Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I was traveling yesterday and lost two tires in transit.

On the turnpike I was driving and felt my passenger's side rear go out on me and hit the breakdown lane. 

By the time I got off the pike the tire was a mess.

Unlike a lot of people today, I am an old man and therefore knew how to change a tire. I was ready to roll in 12 minutes flat.

I had a gut feeling and decided to check the front tire and sure enough, there was a nasty cut in it. I set the GPS for the nearest tire shop and drove in the breakdown lane slow to the next exit.

I got off the pike and made my way to the place. 

The GPS told me that I was there but did not specify it the place was on the right or the left. I saw a garage and pulled in and started talking with the owner who happened to have the same tire  that I have on the truck in stock at a ten minute away warehouse and offered me a fair price on a pair of them. I accepted.

As I was waiting I looked out the window and saw the tire place I was originally looking for across the street but set back a bit.

I do believe this was luck as I wonder if the tire shop across the street had what I wanted in stock. Still, I got what I wanted at a fair price so I can't gripe at all.

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