Saturday, June 29, 2013

Little old ladies are loose cannons.

You never know when dealing with them as to what they are going to say or do and generally it's pretty entertaining.

One old woman will get upset and offended if you say "Oh, darn it!" in front of her and get all upset.

On the other hand I have had more than one one that reminded me of an aged Barbara Billingsley (Beaver's mom) blow up and rip loose with profanity I seldom see among my fellow sailors.

You never know.

What was funny was listening to one sweet little old church rummage sale cake baker type go off on a tirade about congress and the government in general. I dare not post the foul language she used on this blog.

I do not know why it tickles my funnybone but there is little funnier than listening to some sweet looking grandmotherly type woman in her late 80s using the F word to describe a congressman.

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