Monday, February 24, 2014

There is always THAT GUY.

A while ago I posted some of my criminal past of Facebook. I told everyone that I was headed to the top of the nearest gas ball to shoot it out with the fuzz because I cut a tag off of a pillow.

Hilarity ensued. Much of it was in the form of back channel emails to me from relatives that knew the movie in reference and had shared the humor or the little tags on pillows.

Then THAT GUY appeared with a long winded explaination about how it was OK for the final consumer to yank the tag.

THAT GUY had struck again.

There is always someone that has no imagination or sense of humor thart ruins things for everyone else.

Nebby Larry is THAT GUY. Everything I tell him is Gospel. When he asks me what I am doing and I tell him I am looking for land mines in my front yard he calls the bomb squad.

Of course, the local Gendarmes know how to handle Larry's calls. 

 They send a cruiser out and my smartassedness may cost me a cup of coffee if they have time or a wave off if they don't.

Still, there is always THAT GUY.

Tonight I was working a digital mode on my ham rig. The signals are sent out in harmonic tones. Normally I keep the volume down to nil so I don't have to listen to it and just let the visuals on the computer tell me what to do. 

I decided to leave the volume up a bit and listen to the harmonics and enjoy a little Twilight Zone music. It was a pretty good background rhythm. My imagination went into its normal state and I pictured leaving it on while I babysat kids. 

A couple hours of that would make little kids have nightmares I suppose. Actually not really but let's have some fun here.

I posted on my favorite website that I had to babysit a couple of little kids and left the rig on receiving JT-65 signals and then sent them home. I predicted that they would not be able to sleep and would have terrible nightmares.

Of course, my sense of humor on that website is appreciated. One ham chuckled that when he works JT 65 his kids say, "Dad's talking to aliens again."

There were no kids. I didn't babysit. I just set something up and I'm waiting for THAT GUY to show up and start balthering about how that was a terrible thing to do to some poor defenseless little children.

Then again he may not show on that particular website because people there have had about a decade to figure my sense of humor out. It is sick. So draft me.

Of course it THAT GUY does show up his $hit is in the wind because I'll tell him about the time I stuffed the paperboy in the chipper/shredder because he kept missing my porch.

I did that to Nebby Larry a while ago and tols him that I used the kid for fertilizer on my marigolds. Then as the summer went on I pointed out to him that I grew some pretty good marigolds that summer.

I guess he called the local Gendarmes a couple of times over that one but nothing ever came of it.

All of this reminds me that it has been quite some time since I have dressed up a mannequin in fishnets and sexy little fluffy mules and stuffed her in the trash, legs sticking out. We now have a new trash service and I suppose I'd better break the new trash guys in.

I'll get  another visit from the police when THAT GUY reports seeing the legs sticking out of the trash can but I won't know it.
The cop will drive by and rap the legs with a knuckle and drive off.

To find out why the blog is pink just cut and paste this: NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE WRITING OF TODAY'S ESSAY

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