Thursday, July 16, 2015

I finally got pissed off and let fly at someone.

I was traveling and in a major airport recently.

I didn't believe what I saw. Some mid 40s burnout hippie chick walked up to a total stranger and told him he found his shirt offensive. A quick glance told me it was a WW2 nose art T-shirt. Over the years I have had a couple.

This was nothing more than a bathing beauty in a one piece bathing suit sitting on a blockbuster. Typical subdued WW2 nose art. There was nothing offensive about it as far as I could see. It irked the holy hell out of me.

I could see it if it was even remotely smutty. It wasn't. It was simply a piece of innocent WW2 nose art. If any of you readers know what the Memphis Belle nose art looks like it was even slightly less revealing than that. The Memphis Belle nose art is definitely G-rated.

The guy wearing the shirt was a hell of a lot more civil than I would have been. He simply said he had a flight to catch and kept moving.

At the very least I would have told her she was jealous because she never looked that good in her entire life. I said that once to some junior apprentice social justice warrior at an air show some years back that griped about the nose art on a B-17.

That would have been if I was feeling merciful. 

So anyway, I watched as the woman went into a news stand and bought something or another. I sat down with Mrs Pic at the gate.

The woman came out and sat down at the next gate. We were on the edge of the gate. The woman was near the edge of her gate. We were maybe thirty feet apart. She started opening a musical instrument case.

Just then Mrs. Pic told me she needed to use the ladies room and I knew I had ten minutes to myself. As Mrs. Pic entered the ladies room the woman started to play a mandolin. I got to my feet and walked over to her.

"Put that away," I said. "I'm not listening to that for the next forty-five minutes."


"But nothing. I'll call a Statie," I said. State policemen are known as 'staties' in that neck of the woods. They provide security at that airport.

She drew in a breath and exhaled loudly. "But...," she tried again.

"What you call music I call unwanted noise," I said. "I find it very offensive."

She put the mandolin away and I returned to my seat.

Mrs Pic returned a few munutes later and sat down next to me and we listened to the silence and hustle and bustle of the airport.

What I did was mean and mean spirited. I'll admit that and make no bones about it. Still, it was because I had finally had it with people like that. They want everything one way.

Part of the reason we're in the midst of this is because conservatives generally take the high road. They ignore the minor aggravations that are heaped on them. 

Many of us have nobody to blame but ourselves for not taking action in the beginning. We've let too many people get away with too much.

It was interesting to see how easily the woman caved in when I took it home to her.

Maybe it's time for the rest of us to be assholes and stop tolerating the bull$hit.

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