Friday, November 6, 2009

Gay marriage is an oxymoron

If two homosexuals get married they will no longer be gay.

They will become miserable like the rest of us. It will not take long.

And that is what I have to say about that.
Had some yard work to do today. The chain saw crapped out on me and Mrs Pic thought w ought not get a new one,, which really isn't the way to go. They have them on sale this time of year. Oh, well.

Fixed the outside lights. I was astonished at how the low voltage bulbs burn out so fast. Weird.
Burned some of the slash from the limbs I hacked up. I ought to get a 55 gallon drum and let it rip, but someone would make an issue over it. Recreational fires are OK, slashh fires are not OK. Last time I had a slash fire, I brought out a pack of hot dogs. That's all it took to get the powers that be off my back. Is it stupid? It works, so it is not stupid.
Murphy was an optimist.

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  1. New bulbs burning out? Probably made in China.