Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Today is an odd day.

I am traveling today and on the road home. I'm a couple hours out and decided to post from  a Dunkin' Donuts with free WiFi.

It wasn't long ago that I used to like road trips but as time goes on I consider sitting in a vehicle and driving any distance just to be another necessary pain in the neck. The wintry mix coming down adds further misery to the trek.

There is an ad stuck in the window for what looks to be a fairly new lawn mower for $75. It's a miserable day and it's cold, wet, rainy sleety and just miserable. It's a perfect day for buying a new lawn mower and I'd bet that if you offered the seller $50 today you'd score.
I gotta admit I like Dunkin' Donuts coffee and the grease rounds are pretty good, too. I suppose I should avoid them and I generally do but every so often it's good to have a little treat so it's Old Fashioned time. A cuppa joe and and old fashioned hits the spot.

The coffee and donut should last me until I get home and I see a pretty good lunch of chicken and a salad. Actually a day like this should be a chili day.

Anyway, it looks like time to get back on the trail.

Greetings from Dunkin' Donuts

To find out why the blog is pink just cut and paste this: NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE WRITING OF TODAY'S ESSAY

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