Friday, July 24, 2015

Ya know, now that I think about it,

People up in Massachusetts have a lot of damned gall telling the people of South Carolina to take down their flag.

The Massachusetts State flag has an Indian...whoops...Pardon me for living, but the graveyard was full when I woke up this morning. Let's start over.

The Massachusetts State flag has a Native American on it with a sword hanging over his head. I guess some of the Native Americans don't like it very much and are offended.

Before the good people of Massachusetts start telling other people what to do they might clean up their own back yard.

Now I am a Pennsylvanian and have no right to tell a bunch of Massholes what to do and I won't. They can keep their flag any way they want. It is none of my business. 

I will, however, suggest that they quit picking on the fine people of South Carolina and tend to their own problems.

If they do that then they can solve their own problems and not create problems for South Carolina. 

Incidentally, I left the Commonwealth of Massachusetts when I went into the army and never looked back. It was one of my better decisions. If I didn't have a couple of family members there I would never bother to visit there again.

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