Sunday, February 23, 2014

For rhe love of some old lady

It's Sunday morning and I seem to have forgotten to get up and post this blog!

The cat woke me up at about 0345 asking to be fed which was a pain in the ass. I picked him up and stuffed him under the covers and went back to sleep. He hates that and knows that when I do that it is best for him to shut up.

I got up on schedule, fed the cat and puttered around and spaced out the blog.

I've got the ham rig up and running off of this computer running a program called JT-65 which is good for weak signals. I'm shooting for a specific station in Afghanistan. It is a one in a million longshot but what the hell.

I don't actually have to do anything but check the computer every few minutes and look for a red bar. It transmits for about 20 seconds out of every minute and the only problem I foresee is some dummy with poor reading skills that sees my call and answers it simply because it is there.

I suppose if that happens I'll respond because he may need my area for an award which I can see. I would be apt to do the same thing if I needed his state or country. 

I know the program is working because when I fired it up I contacted a guy in Ecuador with a good signal.

Yesterday I took out the rifle I built up a couple of months ago and had a hell of a time getting a shot on paper. When I finally did it was a piece of cake to get it sighted in at 50 yards. Then I took it out to 200 yards and got a good zero on it. It looks like it's going to be a good shooter.

My 10X fixed scope is set up in mils/mils which is a good deal. I can use the MilDots to figure out adjustments quickly. They sell these scopes in a mils/minutes configuration which makes no sense at all. It's like having a speedometer in kilometers in the States. You have to convert because you are using 2 entirely different units of measurement.

It can get confusing. A minute of angle is about .25 inches at 100 yards and .1 mil is .36 or about 1/3 of an inch at 100 yards. If you know that you're good to go.

Years ago I had a guy that insisted that speed was measured in mph. I explained to him that bullet speeds are measured in feet per second, meters per second and that there were other ways of measuring speed. He didn't seem to get it but the guy with him did.

My favorite measurement of speed is furlongs per fortnight.

Anyway I'll now have to work up an accurate load and get ready for April

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