Sunday, January 31, 2016

Yes I am a veteran

A while ago one of the neighbors found an old rifle on their property somewhere. Things like this happen. I won't furnish details  save to say that someone put the thing away for some kind of SHTF or something.

It was dipped in cosmoline for long term storage.

Anyway, they called me over and when I got there the first thing to come out of their mouth was, "You're a veteran. What's this?"

Of course, I am a competitive service rifle shooter and knew right off the bat but it goes to show you what is expected of us by some people.

What is a veteran?

Simply a guy that spent a hitch in military service.

Not all of us were Tier One operators.

Some of us cooked, ran payroll accounts, fixed stuff and supplied the field guys.

There are all sorts of different people that are veterans and expecting every one to be a Rambo type is patently unfair to all of us.

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Kinda cold today.

I didn't mention it but when I came home the other day I was met in the driveway by one of the neighbors. Her husband was in the hospital and things didn't sound very good.

I was afraid we were going to lose him.

A quick visit to the hospital yesterday told me he is going to be OK. Thank God for small miracles. He's a damned good neighbor.


It's a pretty clear, cold Saturday morning and things are rather quiet. I'm having my morning coffee, the rig is on for background and I'm listening to a couple of longtime hams ragchew on 40 meters. I'm going to visit the hospital again today.


I had a couple of drinks the night I got home but have had none since. There's a new policy for me. No alcohol unless I am under weight. It's a pretty good motivator to keep from gaining any of the weight back that I lost. Besides, alcohol is empty calories.


I have been advised not to post about certain things and I am ignoring the advice. I have nothing to hide.

The only taboo subjects are family personal stuff and work. I don't want to embarrass my sisters, nieces and nephew and it's nobody's business, anyway.

Work is the other subject I generally avoid because if I am taking a man''s money I am expected to not backstab him. That's fair and I think that more people ought to take that attitude. As long as I am in someone's employ they deserve a certain amount of loyalty...of course, that's a two-way street.


That's all, Folks.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

How about a sked?

For those of you that don't know, a sked is a scheduled attempt at making a ham radio contact. 

You know who you are. You are the ham that lives about 8 time zones away. So how about a sked?

Let's seen now. Its 1900 local time where I live and that means it's 0300 where you live. However, the VOCAP predictions say that's the best time to try making a contact.

So how about a sked?

How about if you stumble out of bed in the middle of the night half in a daze and all gummy-eyed. Then you stub your toe on the dresser and let out a groan and wake your wife.

Then you step on your cat's tail and the resulting screech wakes up the baby and gets it crying.

With an angry wife, a crying baby, an injured cat creating a terrible din you rub the sleep out of your eyes and head over to your radio and fire it up in the middle of the night.

You're going to go on the air on the off chance that you can make a ten second contact half a world away with some clown you have never met.

You are doing this so he can make an entry in a logbook that nobody else but him will ever see.

Yeah. Let's make a sked.


Interestingly enough, a couple of months ago I emailed a Japanese ham in the middle of the Marianas a while back asking him what times he was planning on being on the air. I simply asked him to keep his ear open for my call sign.

He sent me back a reply that he had run a VOCAP propagation prediction and had ascertained that at 1600 my time, 2100Z was our best chance and he'd meet me on 17 meters at 2100Z.

When I mentioned he would be getting up in the middle of the night, he replied "No problem. I'm on vacation.".

I don't have a clue as to what time it was in the Marianas but I'm sure it was sometime pretty early in the morning. 

I went on the air on the agreed on frequency and in a few seconds I had him in my logbook.  


Anyway, I am going to email a ham in North Africa and see what we can work out. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what he says.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Home again after a long, cold tour.

I guess I am still pretty hardy and able to take the weather. However, I don't think I bounce back as well as I used to.

I am going to need a couple of days in a very warm house to recover and start feeling normal again. I have the temperature set at 72 now and normally it is set at 68. I guess that and a couple of long, hot showers and I'll be good to go.

The rig is on. It is a good source of background noise. 

What is interesting is that I generally turn the rig off when most people visit as they likely find the noise annoying. However, there is one guy that I turn the rig on when he shows up. He's former military and it reminds him of earlier days in his life. He liked the army but got out to raise his family.

Today I will get a haircut, trim my winter beard and clean the place up a bit. The kitchen floor is a bit scungy and needs a mopping. After that it's 

Someone at work asked me what my arriving home ritual is. 

When I arrive home the first thing I do is drag my stuff into the garage and park it. Then I go upstairs and instantly scoop up Kitty and play with him for about 20 minutes or so.

Next it is over to the mail. QSL cards get opened first. This time there was only one but it was an ATNO, Market Reef. An ATNO is an All Time New One.

Then I start going through my packages. I do much of my shopping on line as it is generally cheaper in the long run. This time I bought a lifetime supply of inexpensive NATO watch bands as I ran out of them a while back. I use them to replace the original band when it wears out.

There were also a couple of books. I have a place that will combine shipping. The books actually sell for a penny apiece and when you consider that I just got two books delivered to my door for a total of $4.01 that a pretty good deal. It's probably cheaper than going to the library.

Then my NRA package arrived. I have been an NRA member for years. However I just upgraded my membership and that package arrived. I won't put the decals on my truck, though.

There are a number of Social Justice Warriors out there that are apt to vandalize a truck with one on it. 

While I have nothing whatsoever with giving one of these little dweebs a nasty sucking chest wound for their efforts, the paperwork is just too overwhelming so I'll just evade the entire issue.

Oh, yeah. Another fedora arrived and it needs 'the treatment'. The brim needs a little reshaping. After it gets steamed into shape it gets a thick slathering of unscented hair spray on the brim. When it dries I can wear the lid under Niagara Falls and it will stay in shape.

We'll see how the day progresses.

Anyway, I am home. I am still alive and things are pretty good.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I generally have believed in the great melting pot theory

 but these days I have started to rethink things.

These days it seems to me that we're suffering a lot of grief from the immigration policies of the president.

I'm not going to get into the illegal immigrants from south of the border here. I'm looking at the people coming in from the Middle East.

I just read an article about a Chinese woman that just became a citizen. The one interesting thing she did was left China and its ways behind.

A lot of Middle Easterners don't seem to do that. They drag their $hit with them. They arrive here and want the rest of us to permit Sharia courts. How about 'no'? You can't have sharia courts here. Sorry about that.

Some of them also bring in some pretty violent customs with them, too. They permit women to be abused. It's not OK to mutilate your daughter because she smiled at the boy across the street. You can't throw acid on your wife's face for burning dinner.

We have had a number of pretty damned violent outbursts from some of these people in the form of mass shootings.

In short an awful lot of these people do not fit in with western civilization very well.

For generations people have brought themselves here to become Americans. They left their past behind them and changed. Not so these days.

The truth is we ought to make damned good and sure anyone trying to immigrate to this country is going to fit in. We have no time for people that think murdering someone over religious differences is OK.

It's time to seal the borders and throw some people out and send them back to where they came from.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Miracle at Grant's tomb.

This is kind of a sea story but I'm not going to say anything about anything but what happened.

A few years back there was a humongous blizzard slated to occur in New York. I was working on an oil barge at the time and the tug skipper opted to ride the mess out at anchor. He anchored up the Hudson River near Grant's tomb. 

While maybe not my first choice of anchorages, it wasn't too bad. 

The blizzard was supposed to dump about three feet of snow. My shipmate and I knew that we were going to have to spend hours shoveling snow just to get the barge operational afterwards.

Winds of about fifty knots were also part of the deal. 

We anchored in flat calm and inside a few minutes we got hit by the snow and it accumulated fast. We looked out the portlight and saw we were really getting dumped on. It seemed like just a few minutes and we were covered with a foot of snow and no end in sight.

I had the night watch and when my shipmate turned in late than night there were at least two feet of snow covering the deck evenly. I told him I'd start shoveling in an hour or so. He agreed.

About ten minutes after he turned in I looked out to see that the snow wasn't coming down vertically any more. The wind that had been forecasted earlier was starting and it picked up and really started blowing.

The snow was completely horizontal. It picked up even more and I noticed that it seemed to be blowing the snow off of the deck.

About a half-hour later I realized that there wasn't a whole lot of snow left on deck and as I watched I saw the wind peeling the snow off of it.

It was fascinating and a joy to watch as the accumulated snow simply disappeared.

Inside another hour the snow stopped falling and the wind continued. It wasn't long before the bulk of the snow on deck was gone.

I didn't bother going out to shovel as my work was done by Mother Nature. Instead I crapped out on the settee and dozed off.

I was awakened by running water from the head. My shipmate was taking a wakeup shower and I glanced out the window. The deck was clear. There were only one or two very small piles of snow on deck.

When he came out of the head I looked at him and suggested that when he got around to it he'd take a broom out with him and get the remaining snow.

It took him less than five minutes.

I gave him a call after the recent blizzard and we laughed about it. We call it the Miracle of Grant's tomb.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

I just read where the city government

 of Washington DC is all bent out of shape because Walmart won't open a couple of stores in poorer neighborhoods.

Why should they? They won't make any money.

There are reasons for this, most likely. First is that the poorer neighbor neighborhoods don't have a whole lot of money. There is also a higher crime rate there.

The other reason that comes to mind is that the DC government is planning on taxing them in the future. That cuts into profits. The more government steps in and trys to regulate businesses the more difficult it is to run one at a profit. 

As far as poorer neighborhoods go, there are generally not many businesses willing to open shop there. It's both unprofitable and dangerous. Why open shop where you are likely to be robbed? 

I have written a post on what are referred to as 'food deserts', places where there are no places to buy food. The residents there have to travel out of their area to buy food.

The truth is that the neighborhood (collectively) has to bear the responsibility for this. They have created an unfriendly business atmosphere.

Of course in DC the city government people are outraged because big, mean, old Wally World won't open shop there. The big liberal war cry "That's not fair!" is being heard.

What's so unfair about not opening a business that isn't going to be profitable? If this is such a golden opportunity then how come the very people that are complaining about it wouldn't invest their personal funds? 

Probably because it's a whole lot easier and safer for them to tell someone else how to spend (and lose) their money.

Walmarts and a lot of other stores suffer pretty hefty losses from theft in even the best of neighborhoods. This puts the hurt on profits. God only knows how much stuff walks out of stores in bad neighborhoods.

When you have government try and regulate wages and tax the business then that takes a bite out of profits.

Of course, the store can simply raise prices to offset things. However the 'That's not fair!' crowd will instantly start moaning and bellyaching that the people in the suburbs pay less for the same item.

Truth is, maybe it's because the people in the suburbs are a little more civilized and respect businesses and themselves a little more than the inner city inhabitants.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

The crybaby wing

 of the black community shot themselves in the foot again.

They are griping because no blacks are getting an academy award this year. Yeah, and your point is?

One place that has shattered racial stereotypes and accepted minorities well ahead of its time are sports, arts and entertainment. As a general rule in the  sports and entertainment business,an artist/athlete is an artist/athlete and is judged on the basis of their performance.

There are going to be years that minorities snag more than their fair share of awards and years they will win fewer, based on their particular percentage of the population.

I read somewhere that the Oscar people are going to try and fix this in the future and the truth is they are doing the black community no favor whatsoever. They will cheapen the status of the winning artists.

If there is an injustice a change in policy is truly in order. Fair is fair. If someone merits an award of some sort, by all means award it. That is only fair.

However, changing the requirements to make one group of another happy is a crock. It creates a false set of values.

We see that in colleges where admissions requirements are sometimes racially motivated. It's common knowledge that an Asian has to get a higher score for admission than a white. A white has to get a higher score than a black.

Some schools do this to create a sense of fairness that is totally and patently unfair. The requirements should be the same for everyone regardless of minority status.

I read where the Oscar people have issued a statement where they will likely do something to fix something that doesn't look like it is broken.

The results will be that when a black does win an Oscar then people will simply look at it as a cheap award. The attitude will be that it was given to them to appease the black community. This will be a slap in the face to those that truly earned the award.

If the award was truly merited then the actor than busted his ass to truly earn it will find that his personal award has been cheapened by this policy.

When you look at things through a different light, an award given by an organization that is unfair racially is a lot more prestigious. It means the award overcame prejudice and did such a good job that it simply couldn't be ignored. That truly says something.

Black community leaders are doing blacks no service when they protest something like the Academy Awards because of the lack of minority awardees. I believe the organization is fair to begin with and if they have to change standards then everyone will lose. 

Well, not everyone. Racists will win because when they say that blacks are judged by a lower standard. Their argument will hold water.

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

I guess it all started

 when I got pissed off a while back while looking at some old pictures. They were taken of me about 40 years ago.

Back around the time I got out of high school I found a picture of my dad taken right after WW2. He was on a fishing trip clad in an old pair of khakis, an A-2 flight jacket, Ray-Bans and an Old School fedora.

I like the look and adopted it for myself, swapping the USAAF A-2 jacket for a Navy G-1. Sometime in the early 80s the Inidana Jones movie came out and I had to change my uniform. I kept the G-1 jacket and dropped the lid.

People used to say I was dressing like Indiana Jones but actually he was dressing like me. I was dressing like my father.

Recently I have taken my look back. Ive snagged a couple of pretty snappy looking Old School fedoras. A 2.5 inch brim is perfect and makes it clear that I am not some kind of new-speak hipster.

At 64 it is a pretty good uniform.

I have about a half-dozen lids now in different colors. There's brown, grey, olive, tan, chocolate and my newest acquisiton, mint green. The mint green is a shade too bright so I'll park it on a window sill for a couple of weeks and fade it slightly.

It may strike the readership as rather odd, but I feel a lot better about myself since I took my Old School look back.

Hmm. I'm thinking of a go to hell hat. A round high crown with a wide flat brim, a beaded hat band and a bent sea gull feather sticking up.

I guess they sell them as Billy Jack hats, but the look goes back a lot further than that dopey movie. Hollywood used to put lids like that on drunken Indians.

I think I'll snag one like that for whenever I decide to have a couple of snorts. Why not?

I would imagine that while white guilt ridden liberals would gripe. Thats too bad. I'll tell them I am sharing a kinship with drunken Indians and offer them a drink.

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Friday, January 22, 2016


Several year ago I ran into an acquaintance that was sporting a pretty good black eye. I had expected to see this because someone had already told me about it. Still I was mildly surprised at the magnitude of the shiner.

When I saw him he was all frumpy and indignant. He wanted my sympathy and was upset when none was forthcoming.

"What did you expect?" I asked. "You went looking for a fight with someone because you don't like the fact that he's gay and found out there are gays out there that know how to fight."

This was back in the early '80s and the gay community wasn't accepted like it is now.

When I said that he went agape.

"Seriously, what did you expect?" I asked again.

I got the usual "Yeah, well..."

"No 'Yeah, well' about it I countered. "You went looking for trouble and you found it. Again, what did you expect?"

He pouted and wandered off.

I listened to the grouch down the street a couple of years ago griing about having his property vandalized a couple years ago.

"What did you expect when you started raising hell with the kids?" I asked. "You thought that they would just go away, didn't you?"

"When I was their age I was in the Marine Corps!" he snapped back indignantly.

"You were a twelve year old Marine?" I asked.

"Uh...well, no," he replied. "But I had better things to do when I was their age."

"Like walking to school for five miles through four feet of snow uphill both ways carrying a tuba, right?" I countered.


"Thought so," I said. "The kids were playing street hockey on a quiet afternoon and keeping a sharp eye out for cars. When they saw one they moved their net instantly and were polite and waved." I said. "I know. I passed through a couple of times while running errands. Don't try and B.S. me."

"Well, they shouldn't have been there," he said.

"Yeah, OK," I replied. "Of course, you didn't have the courage to got face to face with them and ask that they move. You were chickenshit and called the cops on them."

I added. "You annoyed the cops who had better things to do and would rather see the kids playing street hockey because it keeps them out of trouble. The cops didn't want to break up the game but you made them because you complained."

"Well, they shouldn't have been there," he whined.

"What did you expect?" I asked. "Kids. Slow afternoon. Summertime. Kids play. You expected them to sit at home?"

We go through life thinking that we can do what we want with no repercussions and are shocked when something happens.

A while ago I heard of someone's car getting torched and instead of getting upset I asked around. Someone quietly told me "He's selling drugs. The story I got was he ripped a couple of people off so someone dumped 5 gallons of gas into his car and threw in a lighted match."

If this is the case then what was the drug peddler expecting? If this was simply a case of a local not liking narcotics being dragged into his neighborhood what was the peddler thinking?

Of course most of these people are likely to experience this kind of thing again because they don't understand that actions have consequences.


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Thursday, January 21, 2016

A city slicker gets snakebit on OP 4.

A few posts ago I wrote about the time the BnCO called me on an OP via field phone.

I was there calling in artillery. Between fire missions the BnCO called me and I had to put him off because someone got hurt...or thought he got hurt.

The injured party was a Private from of all places, New York City. He was one of those people who consider a tree to be a wild animal I suppose.

Anyway, Little Private Whasisname spotted a snake, panicked and when he stepped away his foot went into a hole, he turned around and landed on his ass. Apparently he landed on a sticker of some sort.

He thought the snake had bit him in the ass and he let out a shout. It was about this time the BnCO called and I put him off explaining that we might have an injury to deal with.

Now anyone that has ever been stationed at Fort Carson knows that it is rattlesnake territory. The private's cry that he had been bitten was very plausable.

I hung up on the BnCO and ran over to him and got his pants down and shouted for a medic. On his left butt cheek there was a puncture mark.

Luck was with us because Doc Santiago was in the area doing something or another. I think he was delivering water.

He grabbed his aid bag and snapped to a couple guys to find the snake. Then he got to the private and took one look at the puncture and pinched it. Grabbing his tweezers he dug a sliver out of it and announced that it looked like the dumbass had landed on a cactus.

Meanwhile several feet away I heard a shot and immediately recognized it as a blank round being fired without a blank adapter. An M-16 blank has mor3 than enough energy to tear the head off of a snake at close range.

I turned and saw a Sp/4 reach down and pick up a snake with its head blown off.

"It ain't a rattler," said the Sp/4, holding up the still wiggling snake. "Here, Pic. Have it for lunch."

"Thanks, don't mind if I do," I answered. I knew that cooking the snake up and eating it would get the private all wound up. I guess it wasn't too hard to get the city slicker squeamish. I also knew the rest of the guys would pay no mind to me eating a snake. Most of them had seen it before.

Anyway, I called the BnCO back and reported the injury was a false alarm and he sounded relieved. When he asked what happened I told him in a sheepish sounding voice I'd have to tell him face to face because he wouldn't believe it. We chatted about the original reason he called and got things squared away.

Later when I met him face to face I told him and we both shared a chuckle.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Some people never fail to amuse me with their lack of understanding.

I was in a Stearman once climbing to loop the old biplane when my cell phone went off. I checked to see who it was and decided I had time to simply answer it and give a fast message. I actally wanted to play with the caller a bit.

"Hello. I am in an open cockpit airplane climbing. I am at 5500 feet now and in another minute I am going to push the stick forward and loop it. This is not a very good time to call," I said. "Let's try this later."

"Well...this'll just take a minute..." he said.

"Think about what I said about where I am and what I am doing. If I talk now I will likely be in a plane crash. A plane crash is a very painful and expensive thing to have to deal with. I have to concentrate. Think about where I am and what I am doing."

"But I," he protested.

"Adios," I said, and hung up.

A minute later the phone rang and I ignored it. I could return the call when I landed. Whoever it was could wait about an hour or so.

After I landed I called the person back and they were a bit indignant over being hung up on.

"Stop right now," I said. "Put your right hand on your left ear and your left hand on your right ear and with a twisting, tugging jerk pull your head out of your ass. Now think. I told you I was in an open cockpit airplane doing aerobatics. I was. Suppose it was YOU in the cockpit?"

"Well, I..." he replied.

"You what?" I asked. "You don't think? Or maybe you do and it's all about yourself. Someone is in the middle of flying aerobatics and you just want to talk. Did it register that I told you I was flying a real airplane in a real sky and you wanted to distract me while you were sitting on your ass? How about 'no'."

Some people don't get it. 

Back when I was in the service I got a field phone call from the BnCo. This guy was one of the good guys. I was on an OP calling in artillery corrections. There had been a mishap. Someone was screaming he had just been snakebit.  Sometime later I'll tell this tale of woe.

The BnCO started to talk when I interrupted. "Sir, we got an injured guy here. Can this wait?"

"Call me when you can, Sergeant. Let me know about the injury."

This guy got it. Too bad the clown that called me when I was in the Stearman didn't.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Triage on education.

I keep hearing horror stories on inner city schools and the solution is dead simple.

It's triage time. 

First there are students that are going to be successful and behave themselves. They deserve an education and ought to be given an opportunity to succeed.

The next group are the kids that can be controlled and taught and, given some discipline can be successful. They deserve to be given an education.

The third group are the young people trying to teach and discipline is nothing more than a waste of time, assets and resources. The answer here is to simply throw them out of school and let them stew in their own juices.

It really is that simple. 

Of course, the do-gooders and liberals will recoil in horror and ask what is to become of these children that got thrown out of school. They seem to forget that the other kids have a right to an education without having disruptive little thugs dragging them down.

There is a simple answer to that. We can use them. After all, ditches don't dig themselves, toilets are not self-cleaning and burgers need to be flipped.

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Monday, January 18, 2016

What is happening

 with Trump is that as has been said before we're sick and tired of the boys in the smoke filled rooms giving us the shaft.

One of the things that I do not consider a liberal thing is the right to know what's in the food we eat. People have wanted to know about genetically modified foods for years. Many have demanded that GMOs be labeled as such.

Of course, the weed, feed and seed companies have tried to avoid having Congress mandate that foods containing GMOs be labeled as such. They are afraid they will start losing business.

So they lobby and one way or the other schlep money into the pockets of our boys in the back room to keep Congress from mandating that GMOs be properly labeled.

I personally eat what is put in front of me as a rule. If I were to discover that such and such a product that I eat contained GMOs it probably would not make me change. Still, I have a right to know.

Americans are being screwed by both parties and we know it. The RNC is now the party being forced to take their lumps now and that is fine by me. It's just one more reason I support Donald Trump. He's his own man and hasn't been bought by any of the usual gang of thugs.

I think a lot of Americans are on to this and that has a lot to do with the present success we see with Trump.

Virtually all of the other candidates on the slate are in some one's pockets. 

The truth is that if the boys in the back rooms of the DNC and RNC were looking out for the little people then we'd be looking out for them.

Just about every Teamster knew that Jimmy Hoffa was stealing from union funds. Not too many of them minded because Hoffa made sure the working teamster was taken care of. The Teamsters used to say, "He gets his, but we get ours."

What's going on in the back rooms of the DNC and RNC is simply a case of the big boys looking out for themselves. They are not giving a whit about the working stiff that pays taxes to pay them.

Right now they are probably in a panic as the popularity of Donald Trump on the Republican side and Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side is growing.

A lot of us on either party are fed up with politics as usual and knowing that the back room gang are sticking it to us one way or the other. We're fed up with establishment politics.

A lot of people refer to the GOP leadership as GOPe. It means GOPestablishment, as in politics as usual.

I have known a lot of criminals in my day, most of whom became unsuccessful criminals because they got greedy. I know of a few that are successful because they are not afraid to take care of the people under them.

It appears to me that the boys in the back room have gotten a little greedy with things and are looking for more ways to steal from the working stiff.

The Jones Act protects merchant mariners in many ways. What is more important is that it insures a steady supply of trained  AMERICAN merchant mariners to  supply the country in time of national emergency.

Repealing the Jones act would mean that the average seaman can be replaced by a foreigner for less money. Although I am a seaman I can readily understand that.

However, as a seaman I also understand that foreign seamen are really not going to be willing to put themselves in harm's way. I certainly wouldn't put myself in harm's way for some other country. I'd go to bat for my country, but not for another one.

Still, the boys in the back room have been trying to get the Jones act repealed for temporary short-term profits to stick in their pockets. They're selling the security of the nation for short term gain.

When force companies to send jobs overseas because of excessive taxation or regulation they are weakening us. They thing it's OK because they profit.

These backroom thieves are supposed to be working for us, not the corporations. They are fighting for the corporations to be able to cover up what's in the very food we eat. What they should be doing is looking out for us and mandating that we have these foods labeled so we can make an informed choice.

Someone commented that the present primary for the Republican party is likely going to be the last one where it is put to the vote of the rank and file members.

Interesting point. Maybe, maybe not. However if it gets to the point where the average registered Republican has no say any more then you can start looking toward a new party sprouting up. 

With the attitude of GOPe I am surprised it hasn't happened earlier.

I looked at a poll of conservatives and 80-plus% of them said that they only voted Republican because they thought the Democrats were worse. They admitted that they didn't like the GOP. Most of them feel that they are not voting for someone, but they are in fact voting against the other party. I've felt this way for decades.

Truth is both parties suck and right now the RNC is feeling the backlash as the average person with somewhat conservative values is speaking out.

In a way this reminds me of President Obama and his constant demands for gun control. Every time he prattles on about taking our Second amendment rights away from us, Americans vote with their wallets and buy more guns. 

Well, RNC, the more you fight and plot against Donald Trump the more popular he gets. 

RNC, the ball is in your court. Start doing your job or lose it. You very well may hear Donald Trump's famous two words. "You're fired!".

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

To me a vote for Trump is really against the control of our politics and media.

That being a quote form another website. I agree with is. That in a nutshell is why I am supporting Trump.

The groundswell movement consists of an awful lot of people like myself that are simply disgusted with both parties and the liberal biased media.

We are disgusted with both the DNC and the RNC, both of whick are run by fat guys in suits with big cigars that have been tearing us up and stealing from us for decades.

I read today where the RNC is held a 'Stop Trump' meeting BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. This is a case of panicky RNC types trying to overthrow the will of the American people so they can keep screwing us and getting richer and more powerful in the process.

Truth of the matter is these guys ought to be tarred and feathered.

It sure looks to me that the country is being run by these people and that the presidential candidates offered are weaklings like Jeb Bush that are little more than puppets for the boys in the back room.

For what it is worth, Jeb ought to drop out because nobody wants him EXCEPT for the boys in the back room. That's probably because he's easy for them to control. With him they get to keep their ill-gotten gains.

If Trump does get in I hope he does an awful lot of house cleaning. It's high time a lot of people got thrown out on their asses or maybe even get to move into the Cross Bar Hotel for a while. 

Hillary belongs there for sure. 

What we are seeing now happening to Mr. Trump is that many Democrats are crossing party lines and plan on supporting Trump. He seems to be speaking in terms the working class like to hear.

I also saw it written somewhere that Donald Trump isn't the president we want. Instead he's the asshole we need.

To a lesser extreme we are seeing the same thing happen in the Democratic party with Bernie anders doing a well a he is. It looks like he may knock Hillary out of the running.

Hillary is an old establishment Democrat that has bulled her way into the circle pf party elites. A lot of people don't like her very much jut because of who she is. She acts like it's her turn to be president the same way Jeb Bush does.

(I always wonder when it is going to be MY turn to run the country but will not hold my breath waiting) 

I have seen something like this happen in high school. 

When I was a senior we were supposed to vote for someone to represent the school in some state level thing. Of course, the people that ran in this election were all from the clique that the administration approved.

Except for one guy. He was a thorn in the side of the administration. He had been hauled down to the police station more than once. The had been suspended from school more than once. The office hated him with a purple.

For no apparent reason a quiet groundswell surged through the school. Everyone was quietly whispering that they were going to stick it to the office by voting for this guy.

On election day we voted and as the office counted the votes people saw they were growing more and more upset. The guy won in a landslide.

Now, I wouldn't have put it past the office to stuff the ballot box or intentionally miscount the votes. However they realized that if they did something dishonest they would likely have started a riot.

They quietly spoke of dropping out of the program but knew that would start more trouble. The student body had spoken and that was simply that.

With feaar and trepidation they sent him to the state program and cringed.

After he returned there was an assembly and the vice principal had to admit that they had gotten several reports that he did a bang-up job and represented the school wonderfully. This aggravated the administration even more than if he had gone there and started a riot. They were banking on him simply getting thrown out so they could say 'I told you so' to the student body.

What is going on now with the outpouring support of Trump is pretty much along these lines.

Do I think Trump is an asshole? You're damned right I do!

But he's the asshole this country needs to clean up a lot of the mess that the greedy DNC/RNC types have created. Maybe some of these string pullers in the back rooms will either smarten up or better yet, go to jail.

As for Jeb Bush?

Man up and drop out.

As for Hillary? 

Go to jail. Go directly to  jail. Do not pass 'Go'. Do not collect $200.


On a fairly conservative web site i noticed that over 80% of people voting in a poll there do NOT like the establishment GOP. They refer to it as GOPe for GOP establishment.

They say that they only vote for the Republican candidates because the Democratic candidates are a lot worse.

I agree. 

I have not voted FOR someone in decades. I have voted AGAINST the other candidate.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Is Vladmir Putin a reader?

I sorta doubt it but I guess it is a possibility.

For years I have been cranking out post after post after post without any regard for who reads them. Or for that matter, if anybody reads them. I'm somewhat surprised to see I have 86 followers.

Recently I figured out that I can check various things about my (scant) readership.

One of the things I can check up on is what country the reader is in. Lately there has been what I figure is one Russian reading several posts on a regular basis.

Maybe it's an FBI agent assigned to the Russian Embassy and using it as a cover to check up on me. I doubt it, though. I'm small potatoes.

Then again it could be an American doing business of some sort in Russia. He's homesick. Why he would try reading this to cure homesickness is beyond me, though.

But maybe it's Vladmir Putin. 

President Putin, is that you?

If it is I'm flattered that I have the head of a state as an occasional reader. From what I have seen and read about you I would like to sit down with you and chat about hunting, fishing and generally goofing off.

You know, guy stuff. Maybe we can watch The Blues Brothers together. That's pretty much a guy thing.

If it is you please let me know what your beverage of choice is and if I can afford it I'll pick up a jug to keep in case you come to the States sometime. If your taste in adult beverages is too expensive I guess you'll just have to bring your own or settle for what I have.

You can come to my house if you like. I have a great backyard and occasionally grille steaks out back. We could have a pretty good time watching the United States Department of State go stark staring bonkers when you tell them you want to go to Piccolo's house.

It strikes me as being hilarious. Of course the State Department would likely send their weenies out to coach me and tell me what to say. Then again if I get lucky they'll send a team of maids and I'll get a free spring cleaning even though it's already a reasonably neat home.

President Putin, here's the plan. The State Department weenies are likely going to coach me and tell me how to act. Hah! Fat chance that!

When they introduce me to you as President Putin, I'll shake your hand and say, "Hey, Vlad! How the hell ya doing?'" We can both sneak a peek at the State Department weenie turning purple. It ought to be good for a laugh.

Anyway, President Putin you have a standing invite to the Piccolo residence if that is you reading.

It the Russian reader is a basic Russian citizen then you are more than welcome to read the grumblings of a wayward sailor. Enjoy yourself. If you ever do get to the States let me know and I'll have YOU over for dinner if I'm not at work.

If you are not a Russian but an American  embassy employee then bugger off. You know how people like me live. The exception, of course, is if you are a US serviceman on duty there. Give me a shout and I'll have you over. If you are a Marine I already know what kind of beer you like. You like an open one.

Anyway, to my Russian readership, have a good day. When I get next to a bottle I'll have a swig and toast to your health!

Maybe if you are a Russian and are not President Putin you can forward a link to this blog to him. I'd be proud to have him as a reader.

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Friday, January 15, 2016

I just saw where someone brought a service turkey on a flight.

Yeah, a real, live turkey. The kind you eat at Thanksgiving. They declared it as some kind of service animal and they let them fly with it. On Piccolo Airlines I'd have let them aboard with it.  When we leveled off at, say 7500 feet I'd have conducted an experiment. I'd open a hatch and see if a domestic turkey can fly.

That would have brought THAT to a screeching halt MOST riki-tik.

I have nothing against trained guide animals for the blind. (Yes, blind. I'm not PC. I suppose the official term is 'visually handicapped) Anyway, blind people can bring a trained Seeing Eye Dog along with them.

Of course, on Piccolo Airlines we'd make sure that the people were blind or damned close to it before they boarded with their dog.

I have heard horror stories of people bringing little Fifi with them and declaring it as a service animal only to have the little fleabag relieve itself all over the plane.

On Piccolo Airlines, if little Fifi decided to crap on board we'd see if dogs can fly. That way it would not pose a problem on the return trip.

It's grossly unfair to the rest of us to have to put up with something as obnoxious as a dog pooping in the cramped quarters of an airplane. There really is no way to air the thing out as they whip along at 30,000 feet at 600 knots.

On a long flight that gets pretty old pretty fast. It can be downright nasty. 

Also, people like that tend to be pretty irresponsible and don't step up to the plate and make restitution. If little Fifi pees on your jacket you can expect to eat the cleaning bill. 

Ask someone like that to pay up and see what happens. Most of them get pretty damned indignant at the thought of paying for little Fifi's damages. They generally have some lame excuse like, "But he's  only just a puppy!"

Fifi is YOUR puppy, not mine and you ar responsible for him. No excuses. I wonder how little Fifi's owner would like it if I crapped under their seat.

I supose it is probably a pretty good thing that there is no Piccolo Airlines. If there was there might be someone being interviewed on TV.

"I was walking down the street on my way to Bible study when out of nowhere I got hit on the head by a turkey." said the interviewed person.

Or maybe the fire department log in a small town paper might note that the fire department was called to get a toy poodle out of a tree. I can see Geraldo asking the viewers rhetorically "How did a toy poodle get stuck in a tree?" 

Acutally I was thinking that maybe I ought to get myself a real, live buffalo. You know, the kind you see in westerns that the Indians hunt for food. Two tons of it.

Then declare the buffalo to be a service animal and then try and board a plane. When they don't permit it it's a quick call to Dewey, Cheetham & Howe for a lawsuit because they don't have a pen for my service buffalo.

The way things are going these day I'd win and then the airlines would have to install buffalo pens and I'd make a few bucks.

Yes, as a species we really are that stupid.

The truth is that I can't really blame the airlines. They have to protect themselves from law suits. On the other hand, if Fifi bit someone or really made a flight unbearable the passengers have rights, too. The passengers would likely come after the airlines for permitting the dog on in the first place. The Airlines are caught in a Catch-22 situation here.

Yes, the human race really is that stupid.

I can hear the sea stories now.

"Hey, Bob! How was the flight?"

"Not too bad this time. At least we didn't have a poo flinging monkey running around the plane biting peoples ears. I was seated next to a nice old woman with her service pony resting quietly in the aisle."


"Great flight! I had the whole row of seats to myself. It's pretty interestng what bringing on a six-foot diamondback rattler as a service animal along does to get a guy extra leg room."


I just did a little research and the law allows a lot of discretion on the part of the airline. From a practical point the only animal they have to permit on board is a well-trained Seeing Eye dog.

I am not going to blame this on the inconsiderate people that want to bring their pets with them. The airline takes the hit for permitting it.

They better hope I don't get bit on the ear by someone's poo flinging monkey or else there may very well BE a Piccolo Airlines  flying the friendly skies!

"This is your captain speaking. This is a long flight and it looks like later on we're treating you to a turkey dinner compliments of the moron sitting in aisle 17, seat D. Janie, fire up the oven and Bob, take the controls. It's your airplane. I gotta go back and gut a bird. Thank you for flying Piccolo Airlines."

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

I heard a GI say

 that if Trump gets elected he will probably reenlist. If Hillary gets elected he will get out. The man has over ten years in service now. He's an enlisted guy and is over the hump as far as retirement goes.

Fair enough. There are no laws against that. When his contract is up he can either leave or renew it.

Officers that have completed their contract with the government can stay on until they either retire or get passed by for promotion twice. Or they can resign at any time. They serve at the pleasure of the POTUS.

Enlisted are on contract for a specified period of time and may reenlist if they are qualified or separate if they choose.

This young man says that if Hillary gets elected he will seperate. It is an interesting comment because in the service it is fairly common knowledge that Hillary doesn't treat service people very well.

For that matter when she was FLOTUS she didn't treat the Secret Service very well, either according to a retired agent. 

It is his choice and I can't say I'd blame him either way.

Looking back on the Clinton years I have heard more than one serving GI comment that he serves the American people. If you understood the context of what he was saying, it was that he didn't really care for his Commander-in-Chief.

I know of a couple guys that opted for retiring ahead of their schedule during the Clinton years.

Anyway, these are interesting times. 

I would imagine that if Trump gets elected he'll make things pretty good for the service people. Especially the ones assigned to the White House.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I am writing this at a little after 0300

 because I just took the trash off of the boat I work on.

This is one of the few work related posts I will make. I just wanted the world out there to note that a working boat is a 24/7 living, breathing organism.

Whole most of the reat of the world is in bed at 0300 there is always someone out there doing something unglamorous in the middle of the night.

Most people don't see that there are a lot of people up at odd hours making other people's lives easy.

Much of this work is unheralded and unsung. It can range from janatorial work to serious engineering. Someone has to mop the floor and someone else has to run the board of the electrical grid.

As far as boats and ships go, there is no Tom Bodett of Motel 6 fame to leave the light on for you out at sea. The show goes on 24/7 without a break.

It's probably the same for a lot of other people, too. Still, the average guy doesn't realize what is going on behind the scenes.

On the other hand, there are pretty good jobs out there for people that are willing to take them and work odd hours.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

One of the very few things that government seems to have left alone are waffle irons.

I suppose that's because they haven't come to their attention yet. There seem to be very few accidents with them. The only injury they seem to have caused anyone was the time Helen Keller burned her fingers once while trying to read a hot one.

They really are pretty simple and work quite well. You plug it in, heat it up, make your waffles and unplug it. There are no temperature controls or even on/off switches. Most of them do a pretty good job for as simple as they are.

Mine makes pretty good waffles. Most of them do.

I suppose that if a government secret agent or someone is reading this we're all going th be in trouble, though.

He'll likely report it to the Safety Police and it won't be long before they mandate that all waffle irons have temperature controls, off/on switches, a built in fire extinguisher and a safety rope in case everything else fails.

When that happens waffle irons will fall into the category of things like toilets and light bulbs. People will start smuggling them into the country and pre-ban waffle iron prices will go through the roof.

They won't make waffles for sour apples when government gets finished with 'improving' them. Don't believe me? Look at what the government did to gas cans.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Many moons ago

 I was looking for a construction job and I walked up to a job site and approached the boss man.

The first words out of his mouth were "What can you do for me?"

"I can make you money," I replied. That got his attention and he pointed at a laid out set of wall plates.

Two minutes later I was framing a wall. I didn't know what I was making but worked my tail off for the next several days.

When I got my first paycheck it was a lot more than I expected it would be. $17.50 an hour back in 1983 was nothing to sneeze at.

When I looked up at the boss he grinned. "You were right. You can make me money," he said. "I'm not greedy, though. I share."

A couple of months later it increased to $20/hour.

I wound up working for him off and on for several years. When he had work he called me.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

There is something about cowboys

 coming up on one of the cable channels. I might check it out.

The cowboy is one thing that is strictly American. I suppose there are people all over the world that work with cows. The word 'gaucho' comes to mind and I may be wrong but a gaucho is and Argentine equivilent of some sort.

Still, the cowboy as depicted in American western movies is a 100% American thing.

I dressed like one many years ago when I visited Europe. Pro tip: The Brits will love you and buy you a beer. French customs will go through your stuff looking for a six-gun.

If you decide to dress this way don't forget to put a can of snoose in your back pocket along with a bag of Bull Durham in your shirt pocket. Let the string with the tag hang out of your shirt pocket. The devil is in the details.

I suppose I have posted this before but I do have a hard time picturing a western movie being made other than in the American west. You can use parts of Italy or Spain to film it in but it does have to be about the American west.

It cetainly won't do using Paris or Tokyo as a backdrop as it would be pretty hard to picture someone like John Chisum la John Wayne stampeding a herd of cattle through the streets of Paris.

Then again, I suppose Mel Brooks could do this and have us rolling on the floor. Of course, Mel Brooks can get away with anything just because of who he is but I digress. Mel is Mel and that's just the way it is.

Still, there is nothing in the world like the image of the American cowboy although in reality the cowboy as we know it is pretty much a Hollywood creation.

I worked briefly as a cowboy and my experience is that it was a pretty poor paying job of nothing but hard work. I didn't wear a six-gun or ride around on a spirited horse. It was nothing like what you see on the silver screen.

Instead of a horse I was issued a rusty unregistered pickup. My six-gun was an old surplus .45 that banged around on the floor. I did, however, wear blue jeans but they were pretty raggedy. My hat was pretty nasty, too.

I never did get into a shoot-out and the couple of rattlesnakes I killed I beheaded with a shovel. Needless to say, I didn't stay a cowboy for very long.

Of course, a few decades later when I mention that I was once a cowboy everyone assumes I rode around on horseback roping cows or riding bulls in a rodeo. I'll admit, I never correct them.

Anyway, if I find the time I think I'll check the cowboy special out on the cable channel for a few yuks.

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Life has gotten pretty busy these days

Which is just the way it is. It has its ups and downs. It happens to everyone. For some of us when it rains it pours.

Right now I have a break in the action and am sitting down at the laptop.

More and more I see a groundswell growing in the size of the Trump for president movement. I also see panic in the bosses of both parties and that is a good thing. They both suck and none of them represent the rank and file.

I read where the SEIU rank and file are talking about Trump and that's pretty odd, really. I guess the union bosses are pretty upset about it and are calling the members in for one on one meetings.

I heard one wag say, "Trump. Not the president we want, but the asshole we need!" Interesting comment and I have to admit he's dead on. What is interesting i the comment that if the RNC sticks it to the Donald he could very well win on a third-party ticket. 

Of course the RNC is flipping out because if the Donald gets the preidency they stand to lose a lot. I have been saying that the party bosses of both parties have been stealing from all of us for decades one way or the other.

The other thing I see in Trumpeteers is an attitude that they are disgusted with both sides and are desperate enough to try anything.

We've seen a lot of people upset with Preident Obama lately over thos recent executive order redefining things in the gun control area. It's interesting that many people that want extensive background checks are upset over Obama overstepping his bounds with his executive order.

Interesting times we live in.

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Jammed up today


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Thursday, January 7, 2016

An inconvenient truth

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I am reading

 another book on the Japanese point of view of WW2 and it isn't surprising to me that I have come to the conclusion that the average Japanese was nothing more or less than another person that was the victim of a government gone bad.

People forget that WW2 for the Japanese started long before 7 December, 1941. It started in China years earlier. By 7 December the Japanese had already suffered pretty heavy casualties.

Looking at American culture of the 30s and 40s I seriously doubt that the American government could have gotten away with what the Japanese goverment did to the people of Japan.

On the other hand I seriously think that they could in the future if We The People don't smarten up.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Anderson Cooper is interviewing

 President Obama Thursday night and I'll bet that all of the random calls they will be fielding are already recorded.

The subject is gun control. 

Expect to see gun sales skyrocket this weekend. It's what has been happening these days. I just saw where stock in a few major gun companies just went up as soon as this was announced. Par golf.

Every time the President addresses the nation on gun control the public goes on a gun-buying rampage. A couple of months ago he suggested that we all sit down at Thanksgiving dinner and discuss gun control. Apparently a lot of people did.

About ten hours after dinner they went out on Black Friday and bought enough guns to outfit the entire Marine Corps and two or three infantry divisions on top of that.

The NRA has a money bomb out there. During his talk you might consider donating something, even if it's only five bucks.  Here's a link.

Vote with your wallet Thursday. Actually what would be funny is if the site got flooded. If that happens it means people ARE voting with their wallets and that is a good thing. Keep trying!

Incidentally if you are a firearm owner you might consider joining the NRA. That would be another vote for telling the President to do what he is supposed to do. He's supposed to leave us alone and stay out of our closets and our lives. Truth is I shouldn't even HAVE to make a post like this.

Of course CNN says we are going to be able to call in during the interview but that's most likely a joke. My guess is the so-called random phone calls have already been recorded. The liberal media works that way.

Personally I hope that Donald Trump gets elected president because he has announced that he will invalidate any of President Obama's executive orders that weaken the Second Amendment.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Clean underwear and drugs.

I was talking to someone the other day and the subject of someone that had some kind of asthmatic fit or some damned fool thing was hospitalized. It was a side effect of an illegal drug.

My comment was, "So he wasn't wearing clean underwear when he had to go to the hospital, huh?"

He picked up on it and replied, "Nope. He had a seriously fudged up set of drawers when he got there."

I am not going to get into the legality issue here. My libertarian nature says we're wasting billions and billions on a war on drugs. but it is a side issue here.

The fact is that when you go to the hospital under the influence of alcohol of illegal drugs they are going to take one look at you and assume you have a history of making bad decisions. It's as simple as that.

Generations of mothers have told their kids to wear clean underwear in case they have an accident and have to go to the hospital. That way the doctor will know they come from a good family and work harder to try and save them.

Truth is when you go to the hospital under the influence you might as well have dirty drawers on because it is the same damned thing, only probably worse.

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Now here's one for all you folks back home.

It comes from a sarcastic musician and I just couldn't resist.

Man, I, like, play free-range saxophones made from Eastern Tiberian organic bamboo harvested by hand in an ecologically sustainable process that ensures that the local indigenous peoples are able to earn a living wage sufficient to support themselves and their 12 children, while leaving them enough spare time so they can engage in uplifting activities such as organizing their villages to obtain more economic, ecological, and social justice, all the while living in perfect harmony with Gaia.  In this way they can live in a world without need for trigger warnings, removing all microaggressions that could limit them from reaching their full potential as global citizens.

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