Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jump-off day

And even though it's about 0830, I do not have my grub money which is supposed to have been here yesterday.

It's annoying.

It's later. I am good to go.
I looked at the Miata today and then thought of the MGB I bought for $200 back in '69.

I paid $1200 for the Miata last Christmas and it's been a lot of fun AND a pretty good runabout. It's 10 times the car the MG was. The MG was primitive, with a push-rod engine, SU carburators, leaf springs and lever-arm shocks. The Miata has a double overhead cam, fuel injected engine and struts under her. I replaced the shocks with Bilsteins and the Miata is about 6 times the roadholder the MG was.

The cost of putting a kid through school is astronomical these days.
In the sixties, a kid needed a couple of pencils and a notebook, in the 80s they needed a calculator and now a kid goes off to school with a damned laptop. Incredible!

Still, it's damned expensive.
Many years ago, I ran my life with a flight jacket.

What? A flight jacket?

Yup, a leather navy flight jacket with two patch pockets on the outside and an inside pocket with a snap.

If I owed you money, it was on a notebook in the right pocket. Accounts payable, so to speak.

The left pocket was accounts recieveable. Whoever owed me sheckels had it noted in a small notebook in the left pocket.

The inside pocket held cash, but was empty unless the right pocket said I owed nobody. Bills got paid first.

It worked for me.
There are 2 pieces I want to write from the boat.

Paying the bar bill and a rant about matchmakers. I also ought to write about KEYS, which I hate with a passion. I just asked 2 people at random about their keys and they look like they are ready to become wardens at Alcatraz.

Plastic is the same way.

We'll see if I can get to a computer tomorrow. My relief called me and told me the laptop an shipboard is FUBAR.
It's 1030 and I'm on thje road in a few seconds.

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