Monday, November 23, 2009

The Boy Scouts

I got curious and decided to see how my old Boy Scout troop was doing and it seemed they disappeared off the face of the earth. The Troop has disappeared.

I wonder why, after all, I'd been in the old neighborhood recently and there certainly seemed to be enough kids in the age group

I ran it by one of the guys and he metioned that a lot of Scout troops had lost their sponsership when the Scouts took a stand over the Gay issue a few years back. I remebered that, but the sponser of the troop had been a church and churches are pretty conservative about such things for the most part.

I pulled the website the church runs and saw there was a woman pastor and more often than not it's an indication that the church is taking a liberal leaning.

I'll just bet you that the old Boy Scout troop bit th dust because the church yanked their sponsership. I may be wrong, but it's a guess, and probably a pretty good one.

I have nothing against most of the Gay community and I'll post about this later.

What I want to know is why the issue came up in the first place. The organization isn't called the Boy scouts because it caters to forty year old men. It caters to boys.

The gay issue shouldn't have even come up. We're talking about an organization of children, of which most of the membership hasn't even had their testicles descend yet.

But somebody came along and decided to make a name for themselves at the expense of an organization that has done little but good to the youth of not only the community, but the nation, and indeed, even the world.

The part that irks me most is that the issue even arose.

Some jerk decided to make a name for himself, and some attorney decided to make a name, too.

If the associaton of Eagle Scouts informally decided to change the names of the plaintiff and his attorney from the names their mothers gave them to Matching Blood Clots on the Sidewalk, I wouldn't have any problem with that whatsoever.

In fact, it they did this, got caught and had the fortune to have me on the jury they'd have walked off scot free. I would have hung the jury and deadlocked it hopelessly, creating a mistrial.

What? Letting vicious people like that off scot free?

You're damned right. Enough is enough.

I'm simply getting tired of whiners that will destroy things to make some kind of a bullshit statement.

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