. This has been my code since childhood and I have no plans on changing this.

I am angry now because the President has seen it his duty to bring race relations back to the early 60s.

I am angry now that the President has seen to blame inanimate object for violence rather than hold people accountable for it.

I am angry that the President has decided to hold the police responsible for the senseless violence thrown at them recently.

I am angry at the liberal movement in general for attacking our basic American rights.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I have been looking for an old 30-30 deer rifle for some time now.

I want a model 94 Winchester clone from either Sears Ted Williams, Montgomery Ward or Western Auto but if the right Winchester comes along I'll take it.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Another tragedy

There is a shooting case that came up when a couple of kids  found a gun in an abandoned house apparently with ammo.

One kid loaded it and claims it malfunctioned and he shot another kid with it.

Another tragedy.

The truth appears to be that he loaded it, tried it, it malfunctioned. So he pointed it at his friend and pulled the trigger.

People are saying 'It just went off.'

Guns do go off when you pull the trigger.

Thay don't just go off for no reason. You have to activate it somehow, generally by pulling the trigger.

The NRA has a gun safety program they have been offering schools for decades yet simply because it comes from the NRA educaators hate it and won't have an NRA program in the schools.

The program can save lives and right now I think I'll use one of the most oft used liberal lines to support letting the NRA program into schools.

"If if saves just one life..." 

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sea story time!

This goes back about 30 years ago when a commercial fisherman friend almost got cheated out of his catch and decided ti wasn't going to happen.

That part is a long story and I won't post it here save to say he almost created a major riot. In the process he got arrested and charged with about everything including kidnapping.

Actually everyone in the criminal justice system were somewhat sympathetic. Back then many policemen had fished commercially at one time or another. The judge had seen fishermen cheated for years.

He was allowed to pleas down to some dopey thing like disorderly conduct and was given 10 days in the local pokey.

Looking back at it, they had to do something so I suppose it was reasonable. They even let him finish the season before he did his time. Many police officers regarded the whole thing as a joke of sorts.

Three or four days into his sentence I had nothing to do so I decided to visit him in jail. I baked a cake for the occasion.

Of course, I put a file in it.

I timed my visit so one of the good guys was in the police station and when he saw me he asked me what I wanted. He had a hard time not laughing. I was dressed in a double breasted pinstripe suit, black shirt, white tie topped with a huge fedora. I had maybe six bucks in this outfit from the local Mission (a local charity) thrift store.

I was also carrying a violin case. In the other hand I was carrying a box with a cake in it.

The officer grinned and rolled his eyes. He took the violin case, opened it and saw what was in it. There was a violin in the case. The cop actually laughed outright.

"I want to visit Lars Carstens," I said. "I baked him a NICE CAKE and I want him to have it." My face made it very obvious that something was up. Of course, the cop picked up the cue.

"Oh, That's quite nice of you," he said. "And should I check this cake for contraband?"

"Not here," I replied. "Check it in front of Lars."

So I was in the prisoner visiting station holding the cake and told Lars I had baked it for him. As soon as I spoke the officer looked at the two of us and pulled out a Buck knife and cut the cake and hit something. Much to the amusement of both him and Lars he pulled out a six inch mill bastard file. Actually he was careful and damaged the cake as little as possible.

The amused cop left and Lars and I sat there talking and planning his upcoming imaginary escape to the amusement of the officer listening in. We were taking trash about how "The Boys" were going to bust him out that night, complete with plans to steal Tommy guns from the local armory. (They hadn't had a Thompson in the armory in probably 15 or 20 years.)

Generally cops are tight lipped but in this case word got out that I had baked Lars a cake with a file in it and like in any small town word got out and spread like wildfire. I had a lot of drinks bought for me. One of them came from one of the policemen. Even many in the department thought it was funny.

Six months later I was getting pushed around by someone a lot bigger them me and Lars quietly got behind the guy and got down on all fours behind him. I gave the guy a shove and he fell over Lars. Lars was up like a cat and told the thug to stay down and to leave me alone in the future.

We both headed back to the bar and Lars looked at the guys and said, "Pic was the only one to visit me in jail and he even brought me a cake with a file in it! Where were the rest of you guys?"

That brought the house down and the thug slithered off and left me alone the whole time he was in town.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

One of the things I have seen over the years is a person get punched for the first time in their life.

Generally it is a pretty amusing thing to watch. The thing that comes to mind was the time I saw my drill sergeant smack a smart ass trainee.

Actually I didn't see it...even though I did. The kid that got smacked had it coming and right then and there I decided that for some reason I wasn't paying attention...

I think you know what I mean. I was actually surprised to see the drill sergeant put his stripes on the line over such a jerk as that.

Anyway, there is this look that came over his face of indignation, shock and it slowly was replaced by a realization that he was not going to get away with the crap he had been pulling for his entire life.

Quite frankly I found it very amusing under the circumstances. 

The reason I am thinking about this is because Bill Kristol is the spiteful asshole that keeps trying to find a sucker to run against Donald Trump to keep him from winning.

I would laugh gave him a punch in the mouth. Or maybe a black eye. It would make him see the light.

The other one that would amuse me to see get socked is Bill Maher. I have wanted to see him come out on stage with a real Norman Rockwell painting type black eye. A real shiner.

I suppose there are others but those two come to mind right now. 

I am not advocating violence here but simply admitting that if someone did such a thing I would probably laugh like hell.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Well, things are interesting now on the home front

I'm gearing up to go to Camp Perry and do not know if I am going to shoot, coach or otherwise help out.

We'll see.


Last evening someone that dropped by and promptly blew a tire.

He crapped out on the couch and after breakfast we'll get him up and running. The spare tire is flat, too.

It was late and just a whole lot easier to do it in daylight.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Now we have a SCOTUS Justice shilling for one candidate (Hillary)

and bad mouthing another.

Ginsberg is a SCOTUS justice and has turned SCOTUS into a political arena by bad mouthing Trump and tacitly endorsing Hillary.

The Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves.

What bullshit!

The Founding Fathers wanted SCOTUS to be clear of party politics and simply make sure we stuck to the Constitution.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I just read where Governor Cuomo's New York

 push to bring businesses into New York has netted a whopping 408 jobs in the past two years.

Sounds like something that happens before noon in places like Huntsville, Alabama.

It would also be interesting to see how many businesses moved OUT of New York during the same time frame and what the actual net job loos is.

I guess Cuomo thought people are stupid and that they don't know how to count.

He offered tax relief for the initial start up of either five or ten years which is all well and good iuntil you realize that once the initial period has passed that the taxes they would wind up paying will be high at present rates and likely higher further on down the road.

Cuomo has spent an awful lot of money on advertising all over the country to push this program.

The truth of the matter is that businesses flock to areas with low tax bases, little union activity, lower wages and lower heating costs.

Decades ago manufacturig businesses left Massachusetts for warmer and more inexpensive climes.

If Cuomo wants to get businesses to come to New York than he is going to have to make a much better offer than that!

What should irk New Yorkers is that the governor has spent so much of THEIR money on such foolishness with nothing to show for it.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sometimes people miss my sarcasm.

I suppose it is easy enough to do. You sort of do have to have a somewhat similar background.

A while ago I was chatting with a cop about some damned thing or another and made the comment, "Sounds pretty petty. It's not worth grabbing a Tommy gun and climbing atop a gas-ball over, is it?"

Of course, the line is actually a bastardization of the end of an old movie names 'White Heat', a classic '30s gangster film. Cagney really didn't have a Thompson, he had a pistol. However, at the time the Tommy gun was almost a requirement for gangster movies of the era.

The cop was fairly young, either in his late 20s or early 30s and grinned.

"You're lucky I've seen that old movie," he said with a big grin. "Most of the guys my age wouldn't know what you're talking about."

He's probably right.

A while ago at sea there was a commercial for some damned ear wax removal tool on the tube. The TV is pretty much on 24/7 for background and from time to time something registers and comments are sometimes made.

"Save your money," I said to a young deckhand. "Just take the bore brush out of your deer rifle cleaning kit and put it on the end of a drill and use that. Save your money."

"Really?" he asked and immediately turned a little red when he realized I was being sarcastic.

"Sure," I added. I use a .45 bore brush at 2600 rpm."

He smirked.

Someone once said to me, "I hear you merchant guys party pretty hard."

I keep wondering why that rumor persists because we are tested for drugs and alcohol regularly.

"Yeah," I said. "Right after we get off before we even leave the parking lot I generally polish off a 750 of Jack, a 12 pack of Heineken, three or four 'ludes, an 8-ball of coke, there or four hits of acid, five or six tooies, a couple hits of mescaline, seven or eight bennies and maybe six or 8 good, deep hits off of an ether rag. Any more than that and I need a designated driver!"

Of course, that's enough to kill a small herd of elephants but you can't fix stupid.

"Really?" he asked, wide-eyed. "I know someone that can get you into rehabilitation." 

"Nah," I replied. "Rehab is for quitters." With that I walked off leaving him agog.

I once posted that "The problem with internet quotes is that you can't always depend on their accuracy." I attributed the statement to Abraham Lincoln in 1864.

I also said the Lincoln took a very active interest in the NASA space programs and was the father of space exploration.

"Really?" someone asked. " I didn't know that."

Twice I have told someone that asked me about my military service that I served with Colonel Roosevelt in Cuba.

One guy in his 40s took the bait. 'Really?" he asked.

Yet all is not lost. The person that called me on such a ridiculous statement was a 13 year old kid! Maybe there IS hope for the future!

"You're not 135  years old!" snapped the kid indignantly. I laughed. Sharp kid.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Things have changed.

It wasn't long ago that I would have pitched in if the country got into trouble but that time has past.

While there are still some good people here, the average American has changed.

While I still support the troops because they are the troops I will be watching to see which way they head, individually and collectively.

The nation is fast going down the toilet and I now want little to do with things the way things are headed. We have turned into a nation of lazy slobs and  cowards.

This is not the America I grew up in and it is an embarrassment for me as a citizen to turn this mess of a nation over to my neice, nephew and their children. 

It is fast becoming a place I will not stick my neck out for anymore. I used to be one of those guys that was willing to put my life on the line for my country in time of need. No longer.

However I will stick my neck out for individual people on an individual basis. I will also stand by Pennsylvania until they go down the toilet.

As I near retirement I see the administration looking at 401Ks as a way to cover the massive debt we have. There are murmurings of impounding them like they tried in Greece. As usual, those of us that looked ahead are very likely to get screwed for our efforts.

I could have bought a lot of hookers and blow with the money I saved, but I didn't. I put it aside and will probably lose it to the grasshoppers that spent theirs and a damned sight lot of ours along the way.

It gets harder and harder almost daily to watch what is happening in this country and it makes me heartsick.

I only pray that when I'm gone my niece and nephew remember me as someone that at least tried to leave things better than I found them.

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I see where Hillary

 has just introduced the Bernie Sanders promise of free college.

If I were of college age I would tread very, very carefully there. There is a big mine under the smooth surface you see.

You have two choices.

You either pay for your own education once or you pay for everyone else's for the rest of your life.

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

I see where several cops were gunned down in Texas.

 Last I heard was 5 KIA, 6 WIA and a few other causalties.

This likely will not go well for the #BLM people. There probably will be a backlash of some sort.

I was already fed up with the #BLM people long before this. I consider them to be nothing more than a hate group and as such the belong on the SPLC list. Fat chance THAT will ever happen.

The SPLC will probably list them as a justice group unles I am mistaken. Then again they might because every so often even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

The BLM people ought to take a long, good hard look at themselves before they blame the police for their woes. The list of cops that have shot an innocent of any race in decades is probably the thinnest book in the library.

Does it happen? Rarely. Cops are human and as a result some of them have errors in judgement.

The days of the local Klan chapter being led by the county sheriff are long over. It's been decades. With damned few exceptions, LEOs have done a pretty good job of being fair to all races.

It seems that the thing black police shootings seem to have in common is that in every one person that gets shot has done something to instigate things.

The overwhelming majority have been caught doing something illegal to begin with. Virtually all have resisted arrest and escalated the situation.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist that a cop really doesn't want to shoot anyone. Even the most uncompassionate cop out there doesn't want to go through the paperwork, ensuing investigation and headaches that follow a shooting of any sort. If for no other reason than that, cops simply don't want to shoot people.

Of couse, most cops simply don't want to shoot anyone simply because they are decent human beings. No decent human wants to shoot anyone.

Still, it remains that in almost all shooting  incidents the police are put in a position where they at least feel they have to because they feel they are in danger. 

If you want eliminate police shootings it really isn't too hard. All you have to do is behave yourself and you won't get shot. This goes for all races.

If you want to continue with putting the police in theposition where they feel a need to defend themselves then keep attacking them.

Your choice.

I am not going to lose any sleep over someone who engages in criminal behavior and endangers police lives and gets shot.

Wake me when the police start shooting innocents. Then I'll help you.


My, my, my.

Word is out that there was only one shooter in Dallas and he's dead. 

How convenient. Maybe too convenient. No telling.

That very well may be but it sounds a lot like another Charlie Chan mystery to me.


I just read where at another BLM rally last night someone pulled out a gun.

What happened was the very people that were screaming to kill the cops started screaming for the very cops they wanted to see dead to come over and save then.

I hate to admit it but when I read that the coffee I was drinking shot out my nose.

It is nothing less than what I expected.

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

The first part of this post came from somewhere else.

I lifted it after the writer said I could.


How did we get here in this country? That's the question I just heard the lady on Fox News asking.

How. Did. We. Get. Here?

Well, I'll tell you how we got here. First, we elected a race baiting jackass with black nationalist wife to the Presidency. 

Then the media took over. They canonized St. Trayvon before his corpse was even cold, and spent a year turning the brown guy who shot Treyvon into a white guy. Then they did the exact same thing with the strong arm, dope smoking THUG, Michael Brown, while calling for the head of the police officer who shot him in a clear cut case of self defense. And they just kept going. Case after case of a shooting, a kid jacked up on PCP running down the middle of the street with a knife, a 400 pound guy resisting arrest...too many to list. In every case, the news media and the leftist politicians in this country labeled the police as murderers and the criminal scum as saints. For years, all of Obama's presidency and even before that, we have had a media, educational system and political machine labeling white people and the police as racist, heartless, privileged, selfish and unmoved to the plight or deaths of the poor, down trodden blacks. 

And you ask how we got here? I ask how you thought we were heading anywhere else.


There is something to be said here. When you look at the president entertaining Al Sharpton and the #BLM people in the White House it's no wonder.

Sharpton ought to be in jail for tax evasion. He owes us an awful lot of money. I read upwards of 3.5 million somewhere. He's one of the biggest race baiters out there.

As for the BLM people? Look at the Texas shootings.

You didn't see David Duke or the Klan people in the White House when we had a white president, did we?

Why? Most likely because the president was trying to pull us together instead of pull us apart.

I have grown increasingly frustrated because I have shared the dreams of Dr. King for decades. I kept seeing things seem to get better until the Obama administration. Since he was elected they have gotten worse and it Hillary gets in they will likely continue the downward spiral.

 One of the shooters has admitted he was targeting cops and white people.

Think President Obama is going to list this as a hate crime? 

HA! You should live so long! 

What ever happened to equal treatment under law?

Hell, if we really DID have equal treatment under law at least half our leadership would be in jail now.

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Friday, July 8, 2016

You owe them nothing-not respect-not loyalty-not obedience

This is a very interesting read I picked up along the way and it looks like more and more Americans are feeling this way and that the numbers are growing. The fact that articles like this are growing  attests to the anger of the average guy.

What is interesting is that I have personally heard a number of Democrats saying they refuse to vote for Hillary and that she belongs in jail.

Yet it is very likely she will get the presidency through treachery and voter fraud. Like Stalin said, It's not who votes, but who counts the votes.

When the elites get to skate then the gnarled peasants tend to get a tad angry. All you have to do is look at the compliance rates of recent gun legislation in NY, CT and CA to see that people are starting to ignore the law.

Anger in this country is brewing....

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

So a cop shot a guy in Baton Rouge

I started looking into this and got about as far as seeing he was reaching for a gun when the cops shot him.

That's about as far as I got before I stopped.

I keep waiting to find the cops gunned down some little girl on her way to her blind grandmother's house with an armload of books to read to her.

When that happens, wake me up. I'll go straight into attack mode.

Until that happens I'm just going to continue my nap.


Several years ago when a pair of Libyan jets attacked our aircraft and got shot down for their efforts, then president Ronald Reagan was sleeping.

The next morning the media was aghast when they heard nobody woke him up.

Reagan said that there was no need for him to be awakened because it was their guys that got shot down. If it were OUR guys that got shot down, then they were supposed to wake me."

I feel the same way about the police shooting a thug that attacks them.

When the police shoot someone that was clean, then give me a call. I'll support him. 

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Are we a banana republic? If not, we're damned close.

We're headed that way fast. We're probably there already.

The odds on Donald Trump making it to the Oval Office seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer. He's going to have to win by a landslide in order to overcome the dishonesty of the Clinton political machine.

I suppose I could live with things if the American public truly and honestly voted her in but the truth is I see treachery coming down the pike.

Joe Stalin once said it's not who votes, but who counts the votes. He was probably right and I believe the fix is in.

I noticed that in Philly one of the precincts reported that every single vote was for Obama. Every single vote! 

You would think that at least one person would have maybe made a mistake and pushed the Romney lever by mistake or that there was at least one disenchanted person in the precinct. To me that is pretty much proof of shameless voter fraud. It looks to me like they didn't even try to even appear be honest!

I suppose voter fraud can be overcome if the numbers simply overpower the system but that would mean that in this case I don't have a clue of how much of a precentage Trump would need to overcome the fraud.

The other problem is that the party in power (the Democrats in this case) are not really too interested in cleaning up voter fraud because it is in their favor.

I think that the Democrats are gearing up for the most dishonest election in American history.

We are rapidly becoming a banana republic and I see that the presidency is going to turn into little more than a dictatorship.

While we are not quite at the point yet, we are probably just a few months away. The election will tell the tale.

If it goes over the top it will probably mean that the Republic can only be returned to its former self by force. If that happens it won't be pretty and I seriously don't think it is likely.

The Dems have done a pretty good job of making almost half of Americans dependent on government one way or the other.

I am a few months from retirement age and am split on what to do. On one hand I suppose I could keep working until I can't anymore. I think that we're headed to hyper inflation and my retirement savings will lose their value. 

What a robbery that's going to be.

I recently told a couple of young people to not bother saving for the future until things settle down a bit. Spend it on a good time or durable goods you can use when push comes to shove. At least you'll get something out of it. I have a lot of memories, mostly pretty good and a number of them quite outrageous.

The other side of me says retire and spend my time looking for every single grant, benefit, whatever that I can find and get in order to help the system to collapse.

I suppose I'll keep working until the tax rate goes up to the point where it's not worth it anymore.

It is not a secure feeling for me. Too old to rock n' roll, too young to die. It is a truly scary time. I suppose if push comes to shove and things get too weird I can probably team up with a couple sisters to make out as best we can as somewhat of a team.

I do believe that Trump really does want to make America great again. In a way he represents the type of person the Founding Fathers envisioned running for office.

Simply someone that has been successful and wants to pay the country back for allowing him to be successful.

Yeah, he's loudmouthed asshole but that's OK. He'll probably be fairly honest.

Hillary, on the other hand is nothing but a selfish bitch that is in love with power and really thinks she is above the rest of us. She'll steal from us every chance she gets.

I sure would not want to be a military or Secret Service person assigned to the White House while she is POTUS. She hates us little people with a passion.

A retired Secret Service person says he once greeted her with "Good morning, Ma'am." only to be answered with a "F*** you!"

As a younger man I likely would have called her a nasty old **** in return and gotten fired. No loss, though. Maybe I would have simply handed her my gun and baton and told her to protect herself and walked off.

Even then the Clintons had a lot of people that hated them so I would imagine I'd have gotten another job from one of them.

"What?... he called Hillary that and got fired?....What was he making?...$45K?...Offer him $75k and benefits and tell him he starts tomorrow!"

The truth is as an older man I would not allow myself to get hurt for someone like that. She's not worth it.

If I were a Secret Service agent I would cash in every favor I could to simply chase counterfeiters what is is also what the Secret Service does. A lot of people don't know that.

For what it's worth, President Bush was very gracious to the White House staff, especially the Secret Service guys. He threw parties for them at his place in Texas. The knew they would protect him to the point of stopping bullets for him.

The way I see it, the Republicans have to take their share of this mess, too. They are just as greasy as the Democrats but just carry themselves with an indignant air.

I personally think that the elites of BOTH parties are in this together to some degree. You can see that the GOPe types are supporting Hillary because if she wins the status quo continues and they get to keep their jobs and backroom deals. They are terrified of Trump and probably ought to be.

Even if Trump doesn't go after them they have lost control of the peasants.

The truth is that Trump OUGHT to go after the elites of both parties that have stolen our rights and collapsed the middle class.

If Trump does that he will probably placate a lot of pretty pissed off Americans that have finally figured out that the elites of both parties are nothing less than criminal of the smoke and mirrors go away.

Still, I seriously question if Trump will overcome the dishonesty and it looks like if Hillary gets in there is going to be a major breakdown. Nobody really respects the laws anymore because the elites have been breaking them for years.

If someone were to be arrested on some bullshit federal charge and used a simple "WTF, Hillary doesn't obey the law, why should I?" I would likely give the man a pass. He's right.

The mainstream media isn't clean, either. They have failed to be honest in their reporting and the truth is they are losing credibility. They have a lot to do with the way things are heading. They owed us honesty and interity but have sold us out.

What used to be the noble Fourth Estate has become the Fifth Column. The internet is now the news source that more and more people are turning to. Can't say I blame anyone for that. It's where I go to get my news.

We are headed in a bad direction now and it is being indicated simply by gun sales. People are scared. The June figures are in and Americans have broken all records of gun sales. In June there were over 2.5 million transfers through the federal system. That doesn't include the transfers made in the states that have thir own check system.

Truth is that it sounds to me like the country seriously gearing up for war. People are scared. Ammo prices are starting to climb which means demand is up. 

Gun stores report that there are an awful lot of first time gun owners being made daily.

I would imagine that there will be very little compliance if the government imposes a ban or a registration scheme. Looks like there's going to be a deluge of mysterious thefts, coupled with white water rafting overturns and tragic boating accidents. It won't take Charlie Chan to solve the Mystery of the Missing Guns.

It makes sense if you look at the dismal compliance rates of the Connecticut and New York bans and registration schemes. Some say as high as 15% but it's probably lower than that. 

This entire thing is making me sick to my stomach. My guess is that we are overdue for another MacVeigh type of attack...for starters.

This entire mess leaves me cringing. It makes me almost unable to look my nieces and nephews in the eyes.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sometimes it's not racism. Sometimes it's plain economics.

One of the things I just read is that a number of businesses somewhere in Louisiana close during something called the Essence Festival.

The reasons listed by the merchants are basically that there is no money to be made there because the clientele is more trouble than it is worth.

With the returns of partially eaten meals, arguments over the food, prices etc and waitresses complaining of non-tipping it makes sense if this is the way it really is.

For what it is worth, I understand the clientele is pretty much black. Some people are screaming racism.

However, I suppose nobody cares what color people are. If they were white, green or blue and there was no money to be made they would probably close anyway. I would.

I have no reason to doubt the restaurant owners as they are in the business of making money. It would be a very serious bigot that would close his doors over race if there was any reasonable money to be made.

It really makes no sense to close if you are making money just like it makes no sense to stay open if you are not.

One restaurant closed because of plumbing problems and has been acccused of being racist.

People generally do not care what color the clientele is because their money spends just as good as everyone else's. Things like this generally overcome racism.

Businesses are in the business of making money and when there is no money to be made they close. That's what I would do.

Why bother busting your ass if there's no money to be made?

Sometimes things really are that simple.

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Monday, July 4, 2016

To understand the concept of liberty

 is to first realize that it isn't all rainbows and unicorns and things are not always going to be fair.

Get over it. Sometimes liberty's a bitch.

It can be pretty scary. It means freedom but it also means a terrible thing called responsibility. It's really not for all of us as one can see.

I learned about liberty and defending it from my father as a youngster. Looking back on it it was quite an eye opener.

Dad had moved us out of Dorchester at an early age. He moved us to a sleepy fishing town south of Boston. There he could raise us with little outside interference. He wanted to avoid inner city problems. It was a wise decision.

He taught us pretty much what Dr. King later said. We learned to judge a person by the content of his character and not the color of his skin. Race, creed, color, national origin mean't nothing to us.

In the '68 George C. Wallace ran for president. For some reason, I remember Massachusetts tried to keep him from being on the ballot. I knew who Wallace was. He was that raving lunatic bigot on the courthouse steps.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts in their indignation tried to keep him off of the ballot. My dad and I were walking through the harbor and there was someone collecting signatures to put Wallace on the ballot.

"I hate the sonuvabitch, but I'll sign that one." dad said. "I sure the hell won't vote for him but he has the right to be on the ballot."

As he was signing the Wallace petitioner started to thank dad. "Don't thank me," said dad. "I'm not voting for the jerk. However he does have a right to be on the ballot."

The petitioner looked shocked.

One of the neighbors happened to see what happened and brought it up at a social gathering. Dad simply defended his actions by stating that while he dispised Wallace he wasn't going allow anyone to be cheated out of their rights. Wallace had every right to be on the ballot.

"Well what about something like Wallace talking about segregation?" asked one of the more simpler minded wives.

"First Amendment!" a couple of people chorused. The simple minded wife looked shocked. 

"Everyone has a right to assemble," explained one of the newly enlightened that had figured out why Dad had signed the petition. "That even includes people you don't like."

"What are you going to do if he decided to give a speech on Boston Common?" she asked.

"I'm gonna go pick up a bushel of rotten tomatoes, grab Louie Vega and the two of us are going to throw rotten tomatoes at the jerk," replied Dad with a mischievious grin.

Louie Vega was black. He was a pretty neat guy. He used to pitch in with the local scout troop once in a while.

However the First Amendment only protects a person from retaliation by the government. It doesn't protect then from being forced to otherwise be responsible for their actions.

A while ago a woman got fired from her job because she did something stupid in DC and pasted on her Facebook page. 

She had her workplace listed on it, too and te company didn't like being associated with someone that created a distasteful show of sorts at a somber war memorial in Washington DC and publicly bragged about it.

She had the right to act up at a DC war memorial and the company had the right to disassociate themselves with someone that gave them a bad name.

A woman that wore a ball hat that said "America never was great" was told by her job supervisor to take it off or lose her job.

Fair enough. While the government can't touch her, her employer certainly can tell her to remove anything political at the workplace.

Both of these women were irresponsible. By their public conduct they didn't respect their employers. They got in trouble for it. Tough.

While your employer or anyone else probably doesn't have the right to hassle you about your private beliefs they do when you start to make them public. You're responsible for your own words and deeds.  

There are no 'safe spaces' in the public forum. Nor should there be.

Liberty can be a bitch because it often means you can't have your cake and eat it, too. You can't always tell other people what to do. On the other hand, they can't tell you what to do, either.

Most of the problem lies when someone wants to tell another person how to live but won't tolorate being told how to live by someone else. You have to respect the rights of others.

You can't hack up the paper boy and stuff him in a chipper/shredder because he keeps throwing your paper in the bushes. Sometimes we'd probably all like to do something like that but we can't. He has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So do you.

On the other hand you can either report him to the newspaper people or even stop your paper subscription. 

Many of our liberties have been taken away from us and it's just plain wrong. Laws have been enacted that try and regulate behavior. Most of them are routinely flouted. Drugs come to mind here.

While I certainly am no proponent of the use of, for example, heroin. I believe that most drug laws are a waste of time. I have always figured that if someone wants to use drugs then let them without fear of government interference. They are likely going to anyway. Why waste resources on people that don't want to be saved from themselves?

I do believe that the government that governs least governs best. We have much too much of it now.

In a truly libertarian situation the federal government would enact just enough laws to prevent anarchy and leave the rest to either the states, counties, towns or the people themselves.

Of course, some laws are needed to protect national assets such as the rivers, fisheries and game populations. Other laws are necessary to keep dishonest people honest.

In a nutshell they would do what they are supposed to do in the Constitution which is pretty much secure our borders, provide an honest currency, insure our basic rights  and run whatever foreign policy is necessary. They should be trying to put America first. Presently they do their job pretty poorly. 

They should serve pretty much to insure our rights instead of take them from us and actually try and enable the people to be able to take care of themselves.

The lower forms of government would probably do a much better job. A local government is closer to the people and with community support is likely to be more efficient. 

It seems that we have turned into a nation of crybabies and let the whole concept of liberty go straight down the tubes. It's like we need to be told what to do.

That's because people these days want to have their cake and eat it, too. It doesn't work like that. 

Incidentally for those who preach toloration, liberty means you have to be tolorant. You have to let everyone else live pretty much as they want and not try and regulate their behavior a whole lot. It's really none of your business.

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