Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I just gave away a window sticker

because the person I gave it to will use it. 

It says "Nobody cares about your stick figure family" and there is a stick figure guy with a chain saw chasing them away. 

While I do not care about what you do to your car, a lot of those kind of things are getting old.

A while ago I ran into a couple of teachers and the subject of those "My child is a honor student" stickers came up and the teachers said they hated them. I was interested and asked why.

As is often he case, the problem isn't the kids, it's the parents that pressure their kids to get them one of the stickers so they can put it on their cars to impress the neighbors.

I guess they have to mail the stickers to the kid's house because if they give it to a kid to take home he or she is likely to be bullied out of the damned thing by some kid trying to get his parents off his back.

Par golf.

Another teacher commented that busting one's ass for a stupid bumper sticker is a lousy reason to try and become an honor student. She said the reason for it should be that the person simply wants to learn rather then get a damned bumper sticker.

Several years ago when the stickers came out there was one that came out in retaliation that said, "My kid beat up your honor student" which some people called mean spirited. Maybe it was but I'll admit I had one on the back of my pickup cap for a while.

Still, I think that a lot of the vehicle adornments we see these days get old pretty fast, although I did see one put up by a bitter woman that made me smirk.

There was a stick mom with 2 kids labeled mom, son, and daughter and a big space. On the other side of the space was a stick man and woman. The man and woman were labeled Dad and dad's ho.


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  1. Yeah, yeah. grumblings of an old man. My kid got one of those stickers because she tried hard, and I put it on my bumper because I was proud of her. She didn't try hard for the sticker; she tried hard because she tries hard at whatever she does, and I support her, and so would you if you met her.

  2. I saw a stick family running, being chased by a large 4x4 truck. I laughed at that one.

    Anon. Good for your Daughter for trying hard because that's what she does. Too many don't.

  3. Anonymous: SHE busted her as because she thought it was the right thing to do. SHE got off of her ass out of pride and that's what she does. I got a lot of respect for her.

    YOU put the sticker on because YOU were proud of her. I don't blame you.

    Betcha if they didn't give her a sticker to put on your car you'da been just as proud of her. ;)