Sunday, February 16, 2014

It was a long time ago when I saw a guy knock a woman out cold.

I saw the whole thing and watched her drop like a stone. The entire joint went dead silent.

The silence was broken by the bartender. She (yeah, she) simply said, "See if she's still breathing and get her out of here."

So a couple of guys and a woman dragged her out and off of the property and left her there. One of the guys had stuffed a beer in his back pocket and when she was laid down off of the property he poured it on her face. When he came in he reported she showed had started to come around a little.

About an hour later the police came in and none of us knew anything because we had all just conveniently arrived. A couple of us that were questioned gave the policeman a few odd looks that told him he was wasting his time. The cop wasn't stupid. He realized the people had spoken and more than likely justice had been served.

What is interesting about this incident is that it was a case where justice had been long overdue but had been finally administered. I don't care who you are, you just don't go around kneeing guys in the balls and think you're going to get away with it for very long.

Alaska drew all sorts of people to it like the moon draws water. Someone once said to me that when someone came here they were either runnin' from somthing or lookin' for something. I guess she was looking for trouble.

This chick was a troublemaker from the word go. She was a two faced feminazi that had a bad habit of trying to knee a guy in the groin if she didn't like what he had said. She tried it to me once when I referred to someone as being a bitch. 

I was onto her and sidestepped it and told her to get away from me. Truth is I was irresponsible. I should have grabbed behind her knee with my left hand, grabbed her heel with my right and lifted her heel until she fell back onto her ass but I guess I was too much of a gentleman.

Anyway, I knew if I did that I'd have to face being accused of beating up a chick. I figured I couldn't win. I guess I hadn't been raised that way. Whatever. Maybe I just should have slapped her.

When she went down for the count that day I simply ordered a shot of schnapps to celebrate with.

What dragged this from my moldy mind is that earlier today I was reading a comment on domestic violence and had to agree with the commenter.

He said that people tend to marry in their own moral group and as a result, good couples seldom have violence problems while those that don't live that way tend to have violence problems.

It's true.

This is not necessarily a socio-economic problem. There are low lifes in suburbia and princes and princesses in low income areas. It seems to be a product of how people are raised.

I drove cab for a while in an Alaskan town and from time to time the woman's shelter (I called it Battersea Dog's Home) had an account with the cab company. I used to cart some of these women around. I seldom saw a woman that was a lady being taken to the shelter.  Most of these women seemed to have something else wrong with them. Most of these woman seemed to have some emotional problem to begin with.

They simply led lives that were ruled by emotion instead of common sense. They let their emotions rule and married men they shouldn't have. While I can't say that these women deserved to be slapped around, they did bring their dileimma onto themselves simply because they didn't have enough sense to walk away.

I suppose the woman that got cold cocked in the bar deserved it, though. When even the women in the joint agreed she had it coming long overdue it's hard to feel any sympathy.

Many of them knew that they were married to emotionally immature men but as emotionally immature women they let their emotions rule and baited the idiot over something stupid until he snapped.

I got to meet some of the men that were involved in these messes and they were pretty much the same way. They were the type that let their emotions rule them and were constantly into trouble of one sort or another.

Add alcohol, drugs, or adultery into the equation and you have a sure fire recipe for trouble. 

Incidentally, not all of the victims were women. I've seen more than a few guys sporting serious battle damage from sneak attacks.

While there is really no excuse for domestic violence I have seen over a lifetime that there are a lot of people that bring it on themselves. The worst ones are the cornerers or chasers. They corner someone. When someone is cornered animal instinct takes over and all bets are off.

I've had it happen to me  once. You try and walk away and the other person won't let you. I had an angry mean drunk try to pick a fight with me once. When I got up to leave he blocked the door. I asked the bartender for the keys to the back room and walked into it and locked myself in.

The back room had a back door. When I heard something going on outside the back door I simply let myself out of the back room, flipped the bartender the keys and walked out the front door. I knew the guy was waiting for me out back. 

I guess he tried the same stunt with someone else a couple of days later and the guy he tried playing the cornering game with wasn't as clever as I was. He didn't have to be clever. He was bigger than I was and simply charged him. They both went through the door and pulled the whole thing out of the rough opening.

I was in the neighborhood and got called and was paid $75 to rehang it.

I briefly had a girlfriend that was an emotional wreck that would start something and when I started to walk toward the door to walk away she'd block it and scream at me.

I shrugged, opened a window and calmly left that way. I suppose a lot of guys would have tried to gently physically get her away from the door, but things like that escalate. Better to take another path. 

Of course the relationship ended then and there. I wasn't stupid enough to go back. In fact I cussed myself out for even getting involved with her in the first place.

The chasers are the ones that insist on chasing after someone that has walked away. If the guy retreats to the basement they follow him down there. If he retreats into the garage they follow him into the garage. When he heads into the back yard they follow him there.

Sometimes I think there ought to be the law of three retreats. Three retreats and the retreater is legally cornered and can use whatever reasonable force is necessary to get away.

Of course the woman against domestic violence are not going to buy that one for one minute, but it's true. If you get chased then the chaser is bringing the fight to you. It's as simple as that.

I once watched a friend of mine handle a chaser. I think he got home from work late once and she went off on him accusing him of every crime in the book. I heard her explode and decided to hang in case my pard needed a quick Bonnie and Clyde exit. 

He retreated to the garage and she followed him. He bailed out of the garage and hopped into my pickup and we headed to the nearest bar.

I quietly posted myself at the front door, he posted himself at the back door. When she drove up I gave him the high sign. When she started to get near the door to come in and publicly castigate him he ran around and opened the hood of the car she had driven to the bar in and yanked the coil wire and hopped into my pickup. No laws broken. It was his vehicle to begin with.

As she walked around looking for him I silently left and he and I drove off and left town. He camped on my spare bunk for the night. 

The next day he moved her stuff onto the front porch and changed the locks. It was his place to begin with. The relationship ended then and there. I have to admit that my pard and I were both sickos. We both knew the neighbor and sat in his windowed in porch when she returned and watched her throw a hissy fit and walk off.

She returned a few minutes later with a cab and loaded her stuff into it and they drove away. She broke a window before she left and we both shrugged and decided that he had gotten off cheap.

My all time favorite was the guy that had his soon to be ex follow him around one night. He would sneak out the back way and drop into the next joint down the line, order a cup of coffee because he was smart enough not to start drinking. Shortly after she would be walking in the door looking for him. He'd bail out again.

Finally he saw a cop walk through on a routine patrol and stopped him as she came in. She started castigating him in front of everybody. He looked at the cop and asked him, "What do I have to do to get thrown into jail tonight so I can get a good night's sleep? I'm going to wind up in jail one way or the other because if you don't take me to jail now I'm going to knock her silly and then you're going to HAVE to take me to jail!"

So the cop took him to jail.

Forty-five minutes later he was a free man. His wife followed him up to the police station and threw another fit at the police station. This time it was a real conniption.

So they threw her in jail for disturbing the peace or something disturbance related. I heard later that it took several policemen to get that little spitfire into a cell. 

Then they released him. Then they took him back downtown where he bought himself a stiff drink (or three) and walked home.

That was the talk of the town for weeks. Needless to say, he moved out the next day.

I realize that there is going to be friction in any relationship but you have to realize that when it gets to the Jerry Springer level it is simply not worth it. Time to bug out.

After all, who wants to live that way? I don't. I simply refuse to live that way.

I suppose that out of all of this rhetoric, the simple truth is that most people that wind up being victims are far from being snow white. Most people bring their problems on themselves.

Abe Lincoln once said that people are about as happy as they want to be. The older I get the more I realize he was right.

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  1. On my beat we have all kinds of people. Some are wealthy, some aren't. We have families that aren't wealthy, but where we never hear anything. The parents never fight and the kids are fine. And then we have a few regular customers where the parents always fight and the kids, once they're grown up, will do exactly the same.

    It's true that it has nothing to do with money and everything with how the parents deal with each other. The children observe their parents' behavior every day and that teaches them everything.

    Of course there is this notion that domestic violence is always the man beating up the woman. That is, of course, complete nonsense. The thing is just that men who are actually victims in such relationships usually don't go into public with it. What guy would admit that his wife/girlfriend just beat him up?

    Heck, I'm physically imposing, I'm strong, but I was in a relationship like that once too. She did it all behind my back, all psychologically. Oh she loved me oh so much, but I had to change that, and that, and that, and this one thing wasn't good either. And while I was at it I could just turn over my entire life and become 100% like she wanted me to be.


    We had one physical altercation. That was when she slapped me.

    What I did was simply turn around and walk away. I could have thrown her out the window with ease, but I'm not going to jail for such a bitch. So I walked away, grabbed all my stuff and scampered. It ended there and then.

    Yes, I said bitch, cause in retrospect that's what she was. The reason for dating her I can only blame on me being young and stupid and not knowing better.

    The story has a funny aftermath.

    Last year me and my partner were out on patrol at night and we were called to a very loud quarrel in the streets. Apparently a cab driver was in "discussion" with a customer who behaved very aggressive.

    That customer was that ex of mine.

    As we tried to sort it out we noticed that she was drunk like a thousand Russians (aka drunk like a skunk.) Then she got aggressive towards us, eventually assaulted the cab driver, kicked, beat and scratched the poor guy. It took four of us to restrain her and during so she damaged the cab as well.

    Assault, property damage, resisting arrest, etc. That actually went to court.

    During the trial she suddenly claimed that my partner and I had sexually harassed her. I guess she was trying to get back to me for some injustice she perceived I had done to her when not dancing to her fiddle or something similarly insane.

    It got really entertaining quickly because the judge and I have known each other for more than 20 years. She (the judge) wouldn't have any of this crap. So my ex was schooled by the judge and even her lawyer eventually hissed a "sit down and STFU" at her.

    It was satisfying to observe, I admit.