Thursday, February 20, 2014

Let them hate us for free. We'll save a bundle.

It seems like we give out a lot of foreign aid money to countries that hate us.

It makes no sense to me. Why do we do that? 

We should just stop giving money out to these nations and let then continue to hate is. They could hate us for free and we'd wind up a whole lot better off.

It sounds pretty good to me. Pakistanis or whoever could have all the anti-US demonstrations they want. They could burn our flag and hang various governmental officials in effigy and do all sorts of carrying on.

It wouldn't bother me a bit.

As it is now it bothers me to see countries that get money from us carry on with anti-US demonstrations after we send them money. Sending many of these hell holes money and then watching  them carry on and hate is makes no sense when you could simply get it for free.

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