Saturday, February 15, 2014

Well, I called that one.

A while ago Connecticut passed a gun registration law and the deadline has come and gone and now the feedbags in Hartford are all upset because they now claim that only 15% of the people registered their guns.

Truth is I figure that 15% is a little high. I think it's closer to 5%, myself.

Let's split the difference and call it 10% for sake of argument.

So what does this mean? This means that there are now an awful lot of guns in Connecticut that are now contraband. Being contraband puts them in the same class as narcotics. They can't be legally sold and if they are stolen they can't be reported.

I suppose a number of these firearms will be sold, traded or passed down as time goes on. You can bet the sales will be murky cash in a dark alley type of deals. After all, they are now contraband.

The numbers of new criminals are astounding. They do not even have enough room in the jails for them if they caught everybody and tried to  lock them up.

This is the beginning of a pretty good sized mess and now the state officials are wondering what to do next. I suppose they'll pass more laws putting people on double secret probation or some damned fooled thing.

The law is already a failure. Nobody is complying with it. All the law has done is to turn otherwise law abiding citizens into criminals.

What is likely to happen at the emergency meetings in Hartford is that the politicians there will up the penalties or put everyone on double secret probation or some damned fool thing. Repealing a law is not an option. It the code of politicians everywhere. After all, repealing a law means they have in their infinite wisdom failed.

Admitting a mistake is out of the  question to an elected official. The proper thing for an elected official when confronted by failure is to add more failure on top of it and when the pile of failure collapses under its own weight you use the rubble as a base to make an even bigger pile of failure.

Of course, that's nothing new for government. Look at the Feds and the Great Society Programs that have failed. All they do is to keep adding more money to the pile until it collapses and add more failure onto the pile. Right now we're so in debt with federal programs that if they stopped right now or grandchildren would never pay it off.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of these so called emergency meetings in Hartford. My guess is that they will find some way to add more to the law that will insure more non compliance.

Actually what is likely to happen is they will tell the police to step up enforcement. That will be interesting because there are an awful lot of policement that have no interest in enforcing the law. Most cops like armed citizens. They tend to make their jobs easier. Most likely the police will pay the law lip service and that's about it.

A couple departments might be gung ho about it but that will stop after a couple of cops get shot while trying to enforce the law. That will mean SWAT tactics will be used for raids and the first time they hit the wrong house the lawsuits will come flying. Dewey, Cheetham and Howe will be right in there to make a killing.

What is likely to happen is that things will wind up like they are in California. It seems that they haven't had a whole lot of luck getting people to comply with their laws, either so they simply keep passing more laws and Californians keep ignoring them.

It would be interesting to see how the SAFE law in New York has been obeyed but the New York politicos are a lot smarter than most. They'll just keep the numbers under their hat.

Anyway, a couple of months  ago I posted that this was likely to be an epic fail and I am surprised. It has turned out to be a bigger fail than I thought.

Frankly I hope the politicos in Hartford are starting to fear for their lives because fear in a politician is a good thing. It makes them think which is clearly what they were not doing when they enacted the registration law.

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  1. Funny, the EUSSR is trying something similar. They forced a central firearms registry on all the member states, of course with the nonsensical idea that it would make things safer.

    Yeah, I saw the numbers recently. All the Category A and B weapons are already registered, because that was done by the authorities and because those firearms already required a permit to begin with.

    Let me explain shortly: Cat A are military grade weapons, you can have them, if you managed to get a very special exception, which is really hard to get, Cat B here are all semi-autos, all handguns designed past 1871 and certain types of shotguns. Cat C are all kinds of hunting rifles with rifled barrels and manual reloading (aka repeaters and similar). And Cat D are all smooth bore firearms with manual reload. And there are so called "free weapons", which is essentially all black powder stuff and handguns designed prior to 1871. For Cat C and below all you need is to be of legal age without convictions.

    So that's that.

    According to the EUSSR we now must register Cat C and D as well and if some EUSSR commissars have their way we'll soon ban even salute guns.

    But back to the new registry. It's a disaster. There's an estimated 10+ million firearms in my country. Exact numbers are unknown because of the old Cat C and D regulations and the 10 million is considered to be a very conservative guess.

    People aren't registering their Cs and Ds. Only new buyers do it, but those hundreds of thousands of hunting rifles and military surplus that have been in private ownership for a while? Nope. Nobody's doing anything.