Monday, October 31, 2016

One of the things that I will out and out accuse the DNC

and anti-Trump coalition of is attacking the First Amendment along with some of our other freedoms.

When your property is vandalized because you put a sticker for an unpopular candidate on it you stop because you have been intimidated.

While the law itself it not does not prohibit a display of such a thing the fact is the intimidation has stopped you from expressing yourself. You have been de facto been robbed.

When you go to the polls and see armed thugs standing around trying to intimidate voters then you are being robbed and cheated of your right to vote comfortably.

Of course, you don't have to reveal your vote. Still, you are being told which way to vote by intimidation.

One guy got sick and tired of having the signs he put on his lawn run over and decided to take action. He simply put nail boards under them. Some vandal flattened them all and wound up with a couple of flat tires. 

Of course, the vandal that had to change a couple of tires was seen giving the homeowner a whiny glare. I'm sure they whined the big whine of the person that got what he had coming to them.

"That's not fair!"

Yeah. It IS fair. Had the vandal had a little respect for someone else's rights he would not be standing on the side of the road with a couple of flats. You're damned right it's fair. To use an old hippie term, it was instant karma.

I don't vandalize other people's property with no good reason. If people leave me alone, I leave then alone. I leave their stuff alone, too.

I may not like someone or their candidate ow whatever but I do leave things alone and I demand it of others.

John Wayne once played an aging gunfighter who had a code. "I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted and I won't have a hand laid on me. I don't do these things to others and I require it of them." It's a reasonable code when you think about it.

There is nothing wrong with requesting the rest of the world treats you civilly if you do the same. To a certain extent I live by that code. No, I do not shoot people but I do have a quick tongue and don't spare it when necessary. It also hasn't been all that long since I have used my fists.

I have said before that prior to the 20s a lot of men carried pocket pistols. It is often called the age of good manners. I can see why. It was also an era where the police had more discretion and settled a lot of things then and there.

If you got the snot beat out of you for insulting someone or grabbing a woman or something stupid the cop generally settled it by telling the jerk that he got what he had coming to him. That generally ended it.

There's something to be said for that.

Word has gotten out that the Philly Democrat committee has told their people to key cars with Republican candidates on them.

The problem the right has is they respect people's property. I suppose if they can catch the vandal they can report them. 

Big deal. The vandal gets a small fine but the car owner still has to pay to get his car repainted. Seldom does a court order a decent restitution.

A fair restitution would be a complete repainting, a rental car and any other incurred expenses.

It wouldn't take a whole lot of people being made to spend some time in jail and be forced to provide restitution to bring the practice to a halt.

However, the legal system doesn't seem to work very well. When that happens people tend to take the law into their own hands.

Personally I would not have a problem with someone that beat a vandal caught in the act senseless. If I were a juror on a case like that I would probably hang the jury and let the person that beat up the vandal off the hook. 

Like a lot of things that happen, they  happen because people tolerate it.

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

One of the things I have learned since I started following Donald

Trump is just how dirty things are in Washington and just how stupid the American people really are.

We are not a free republic, we are owned by the banks, big money and thugs.

We just got nailed all over the country with health insurance increases which we must have by law.

Obama basically turned our health insurance over to the pharmaceutical companies with no real control over them. 

There is no real reason I can see for paying three times what Canadians or twenty times what Africans pay for the same drug.

In short, Obamacare allowed the foxes to guard the henhouse. I wonder what his piece of the action is? I wonder what congress critters got for their votes?

For what it's worth, many states have insurance company regulators that oversee insurance companies to keep them from gouging the public. They know that if the insurance company doesn't make at least some money they will fold and everyone loses. We're not really getting raped by the insurance companies.

Before the increase I saw a number of people that were paying more for their health care than they are for their mortgage! That is just not right.

Yet I'll bet that the congresscritters that voted for Obamacare don't give a damn. They get caviar and champagne medical care from their own plan that we, the taxpayers pay for.

Martha Stewart went to the can for insider trading. Someone tipped her off that her stocks were about to crater so she sold. Any of us would have done the same thing.

Yet you can bet your ass the Congresscritters got the word and managed to dump their stocks and leave some poor bastard stuck with them.

Congresscritters are immune from insider trading laws. They are also immune from a lot of other things, too. Who pays for this?

We do. 

The whole thing is a solid wall of corruption from the top on down and the working stiff pays for it. Trump is more than aware of this and the entire rotten, corrupt system. No wonder the whole system is fighting like unshirted hell to keep him out of the Oval Office.

It's not just Hillary that will go to jail. She'll squeal like a stuck pig and a lot more will go with her. She'll probably (and rightfully so) go to jail and take a lot of other people with her, possibly including President Obama. The corruption goes from the top on down. It involves an awful lot of people.

I would imagine that if Trump does win, Obama will panic. His hands are probably dirty, too.

I fail to figure out why the black community keeps voting for these people other than they are being bought off cheaply. A welfare check and an Obamaphone and they seem to be good to go.

That's pretty cheap. The Great Society plans were supposed to lift the black man out of the ghetto yet fifty years later they are no better off than they were beforehand.

What has the government done for them but buy them off with a few beads and trinkets. If they really gave a damn they would have permitted us to build an economy that enabled blacks to get jobs and climb out of the ghetto.

Truthfully, they are worse off. Their very family core has been destroyed by these social programs.

Incidentally a growing number of blacks (admittedly successful blacks...the ones that have the most to lose) are beginning to figure things out. Trump has managed to gain a part of the voting black community.

Some of the woman voters are a joke, too. Big deal. Trump said something rotten in a locker room environment. Some woman got indignant. On the other hand the women that griped the loudest have probably said worse at the pool on a Thursday afternoon after having a four wine cooler lunch.

The other women that are trying to empower a vagina say it's important to have a woman president. I suppose that if their son brought a whore home for Sunday dinner and announced they were getting married they'd say they were proud of him for marrying a woman. Truth is, Hillary is no woman to look up to.

Truth is the Republican party is no better than the Democrats. They are two sides of the same coin. The party bosses are the ones that are calling the shots and stealing from the little guy.

It's a flawed system and we need term limits. The party bosses see to it that if a congresscritter plays along and does what he is told he gets to keep his job.

Truth is probably when Congress votes themselves a raise it's a joke. That's pin money for a lot of them. They steal several times their pay. They just want that for show purposes to provide a front the same way a mob guy opens a pizza parlor somewhere to launder his ill gotten gains.

It goes up higher, too. With the entire media in the hands of just a few big money types the Fourth Estate has turned into the fifth column. It's plainly and simply too much power when big money controls the media.

It is really a disgrace when Americans have to go overseas to find anything remotely resembling fair and unbiased reporting. I do believe Al Jazeera  is a lot more fair and unbiased than CNN is. It sure seems like it. Fox is no prize, either.

A lot of us no longer trust the media for anything but rescued kitty stories. Even those may be faked.

I don't know if Donald Trump is going to win the election. I hope so but I fear that even if he does he's going to get whacked before 20 January.

Trump is right. The whole system is rigged from top to bottom. If by some miracle he does win in spite of the big fix then he will likely make inroads on cleaning things up. In truth it all he has to do is expose things and explain it to the public. Outcry will get the ball rolling. He can likely get the public on his side by having some of these people thrown in jail. The rest will likely scurry for cover.

I do believe that if he does win there will be no concession speech from Hillary. She and Bill will probably have a jet warmed up on the runway to take them out of the country. It's possible Obama will join them in fleeing. Who knows?

Of course, this is likely a moot point. the fix is in and it is going to take a lot more than a close majority of the votes to overcome it. It will take a deluge.

I do not understand why people would support a criminal like Hillary.

This is a rare election in the sense that people feel that it is a battle between two losers. Maybe it is in that Trump isn't what the American public is used to. On the other hand I think it is a VERY good thing. He is not an insider and it is the only opportunity we will ever have to tell ALL of the corrupt powers that be to f*** off.

The truth is that the rank and file Republicans got tired of the lackluster little candidates that they brought out for us to choose from. They decided enough was enough and when Trump threw his hat into the ring they rebelled and supported him.

GOPe ran scared and that was the proof of the pudding that he was the man for the job. If the establishment and party bosses hated him it spoke highly of him. it was a step towards cleaning up one side of the coin. The Democrats are the other side of.

Instead, the Democrats decided to run the most corrupt person they had. She represents the dirty Washington establishment. It is obvious that she's dirty. Quite a number of GOPe types have as good as admitted that they are likely dirty too. After all, they must have something to hide if they endorsed someone that belongs in jail.

Win, lose or draw, the American public owes Donald Trump a debt of gratitude for showing the American public what kind of a dishonest shadow government they have.

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Part of the reason I have never been impaneled is because I am an informed juror.

There was and maybe still is a group out there called "The Fully Informed Jury Association." I got some materiel from them some time ago and looked at my duties as a juror.

When I said that I felt I would be a good juror because I had read up on it and had researched my duties through the FIJA people I was excused instantly.

The truth is, the courts hate informed jurors. They want people that will sit there and do just what they're told. 

When one is a juror they have more of a responsibility that to just look at something as a cut and dried someone broke the law situation. It's not that simple.

One has to look at the case and everything about it as a reasonable man. 

One of my general rules of thumb is I will not convict a person that did something I would do if I were in the same circumstances.

I'm not going to do a dissertation on jury duty. Here's a hot link. Learn your rights and responsibilities compliments of the FIJA.

Know your rights and responsibilities.

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Trying to get my mind off the election. Maybe we will get hit by a meteor and be saved that way.

We are getting on to Thanksgiving and I will spend it with my neice and nephew. That is alway a good place for me to be even though it is behind enemy lines.

I usually bring my portable rig and go on the air. It's fun and the kids like it sometimes.

I think I am going to bring along my Blues Brothers with a touch of Cab Calloway zoot suit for the kids. They like off the wall stuff like that. Kids have a good sense of the theatrical.

There is also one thing I want to do and that is thank someone that doesn't know what she did back in late '76. 

Back around Christmas '76 I was visiting the family manse and ran into a number of classmates. I was living in COlorado in a tipi at the time. The rest of my classmates were starting marriages and careers and the usual 6 years out of high school stuff. All of them warned me I had best get my act together and yada yada yada. 

I ran into one woman I had gone to school with and she seemed to be a little shocked at first and commented I had changed. Actually I hadn't, really. I was chasing my childhood dreams.

We swapped stories and she smiled and wished me luck. 

It stuck with me and I remembered her and her kindness occasionally for years and years. I think I am going to look her up and thank her. 

I hope another friend of mine has gotten back on line. He's an Old School lobsterman and goes out daily. I'd like to get in touch with him more often.

It's kind of a dead night and I'll post this one before I turn in.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

I voted and I am going to not sweat it anymore.

All I can do is wait.

I voted absentee because of my work schedule. My state permits people to do that under certain circumstances.


I just read an article on the sinking of Andrea Doria after she got hit by Stockholm back in, I believe, 1956. I was a small boy and vaguely remember it. 

I do remember when Etrusco ran aground in Scituate, MA in '56. I actually ran my hand on her hull.

Later in 1960 Monica Smith went up on the beach on Cape Cod and I walked up to her she was so aground.

Anyway, I think I am going to spend a little more time away from politics and start reminiscing a little more and using the blog as an escape.

I started this to keep my sanity and politics is taking my sanity.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

We're back in business.

My battery charger, power supply, whatever you call it up and died on me. I was down to about an hour of battery power when I posted this morning.

Someone I know gave me one of his spares and I am back up and running on a regular sized laptop. While I do have a small netbook, it is a nuisance as it is too touchy and sensitive for my gnarly old hands.

I have said this before and I will say it again, the election is not about Republican vs Democrat nor liberal vs conservative. It is about the American people taking their government back and cleaning it up.

I have heard a couple liberals thinking it is OK to cheat and defraud voters of their vote by fraud. Of course, it is very easy to get them to change their minds about this issue.

All you have to do is aim the fraud in anther direction. When it's YOUR side being defrauded things are a whole lot different.

One of the things I do not understand is how liberals think.

Here is a chance to tell the media, the government, big money and a lot of other muckety mucks to go to hell and the liberals  are not going for it.

They gripe constantly about income inequity, the Koch Brothers, the conglomorations, the media giants that screw over the little guy and they support one of the biggest crooks of all time.

The Democrats are actually in the same bed the Republicans are. Both parties are nothing more or less than two sides of the same coin. I've said this for years. Both parties suck. 

The real reason that a lot of the country is the way it is rests on the fact that BOTH parties have enacted legislation to enable these big shots to get even bigger at the expense of the little guy.

They could have given the corporations a reasonable tax break for keeping jobs in the States but they didn't. Instead they permitted them to ship jobs overseas. 

Right now there is a small issue going on about the food we eat. 

Genetically modified foods (GMOs) is the issue. People want the food producers to label foods that contain GMOs. That's fair enough, after all you are eating it and have a right to know what is in the stuff you eat. Personally I don't care very much and do not think GMOs are all that bad for you, but that's just me.

Still, people do have a right to know what is in the very food they eat. They want the products labeled. It's not too much to ask for.

Yet the big food and seed companies do not want the products labeled for fear that some people won't buy them. So they lobbied Congress not to legislate required labeling. Put a but more crudely, they paid Congress off.

The corporations have big bucks and therefore big clout. The average guy doesn't have a chance in hell.

The whole thing I see here is the very people that complain about things are unwilling to do a damned thing about it.

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computer problems

WIll post when I can

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Things may be a mess for a while as I may be back to using an

old netbook.

I am a clumsy old man and the keyboard is too small for my old, gnarled fingers

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It's called liberty

And it can be a real bitch sometimes. To support it you have to accept distasteful things quite often.

Of course, it is rapidly disappearing which sucks beccause most people simply don't understand it or want things to be their way and have no respect for anyone else.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Someone warned me to chill out and stay away from politics on this blog.

I got the usual Big Brother is watching you warning.

I hope he is. If he isn't I am not doing my job. I had BEST be on some kind of watch list or I am not doing my job as an American citizen circa 2016.

I told him that and he looked at me wide-eyed.


That being said, Kudos to the Facebook upper management. Their employees wanted to heavily censor the Trump people and FB top management refused to let them.

How I feel about that depends on why they did this.

If they encourage the free flow of ideas and support the American way of no censorship then kudos to them.

On the other hand, it very well have been a strictly economic decision. 

Had they started censoring things then they would have created a void where people would want an open forum. Someone would have come in and offered a website free of censorship and Facebook would have likely lost an awful lot of people and the corresponding amount of advertising revenue.

This ain't much of a blog as far as numbers go but it is an open forum. I do not delete comments unless they are advertising, or are too crude, profane or outright pornographic.

I suppose if I dig through the past almost 2700 posts there are a few unflattering comments. You can find them as I have not deleted them.

However, we are fast on the road to censorship.

I have heard (and have no true insider information) that some of the search engines have filtered results to support Hillary. It makes sense because they are big money and the big money supports the Clintons.

I am totally anti censorship and love open forums. 

While I am conservative as hell and want little from the government except to stay out of my hair, I believe everyone has the right to express themselves.

What has gotten on my nerves the past few years is the way the liberals have tried to censor us through illegal and immoral means.

Put a conservative sticker on your vehicle and expect to have it vandalized. Same goes for a Trump sticker in front of the house.

That's censorship by intimidation.

So are allowing the Black Panthers to intimidate people at the voting booth. Personally I think that if the government isn't willing to step up to the plate than the public reserves the right to stop this. It really wouldn't take a whole lot.

There's nothing better to get one's attention than a tennis ball sized cherry bomb and a promise to return with something a little more forceful. Hell, even a 2 liter pop bottle with dry ice and water in it will get their attention. Most times it doesn't take much.

While I suppose a single well-placed shot will certainly do the trick, it's generally not necessary. It usually doesn't even have to injure anyone.

The reason people do things like vandalize cars and intimidate voters is because we let them.

Picture two scenarios. One a college kid gets caught keying a car and gets two legs broken. He's not likely to do it again.Neither are any of his friends. Why? The actions have consequences.

The second is that he gets caught and held for the police and gets offered to cough up say, $5000 for a repaint job and another $10,000 for aggravation or get convicted.

In which case as often a not Dear Old Dad will come running in with his checkbook. If he doesn't little junior now has another debt to pay on top of his college loan in addition to a criminal record.

In short, if there are consequences for one's illegal actions then the illegal activity will generally go away. Even the fear of consequences will generally make something go away. 

Right now I'm sure the forces that be are looking for a way to censor the internet. They have found that it is rapidly gaining on the MSM which they control. 

Donald Trump would not gotten nearly as far as he has without the grassroots efforts of the little people that passed out the Wikileaks information and Veritas videos that the MSM stifled.

If we lose the internet, ALL of us, conservative and liberal will suffer.

I'm no particular lover of Donald Trump but I am a lover of liberty. I hold it at the top of my list of priorities. 

Sometimes a knight in shining armor arrives in a pair of greasy, sweaty coveralls. In a way this is what Donald Trump is.He simply wants to clean up the swamp and try and return us to what our potential as a free nation is.

This is the only chance we will get to get out from under the power of big money and get our liberties back. This election is not Republican vs Democrat, nor liberal vs conservative. It is about cleaning up government.

Your choice.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

An open letter to an old classmate


You have a son that graduated from VMI and recently commissioned. If I am not mistaken he is headed into Army Aviation. Aviation Inherently risky business because unlike the sea there are no rafts and lifeboats.

You apparently have done a great job raising him and giving him a good education. You should rightly be proud of him. 

You may or may not be completely aware of what he did when he accepted his commission. He in effect signed a check payable to the Unites States Government for up to and including his life. I signed a similar check many years ago and have the receipt in the form of a discharge paper to prove it.

This is nothing to be taken lightly. I thought long and hard when I signed my check. My father didn't want me to. There was a heroin smuggling operation that had been busted a while beforehand. They were using the caskets of dead GIs to smuggle heroin. He said he didn't want me to come home in a box with a bag of heroin up my ass and be handed a folded American flag. 

As you might imagine, I take American casualties very seriously. Very seriously. These are the very lives of our children.

Ronald Reagan once commented that when your neighbor loses his job, it is a recession. When YOU lose YOUR job it's a depression.

The same hold true for military casualties. When it is the kid down the street that gets killed, it's a shame. People drop a casserole off at the house of the parents, tell them what a nice boy he was and then make sure to get home in time for American Idol.

When it is YOU child it is a devastation. Many times the family doesn't survive the loss. No matter what, the entire family will never be the same. Fifty years later as old men and women the surviving siblings will remember the loss of their brother or sister.

I visit an old woman that is now in a home. She was a neighbor. On her bookshelf is a faded picture of her brother in a Navy uniform. He was killed in a submarine during the Second World War.

When she was still my neighbor we had a long talk about how that effected her family. It tore them up.

I have in my room now an old faded picture of a relative that was killed in the fighting at Iwo Jima. I investigated his demise back in '09 and through the miracle of the Internet was able to contact one of the survivors. I drove 12 hours one way to talk to him. Finally after all these year he was willing to open up. It wasn't a pretty story.

When a death in a company occurs the commanding officer generally send home a letter to the family telling them what a great guy their son was and how he was killed instantly and didn't suffer. Often times the family realizes this may not be true and will often write one of his buddies and try and get the inside story of what really happened.

It's a waste of a stamp. Generally the recipient of such a letter will go straight to the CO and ask him what he said. The buddy will then repeat the CO's little white lie. This is common practice as an attempted act of kindness to the bereaved.It is not an attempt at a cover up. It is an act of kindness.

I was loaned an old family scrapbook and sure enough the letter from the CO was there along with a couple of letters from his buddies and they all said the same thing. He died instantly and there was no suffering.

Sixty four years later I learned differently when I spent an afternoon with one of his buddies that was with him when he was killed. It was rather unpleasant.

Also his official Marine Corps casualty card had a conflicting report, but I digress.

I'm not going to get into the morbid details here except to say he did not die fast like they do in the movies. It was a sad, tragic painful demise.

Where am I going with all of this? Keep reading. I'll get there.

After his death was reported the family pretty much collapsed. There is the mystery of where the $10,000 GI insurance payment disappeared along with anger and bitterness between siblings that lasts to this day. 

An entire family was destroyed. It was completely and totally destroyed and never recovered. The last time it was together at the funeral back in 1948 when the good sergeant's remains were recovered and repatriated. He had been buried in Iwo Jima during the fighting after he had laid out in the sun for several days.

So why am I telling you all of this?

People normally don't treat each other that way. There likely were not too many people on Sulphur Island that really wanted to be there. None of them wanted to die. They wanted to be back home, get married and raise babies and be left alone.

Was the war from our point of view justified? I believe it was. We were outright attacked.

Since then I seriously wonder how much of the fighting has really been done for worthwhile causes. Making money for defense contractors is not a worthwhile cause.

Maybe Korea was. Vietnam, not so much. Incidentally one Claudia Johnson owned a pretty hefty chunk of Bell Helicopter stock You know her as 'Lady Bird'. Tell you something?

I do believe we were right in freeing Kuwait. Incidentally, and this plays into my point, Although I hate the Bushes, I will have to give senior Bush credit. He understood and knew the human cost. He actually had the decency to sit down and hand write letters to all of the 146 families that lost sons during Desert Storm. At least he respected the troops. That's a lot more than present leadership does.

People don't make wars. Governments make wars. So long as we have a choice in government we have a responsibility to our children to elect government officials that at least keep wars to an absolute minimum. 

We don't go to war to make someone rich. We don't go to war to let politicians get kickbacks from defense contractors. We don't go to war because we're having economic problems. We settle those ourselves. We don't go to war for fruit companies like we did during the banana wars.

We only go to war to defend our rights and borders. Our children's lives are too precious to be wasted for no good reason.

I have personally  met a couple of people that served in the Bill Clinton White House and every single one of them have nothing decent to say about Hillary Clinton. She made it clear that she had nothing but disdain for both the troops and the Secret Service. The truth is she thinks they are simply there to be used to further her agenda. The words 'miserable c**t' seemed to be the most common term I heard to describe her.

She also seems pretty willing to get us into a stupid and useless war with Russia. Expect heavy casualties.

You might think about that on November 8th. Whatever. It's your son. 

For what it is worth, every day when I wake up I look up and see a picture of my long dead cousin and whisper a prayer for the guys overseas. Every single day. There is also a small inset in the frame of my cousin. It is a small picture of the late Captain Erik Foster, KIA, Afghanistan. He used to live up the street a ways. I meet his father every once in a while and he give me a sad smile. He's a very changed man these past nine years. His son was killed instantly in '07 in a helicopter crash when the bird was shot down.

I know one of the men that served with Captain Foster and he's now retired and living in North Carolina. He gave me the details and I passed them on to his father who was grateful. For what it's worth, Erik died instantly. In that respect he was fortunate.

If you want to send me a small picture of your son I'll slip it into the corner of another frame, not the one with Captain Foster and my cousin. They're both dead.

Instead I'll put in in the corner of a photo shopped WW2 poster I see every morning. It's been there for years and still makes me grin. Google images for 'Loose tits sink ships'. It's an old National Lampoon poster. I'll grin at him every morning while I whisper my prayer for the troops.


I have been spending my vacations at Camp Perry for well over 20 years. I generally drop in on the Marine team because they stay on post. The Army unit generally live off post.

Three or four years after 9-11 I was playing "who do you know?'' with a group of Marines. I learned that there were three guys I didn't know any more and another three that had been torn up pretty badly. The news left me in a mean funk for months.

We have been at war of one sort of another for over fifteen years now. I'm getting sick and tired of it.

If we are going to go after ISIS then do it, get it done and get it over with. Stop playing games with out kid's lives.

Quite frankly I would love nothing more than to tell the defense contractors to hunker down for a while because they are going to have to face a nasty outbreak of peace. 

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Spend the couple of minutes. A POWERFUL speech

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I am beginning to see that we are being set up for a war with Russia.

I very well be misinformed here but I do not believe it will happen if Trump is elected. 

If Hillary is elected there is no way I am getting behind her in a war with Russia. I have nothing whatsoever against the Russians and have no desire to fight them.

I will likely retire and turn in my Merchant Mariner's credentials and sit this one out. Let Hillary's supporters fight this one.

Put every special little snowflake and pajama boy through boot camp and dig the college kids out of the campus safe spaces and give them a pair of boots and a musket. They voted her in, they can support her war.

The average redneck or working class guy has fought every single war that has come down the pike and has been pushed our way by politicians. You DO note that THEIR sons and daughters don't join the service. They just send other people's kids off to war.

For a long time these wars have been fought by basic, hardworking conservatives and gotten laughed at by the left for it. Now it should be their turn to send their kids into the meat grinder.

I have served my country and supported the troops for decades. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of watching good working class people come home chewed up. Truth is the left should start sending THEIR kids off to war. Send pajama boy, Snowflake, the welfare rats and and their ilk off to fight.

It should be noted that these special snowflakes and pajama boys were the same people that spit on me when I came home in uniform during the tail end of Vietnam. Now its their turn to put on a uniform. I won't spit on them, though. I'll just ignore them.

If they don't like it, then why don't they clean up their party?

The Republican types have made a damned big step in the right direction when they told their elites to shove it and elected Donald Trump to run. They showed that they were fed up with business as usual and didn't accept any of the usual party hacks and elites that the RNC tried to palm off on us.

Trump ain't much but he's got guts and enough sense to keep us out of a war with Russia. What's also important is he isn't a GOP insider. He also has enough respect for the public to keep us in peace and if he isn't blocked we might even get a little prosperity out of the deal.


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Friday, October 21, 2016

The other day I actually exercised the first box right.

I figured that it may be the last chance we will ever have to exercise it.

I took a milk crate and gave it a quick wrap of duct tape and wrote 'soap' an all four sides with a Sharpie pen and went off looking for a likely looking spot. I landed in front of a State (liquor) Store and plopped the box down.

Then I got up on it and started making a semi-rehearsed speech on behalf of Donald Trump. It proved to be interesting.

I actually drew a small crowd and a number of comments. Some said I was preaching to the choir. A number of people chuckled and said they had never seen a guy get up on the soap box like that before.

I told them it was very possibly my last chance the way things were going and a number of people somberly agreed.

One of the few Hillary supporters argued that he had heard such and such on CNN and that drew chuckles. Someone said to him that CNN stood for Communist News Network and he scowled and shuffled off. He muttered something about calling the police on me.

Someone else told him they would do nothing, First Amendment and all... he shuffled off.

I found that there is an awful lot of support for Trump in my neck of the woods although it is not so much support for Trump as people see him as someone to block Clinton.

Actually the basis of my speech was mainly that. Block Hillary.

I was pleasantly surprised how many people agreed. I was also surprised when an old woman walked up and asked me if I was exercising my First Amendment right. When I told her I was, she said "God bless you!" and said she had never actually seen someone literally get up on the soap box before.

I am not comfortable publicly speaking and I had a very hard time getting started. However, once I did get started it got a little easier. I didn't really get used to it, though. Still, a man's gotta do what he's gotta do.

One of the people commented on the taxes he paid on liquor. I looked at him and grinned. I pointed out that Southwestern Pennsylvania has had quite a history of moonshining if he didn't want to pay the tax. That amused a number of people.

I had only one thing that even remotely resembled an incident and I handled it well.

Some hippie type Social Justice Warrior started to heckle me and I politely asked if he would kindly let me exercise the use of the first box of freedom.

"What's that?" he asked.

"The soap box upon which I am standing," I replied.

"What are the other three?" he asked.

"The ballot box and the jury box," I answered.

"That's only three," he said, indignantly. "What's the other?"

"The cartridge box," I said. "But I didn't bring a gun with me so I suppose I can't open that one. But I suppose with the number of carry permits in the county I can borrow one from one of the good citizens here if I need one."

Admitting I was unarmed had a small relaxing effect on the maybe 8 or 10 people that were there. Then something pretty cool happened. A fairly well dressed said he had a .45 in his car I could borrow if I needed it. I knew he was kidding and so did most everyone there.

"Stick around in case I do need it," I said. He grinned. Some people chuckled. 

The hippie didn't know if this was serious so he shuffled off. He had a dour look on his face. The whole incident probably lasted under two minutes. It was hardly worth mentioning. Still, it was amusing.

Anyway, after a while someone showed up and pointed that even though I was in front of the State Store I was in fact on private property and he asked me to leave. This is fair enough. If it is private property the owner has the right to ask me to leave. I did without incident.

As I was picking up my soapbox the guy said that he had been listening to me and I made sense. He was apologetic and explained they had a policy and had to enforce it fairly. I told him I understood and left.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

One of the things I laugh at are woman with false virtue and false indignation.

I got into hot water a couple of times when I lived in Kodiak. In fact I narrowly missed getting my ass kicked more than once.

The fleet was out and as a result so were most of the men. It was a girls night out so to speak and I was in town sitting in a bar listening to four woman sitting at the bar. Three were griping about their husbands and one was commiserating with the other three. The one was happy as a clam with her mate and made no bones about it. She adored her husband.

The head bitch was showing off some piece of jewelry and said it had come as a result of some certain sexual favors granted to her husband.

Just then a hooker sitting off to one side left to troll somewhere else. She quietly got up and left as discreetly as possible.

The head bitch saw her leave and as soon as she was out of earshot said, "I hate women like that."

"So put her out of business," I said. "It's economics 101. I YOU start servicing the fleet for free she will likely leave town."

The entire place busted up and the bartender blushed a bit and commented, "He DOES have a point. She is only here because there is money to be made."

The queen bitch was pretty upset and just said, "Yeah, well."

"Yeah, well, nothing." I shot back. "Truth is you're afraid of the competition." As soon as he figures out he can get serviced better and for a lot less than your new piece of jewelry cost you're going to have to compete."

There was a lot of embarrassed laughter and she gave me a snooty "Harumph." This was followed by a look of false indignation.

"You've already told us what your price is, Claris. "You told practically the entire bar. Sounds to me like you don't like competition."

Sheila Jensen, the woman that had defended her husband was trying not to wet her pants. She was sitting there quietly with a somewhat embarrassed look on her face.

"Sheila, Tom's a damned lucky guy to be married to you," I said. She smiled blushingly.

"Thank you," she said.

Tom Jensen had the smallest boat out of the four husbands of the four wives. It was a limit seiner. He was most likely the most successful of the four husbands as his expenses were lower. He also had a reputation of being generous with his crew shares and as a result always had a damned good crew.

"Sometimes a knight in shining armor shows up disguised in greasy coverall," I said.

Sheila laughed. Tom was known for his coveralls and his battered pickup. Sheila's car wasn't much, either. Both of them had enough sense to know that new cars in Kodiak were a total waste of money. Of course the other three wives got new cars every two or three years.

Sheila bailed out and was followed by the other three indignant woman. Sheila was likely headed home. The other three were likely headed off to one of the hotel bars that were off the beaten path. 

I knew there would be fallout and I stood a pretty good change of getting my lights knocked out. I had one thing going for me. There were a number of regulars there that had heard every word. 

One well preserved older woman that kept herself in excellent condition and immaculate came up to me. "Piccolo, you go where angels fear to tread, she said. "You were 100% right but likely there will be hell to pay. Those three will tell their husbands you insulted them and tell them half the story. Watch yourself. Doris is tending bar tomorrow night and I'm going to cover for Lois who needs the evening off."

The fleet returned in dribs and drabs. The first one I encountered was Tom Jensen. I wandered into Tony's and saw him. He saw me and grinned. "I already heard," he said.

"Then what are you doing here?" I said. "Get some flowers for Sheila and go home to that woman!"

He looked confused.

"You didn't hear the all of it," I said. "Sheila defends you like an attack dog."

He smiled. "She's meeting me here. We're going out tonight."

"I wondered why you were not in coveralls," I grinned.

I met two of the three husbands the following evening. One of them, one of them was married to Claris. He took one look at me, pointed at me and said, loudly, "Pic! You insulted my wife!"

"She insulted herself," I shot back. "She was sitting at the bar showing off her new jewelry that she said you bought her after some certain sexual favors. Then she insulted a hooker. I simply said she didn't like competition because you could have gotten the job done professionally and for a lot less."

"True story," said a fairly loud voice. "I was there and saw the whole thing."

He looked at the bartender who simply nodded. So did a couple of regulars. Blaine, a friend of mine said, "He's right, you know. Sully told me she's pretty damned good. See if she'll give you a wholesale rate."

"You're damned right she does," said Sully. "It's a damned good deal!" Sully was one of those people that hid nothing. He was pretty blackmail proof because of it. I learned to hide nothing from him and if accused of something I generally denied it by saying I was somewhere else doing something worse. When Sully said the hooker was worth the money the whole place cracked up.

The two men left in embarrasssment and I knew I'd heard the last of it. They knew that if they stuck it to me they would look a lot worse than they did. In time, both of them ended up treating me with respect.


Cloris was eventually kicked to the curb after a couple more little scenes. She left town shortly after the divorce was finalized. Rumor had her in Anchorage living with a drug dealer.

The other two guys probably has some serious words with their wives that night. I don't know what happened. I do that one of the guys lost his boat to the bank the following year. He survived. The other lost his boat at sea with all hands. I knew three of them. I attended a memorial service for two of them at the Anchor Bar.

Tom and Sheila raised a couple of kids and he managed to survive a career in the fishing industry. He sold his boat and went into semi-retirement a while ago and works nights as a janitor at one of the schools for a few hours a night for the insurance and something to do. His second oldest son followed his father's footsteps and survived a sinking. He left the fishing industry.

The hooker left town a few months later. Of course she left no forwarding address. A few months after she left a rumor went around that she was in Oregon, reportedly a hairdresser.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I can take my mask off, thank God. I'm not the Lone Ranger.

One of the guys just sent me this.

I just posted this rant on one of my motorcycle forums that has an Off Topic discussion board. The forum has a mix of mostly conservative and of course a bunch of full blown liberals with whom I am always at odds. One of the libs started a discussion titled "Who Inspires You?". Lots of the standard BS like MLK, Honest Abe and some saying their fathers and grands and then comes me and my reply below. I should expect a good deal of admonishment along with some praise pretty quick.

My (his) reply:

This one is sure to get me flamed but what else is new here. Donald J. Trump inspires me.

Why in the world would a self made billionaire even want to step out of his luxury high rise penthouse and into the cesspool of politics is beyond my comprehension. This man had the world by the balls and every comfort known to man with a gorgeous wife and family all living the good life and is now tied to the bumper of a rat infested political machine and being dragged through mud and feces with his entire life under a microscope. He will have spent well over 100 Million of his own dollars to win a job that pays less than a half million per year and claims he is doing it for US as in you and me and for the United States of America.
For many years I and many of us have been saying "We want our country back" and DJT is the one and only person we have ever witnessed enter the political fray and go directly after all those who have stolen our country. He is at this point probably the most hated man in America by all those who want to maintain the Status Quo but also the most loved by the millions who have and are being beaten and taxed into poverty.
Like him or not, he is the only person who has ever stepped up to the plate and set the entire political word on it's ear without the fear of his own well being. Never again will there ever be such a man willing to put it all on the line the way Trump has in this election cycle. Some here will certainly say he did it for the power. Maybe except that he already has more power than any mortal man needs. Some will say he is doing it for his ego and this too might be true but I am perfectly fine with that since he has exposed oh so many of the corrupt politicians and dealings that have taken this country into the depths of despair with overwhelming debt, racial and religious divide, police being targeted for death and the entire world on fire in every corner. I guess you can even say his opponent is a better choice but please tell me and us if you can, exactly how are the ones who got us here in the first place are going to fix the mess they themselves have made. Tell us how anything will get any better with the proven failures and endless scandals of the Clinton's that have plagued this country for well over 30 years. I am all ears on this as I have lived through it all of my adult life and so far to date I have never seen any politician do anything but blow smoke up our ass. The democrats are and have been the party for the poor for at least the last 50 years and the poor are getting poorer and the inner cities are still dumps. They have been fixing social security for as long as I have paid into it, over 50 years now, and it is just as broken today. BTW, How is all this Free Healthcare working out for us? Not to mention our National Debt has doubled in the past 8 years. Yup, we need Hillary like I need the clap!

His name

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Another James O'Keefe video. Get this one out.

Do not expect to see this on the mainstream media. The stations have spiked it because Hillary's justice department will slam them when she gets elected. The DNC has already said so.

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Voter fraud anyone?

As usual, Donald Trump is right. He said the system is rigged.

It is.

He's right...again.

Incidentally listen to the unrelated ad. It's interesting because it explains a little about what is going on in the Muslim world.

Here's one for all you folks back home.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Emergency post. Get this out anywhere you can.

Send this to FOX, CNN, anywhere.

Post it on every internet board you can.

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These people listed in the hot kink below will never receive my respect, my loyalty or my obedience.

What do you people have to hide? What have you stolen from us? What does Hillary have on you?

Were you caught fucking a goat? Were you caught fondling a child? Maybe you were screwing someone's wife.

Probably not, but entirely possible. Maybe true in some cases. Who knows? Still, it sounds an awful lot like Hillary has something on you. My guess is that it it is money.  

Somewhere along the line someone may very well have stuck a few bucks in your pocket. There is a damned good reason why you have stuck it to us. Someone is either blackmailing you or bribing you. Which one is it? We want to know. We have every right to know.

We already know that insider trading laws don't apply to Congress. I have to assume you are stealing from us. How do your scams work?

Perhaps you have bought up stocks in some insignificant company and then awarded them a lucrative contract driving their stock up. Then you sell, leaving the government warehouses full of junk to be surplussed off down the road.

Perhaps you have gotten kickbacks from companies for awarding them a contract. 

You must have done something.

On the other hand, maybe you're upset that the rank and file are not following your little guidance obeying you and supporting your little agenda. You're having a temper tantrum because we decided not to give little Jeb his turn. You want to teach us a lesson.

Next time we'll be good little voters and do what you tell us to. How about 'No'? 

For the past forty years we have supported every lackluster candidate you have shoved down our throats. We have voted for McCain, Dole, Romney and both Bushes. This year we decided it was our turn because you wanted to ram Jeb down our throats. We said no.

We, the rank and file conservatives have played your game for decades and when we wanted our turn not only did you turn your backs on us, you stuck it to us.

We will not forget this in the future and will do everything in our power to destroy your careers. If we can we will find a way to hold you to task for your betrayal.

You have proven to be traitors and deserve to be treated as such.

Incidentally the list on the link in not all inclusive. Off the top of my head I have to add the entire Bush family and Bill Kristol among quite a few more.


Update. I have heard from maybe a 6-7 out of 10 that the GOP elites had a backroom deal with the DNC to run none other than "Daddy it's my turn" Jeb Bush against Hillary.

When Trump came charging in they had to keep the deal with the DNC hence the #NeverTrump business.

I can here Jeb talking to his old man. "Daddy, that mean ol Donald Twump came in ant took my place. Do something, Daddy! Do something."

We may not win but we have a chance. I can picture Jeb debating Hillary with the fix in as it is. "Daddy, tell me what to say to the mean old lady!"

This is the circus clown the RNC wanted to palm off on us.

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Emergency post.

Todays regularly scheduled babbling has been interrupted with an important message. Please tune in tomorrow when we return to our regularly scheduled bullshit.

I have stolen this from another board and have posted it here. It is worth taking action on. Make the phone call, please. Please make the phone call.

If you are a naysayer stay out of this thread, this thread is not for those that listened to the MSM and have given up. 

This thread is for those that actually want to do something instead of just bitch about it. 

If you live one of these states keep reading. 

District of Columbia 
New Jersey 

Some of this info has already been posted but its worth posting again. 

If you think its tinfoil hat stuff just do a little digging yourself and you will be concerned. 

"Smartmatic (also referred as Smartmatic Corp. or Smartmatic International) is a multinational company headquartered in London and originally incorporated in April 11, 2000 in the State of Delaware,[2] United States that specializes in the design and deployment of complex purpose-specific technology solutions aimed at helping governments to fulfill their commitments toward their citizens." 

Investor and philanthropist George Soros established the Open Society Foundations... Yep George Soros. you should know him he is the number one contributor to the Democrats. 

The Chairman of Smartmatic is the Vice-Chairman of the Open Society Foundation. 

Now thats interesting , the Chairman of the company that supplys the electronic voting machines to 16 states in three weeks and will count the votes without any over-site....... works for George Soros. 
On the Smartmatic Board of Directors is David Giampaolo: 

Who is he? He's the CEO of Pi Capital, a London based private investment club. They have private events with lots of famous speakers. You know, like... Bill Clinton: 

What else do we know about David & Pi Capital? Well, they just recently announced a strategic partnership with Saranac Partners, another UK based wealth management firm founded by Tom Kalaris: 

Who's that you ask? He's the ex-head of Barclays (of Libor rigging fame among other wonderful deeds!) Wealth division and co-chief of Barclays America (big Clinton donors too). Resigned in shame in 2012 after fraud investigations about the way Barclays raised capital from Qatar. You know Qatar, right? Big Clinton Foundation donors, sent Slick Willy a $1million birthday present in 2012 just because. Allegations of being one of the primary financiers of ISIS. Yeah, that Qatar. 

Just google Smartmatic and election fraud. 

What i'm going to to is contact the Louisiana Secretary of State and the SOS voting division and let them know about a MAJOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST!! 

What i'm going to Fax is this: 

Mark Malloch-Brown, a Brit, is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Smartmatic international corporation, a so-called 'elections solutions provider' that offers its voting machines, vote counting machines, software and techies to run elections all over the world. 
Besides his top position at Smartmatic, Mark Malloch-Brown serves in quite a high position (Vice Chairman) at no less of an organization than George Soros' international Open Society Foundation who have given MILLIONS in donations to the Democrat party!!!. 
How do we know this? It's no secret. Mark Malloch-Brown is so proud of his service to George Soros that he boasts of it on the Voting Machine Company's website. 
“ (Mark Malloch-Brown) chairs the Boards of a number of non-profit boards including ...the Open Society Foundation...SOURCE OF THE ABOVE - - 
“ What this means on Election Day is that ...a private company (linked to Soros), manages everything about the voting, from voter registration, the printing of ballots, the programming of the voting machines, the counting and tabulation of the votes, and the final reporting of the results for... millions of Americans in (many) states. 
Smartmatic's voting equipment and procedures have raised the suspicions of people in more than one nation, and their trustworthiness has been called into question by cops, judges and politicians. 
In 2012, the Mexican government contracted with Smartmatic. But the results were abysmal as they transmitted only 30% and 45% of the actual ballots in two elections. Making the results weighted in favor of particular candidates, officials were more than livid! 
In the 2013 election in The Philippines, they transmitted only 76% of the actual ballots. 
In 2014, Smartmatic has been charged with fraud in the Brazilian election. 
Smartmatic's equipment, software and technicians will be counting votes behind closed doors in the following US states- -- Arizona -- California -- Colorado -- District of Columbia -- Florida -- Illinois -- Louisiana -- Michigan -- Missouri -- New Jersey -- Nevada -- Oregon -- Pennsylvania -- Virginia -- Washington -- Wisconsin . . .SOURCE - - 
“ Any actual counting of the votes by citizens is very rare in the United States except for a few counties in Montana and other states where paper ballots are still hand-counted. In most counties the ballots are treated as input data to be processed through computer systems controlled by private companies... 
Let's get this all out in the open long before the Trump / Clinton votes are counted out of our sight.. 
In light of the fact that their corporation has a Chairman of the Board who also chairs George Soros' Open Society Foundation - considering that Soros is Hillary's biggest contributor and Soros has great interest in the US presidency - let's find out in cyberspace in broad daylight how Smartmatic can be ASSURE US THE COUNT WILL BE FAIR. 
Does the contract with Smartmatic have of Conflict of Interest claus? 
As a citizen and registered voter in Louisiana I ask some one in the Louisiana Department of State to please look into this look into this. 

If you live in one of those 16 states and give a crap about this country I suggest you do the same. 

Here are contact information for all 16 states that will be using these machines. 


Arizona Secretary of State: Michele Reagan (Republican.) 
Phone: 602-542-4285 
Toll free in Arizona 1-800-458-5842 


California Secretary of State :Alex Padilla (Democrat) 
Elections Division: 

Main Number: (916) 657-2166 
TTY/TDD: (800) 833-8683 
Voter Hotline: (800) 345-VOTE (8683) 
Elections Division Fax: (916) 653-3214 


Colorado Secretary of State: Wayne W. Williams (Republican) 
Elections and voting: 
303-869-4861 (FAX) 

District of Columbia : 

Board of Elections Government of the District of Columbia 
Main: 202) 727-2525 
Fax: (202) 347-2648 

Florida Elections Commission 
Phone number (850) 922-4539 
Fax number: (850) 921-0783 

Illinois State Board of Elections 
Springfield Office : 
Phone: 217-782-4141 
Fax: 217-782-5959 
Chicago Office : 
Phone: 312-814-6440 
Fax: 312-814-6485 

Louisiana : 
Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler (Republican) 
Secretary of State 
225.922.2003 fax 
Elections Division 
225.922.0945 fax 

Michigan : 
Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson (Republican) 

Missouri : 

Missouri Secretary of State Jason David Kander (Democrat) 

(573) 751-2301 (Voice) 
(800) NOW-VOTE (669-8683) 
(573) 526-3242 (Fax) 

New Jersey : 

New Jersey Division of Elections 

Tel: (609) 292-3760 
Fax: (609) 777-1280 

Nevada : 

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske (Republican) 
Elections Division 

Phone: 775-684-5705 
Fax: 775-684-5718 


Oregon Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins (Democrat) 

Toll free 1-866-673-VOTE (1-866-673-8683) 
Fax 503-373-7414 
TTY 800-735-2900 


Pennsylvania Department of State 

Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation 

Phone: (717) 787-5280 
Fax: (717) 705-0721 

Virginia : 

Virginia Department of Elections 
Telephone: (804) 864-8901 
Toll Free: (800) 552-9745 
FAX: (804) 371-0194 


Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman (Republican) 

Washington State Elections Division 

Telephone (360) 902-4180 
(800) 448-4881 
Fax (360) 664-4619 

Wisconsin : 

Wisconsin Elections Commission 

Call us at (608) 266-8005 for general inquiries. 
Call our Help Desk at (608) 261-2028 for technical assistance. 
Call us toll-free at 1-866-VOTE-WIS 
E-mail us at or visit our Elections Staff page for a directory. 
Send us a fax at (608) 267-0500. 

Here is another very interesting hot link for those of you that want to read it. Everyone should.

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