Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yesterday someone griped that I posted a link

which is fine because I have a triple your money back guarantee with this blog. If you don't like it you get triple your money back. If you can count, you will realize that three times nothin' is nothin.

I generally write my own stuff as I sit here looking out my back window but every so often something comes up that I want to pass on. I thought yesterdays link to a black Democrat turned Republican was pretty interesting.  

Right now I have the rig on as I usually do in the morning and am listening to the YL system in the background having already checked in. I generally do this every morning I can for the hell of it.

Yesterday I bagged a couple of interesting ones, Ceuta & Melilla, Egypt and Tajkistan to name a couple. The last one, Tajkistan is going to be pretty difficult to prove because the postal system there likely isn't the best in the world. I would imaging that the postman there rides a goat and isn't paid very much and possibly considers all he can steal to be a part of his pay. 

The QRZ page of my contact says the only way to get a QSL card to him is by registered mail.  I wonder what that costs?

Apparently he doesn't have an email address, either because he didn't list it on the QRZ page. This is going to be interesting getting this one confirmed. It's rare so I want it and ought to be an interesting challenge.

Any readers want to go for a goat ride through the Khyber pass or something along these lines? Where the hell is Indiana Jones now that I need him? Actually, Indy is probably too old for that kind of thing these days.

With the rig on I just got a call from the YL net to see if I could hear someone in CT. No joy. 

I think the next time I go to the PO I'll ask how to send a registered letter to Tajkistan. That ought to get a rise out of the PO clerk. Betcha he has to send me up the chain. My guess is that it'll go up the chain to at least the Postmaster Major or Colonel and maybe even the Postmaster General.

It ought to give the Postmaster General something interesting to do because all he does all day is sit around approving post office boxes. I know he approves boxes because every single box I have sen has been approved by him according to the stamping on the back. Sounds boring to me.

Anyway, we'll see how this works out. A QSL card from Tajkistan is something worth having.

In other news a Kuwaiti told me to put a layer of grease on my mast to keep the snow and ice from sticking to it in winter. I guess it makes sense and is interesting that I got such advice from a desert dweller.

I asked him if it would make the radio waves slip off the antenna any faster so they'd get to him faster.

He doesn't seem to think it will make any difference.

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