Saturday, June 22, 2013

I was casually defusing an IED that was made of 25,4764 pounds of C-4

When someone saw me and told me it was dangerous to do that.

I answered that it was dangerous to tell people that something is dangerous because it could get the teller's nose busted. With that I got up and cleared the blast zone because there is no way in hell I am going to defuse that damned thing after someone ran their mouth like that.

The reason for that is that I am now hexed thanks to the pimplebrain that ran his mouth.

If I go NEAR that thing it will go off thanks to the nebby little asshole that shot off his mouth. It can stay there until Hell freezes over and I do not care if it takes out 4764 kindergartners, 472 little old ladies and 564 teachers because if I go near it it's going to go off.

OK, there is no IED but you get my point. Actually the most recent case of this was yesterday when I decided to change my oil. I was just climbing under my pickup and someone passing by said, "Gee! I hope you don't get burned by the hot oil."

I got out from under the truck, cussed the passerby out, put the oil and filter into the cab and drove down to quickie oil change and coughed up $20. I had to because there was no way in hell I was going to be able to change that oil without getting hurt after that imbecile of a passerby had shot his mouth off. I had been hexed.

When you see someone doing something that's even remotely risky just shut the hell up and walk away. Give the poor bastard half of a chance to get something done.

Don't stand there agape and watch, gasping as he picks up a screwdriver. Leave. Just quietly leave.

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  1. As a mechanic, the "blood sacrifice" was always a sure sign that the job was well done.

    Always seemed that if it went too easy you were missing something important.

  2. I will no longer work under cars when I am alone. "You better hope that the car doesn't fall off that jack!" I'm just changing the oil, what can happen?

    Stupid 'effer. I'm just lucky I didn't get crushed.