Monday, June 17, 2013

I am home now

My nephew is now married to the Most Beautiful Bride in the World.

I have been to the first wedding I have been to since '86 and am not on anyone's shitlist for once.

My sister commented on how well I behaved myself and I sniffled. "I'm sorry," I replied. "I'm just so ashamed of myself." That drew laughter from one sister and a dirty look from the other.

I did my job as senior uncle of the groom's side which was to dance the night away with the 2 flower girls, ages 8 and 7. They were thrilled to be dancing with their old uncle and it served a purpose. 

Getting them tired out insured my niece would have a peaceful ride home with them asleep in the back of the car instead of squalling. It's easier to unload a couple of inert sacks when you get home than listen to them all keyed up, I suppose.

There was one young hottie there that I had fun with. She was introduced to me as the groom's sailor uncle and started the 20 questions of life at sea that I always get. She asked me how I managed to communicate with people overseas.

I told her I speak fluent Russian... in French and it went right over her head.

I have just finished several detailed pages of everything and was going to post them here but decided I am going to keep the memories to myself and deleted the post.

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