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Hi there, Boys and Girls....

It's now time for post 499 here at Piccolo's Hash Wowee Kazowee, Kids!

I should pay more attention to technology, as it is getting a whole lot cheaper.

Several years ago when Gateway was selling computers in their chain of stores, Mrs Pic geared up for the cyber age with the whole Bill Gates setup, computer, monitor, keyboard, printer and scanner. It cost a bundle. I never really paid much attention to the setup as I was pretty content wiith whatever cheap laptop I could scrounge up that would serve my purpose. I've never felt I had the need for the latest technology because when you get right down to it there really isn't a lot that I do that requires it.

A lot of the things are simply 'nice to haves' and until I can find a serious use for them, I generally pay them no mind. I try and not clutter my mind up with what I consider to be senseless bullshit. Unfortunately I sometimes miss a few things that could be helpful. A scanner is one of these things.

Anyway, the other day we sent in a work order to replace the printer on this slab and the IT guy came down and replaced the ship's printer/scanner. While he was doing so, I asked him what they were running for these days and I was floored to find out that the things were running for about a hundred bucks, and some less than that.

I snooped around on Amazon and found I could snag a pretty good one for about half of that if I catch a sale.

What is astonishing is that it also serves as a scanner, which is something I have been meaning to use at the library and catch up on a few things. For example, the other day Neighbor Bob and I were sitting around swilling beer and he asked me something which led to breaking out an old album of mine left over from the seventies, when I lived in a tipi for fourteen months up on Ute Pass in Colorado. I would imagine that the place is now the site of a mall or something, but I digress.

Anyway, when I get off of this stalwart vessel and get home I am going to snag one of those fine devices and treat you readers to a somewhat more illustrated blog because the tipi was a really cool part of my life and I learned a lot by living in one for fourteen months. It was one hell of a pretty good adventure and I'd like to tell a few tales of the period of my lfe that was pretty interesting.

A neice of mine has an interest in horses and I have kept my mouth shut about this, but for part of the time I lived in the tipi I had one and you can imagine that a rascous little bastard like I was at the time raised no small amount of hell with a horse to team up with. I'm surprised I didn't get thrown in jail; I almost did get thrown in jail, but I got away by riding the hapless critter down an alley in Colorado Springs with a police car in chase. Two nights I redeemed myself in spades to the point tht I could have probably ridden the animal into the police station and gotten away with it. It's a pretty good story and I'll tell it when can post a picture of the animal.

Any story that begins with "I was riding my horse down West Colorado Ave past the Seven-11 when..." just has to be a pretty good story.

I also have several pictures of my sailboat and maybe a few left over from my adventures I Alaska that I ought to post.

Don't expect it right off, though because I have to learn to use the damned thing, besides, I am at sea now. However, tune in from time to time as I post a few adventures from my misspent youth.

This episode of Piccolo's Hash has been brought to you by Hotsie Totsie Hoochie Coochie bars. Every kid loves 'em. Get them at your neighborhood candy store or ask your mom to pick them up at the super market.

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