Wednesday, June 26, 2013

If you don't dig their trip, don't buy their ice cream.

I was at the Powder Ridge Music festival in the summer of '70.

It got cancelled but 30,000 people showed up, anyway. I heard it was cancelled and showed up becauuse the jungle telegraph told me that it was going to be held anyway.

This was long before I began to wonder if the human race was worth saving but we can save that for later. I tried to pitch in and make the place a little better for everyone by joining the ad hoc medics.

I generally wound up dealing with bad acid trips and spent about a week there among acid heads calming people down. I saw every sunrise and sunset for the full 5 days or so I was there working with freaked out people.

It was pretty disorganized and I have never seen a trashier camp in my life. I guess none of the hippies there had brought their mothers with them to clean up after them.

There was one thing I can remember that will stay in my head until the day I die and it was one of the announcements over the PA system.

There were a boatload of Mr. Softee ice cream trucks there and some of the anti everything people were hassling them for free ice cream.

A voice on the PA came out. "Some of you people are hassling the Mr. Softee trucks for free ice cream. Quit it. If you don't dig their trip don't buy their ice cream."

It has stayed with me all these years and has been part of my code of life.

If I don't like someone don't bust your ass and waste your time screwing with them, simply don't do business with them. 

A little postscript here. I have spent some time Googling through a lot of pictures and saw a lot of pictures that brought back memories.  I think I found a picture I was in there.

As I was Googling and saw so many pictures of people getting high I thought to myself, I'm glad I didn't get involved inn drugs there!  At least nobody can look at me and say, "Look! Here's a picture of your Uncle Piccolo getting stoned out of his gourd!" 

Thank God for small miracles.

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