Saturday, November 14, 2009

Today, 14 Nov 09's post Follow the yellow brick road

The Wizard of Oz was on last night, so I watched it as I generally do.Now for the next 2 weeks I'll be singing the songs and doing Cowardly Lion imitations.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

It's amazing how I recover from things. After they put me out for my colonoscopy yeaterday, I was up, thirsty as hell and as hungry as a bear within minutes.I felt pretty bloated, but a huge salad and a Whopper chased that feeling away fast.An hour or 2 afteer I got home, I felt 100%. I didn't even want a nap like I did the first time,Amazing.
I like Indian doctors. I always cheerfully point out that ever since they scalped me at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, they've been making up for it by taking excellent care of me. I owe one Indian Doc my life and another one my eye.I said this Little Big Horn line yesterday to Doc R, who grinned. He hears it every year. It was a Public Relations weenie that went off on me. I told her to feel free to use the piece of mistletoe that I had attached to my shirt tail.When I said that, it took Doc a second or two, but when he caught it he laughed like hell. When the PR weenie caught it a second after the Doc did, she turned purple.

When I checked in early, I said to the nurse "Let's git 'er done" and she got a little pissy. She took it wrong and said something snappish.I glared right back. "It's captain," I shot back, "and according to my watch I don't have time to waste with a bunch of crap. The faster I'm in, the faster I'm out, the faster you guys get paid. I overheard you have a last minute cancelation, and I'll take it. I was scheduled for noon so that way some of your people might get a chance to eat on time."I was home ten minutes after my appointment was scheduled to start. Pretty neat.
All in all a success.
Today's plan?Boots and utes. Backyard commando.
Neighbor Bob needed a hand because he and his brothers and sister are helping their mom move to a retirement home. It's brutal in a way, but the truth is that in a month or 2 Bob's mom will start wondering why she accumulated all of that crap in the first place. Helped out until 1400.

Then came the hassle.

Mrs Pic called to work on the way back yard. What a circus that was, it didn't last long until i went to the basement and fixed the dryer and came out and pole-sawed a few limbs.

I would do what she wants, but do NOT have a clue as she thinks I can read minds. I can't.

Waving a hand like Vanna White means nothing to me, neither does something like 'Blue, but not too blue, with not too much yellow or green. I want just the right color."

Try making it easy for me. Try something like "Behr, shade 126, trunnion blue, semi gloss."

It reminds me of one of those psychics you see on TV. "Psychic Hotline, what can we do for you?"

One of these days I'm going to call psychic hotline. If they answer with "Yeah, Piccolo, you are not going to win the lottery this week with the number you picked and Bob's wife will get mad if you get him plastered Saturday night," I'll cheerfully pay them their $14.95.

I am not a psychic. Mrs Piccolo has to make it easy for me.
There was some slash to burn and Mrs Pic asked me not to light it up until she left. She left, I lit it off and Lo and Behold she doubled back to surprise me just as the flames leapt skyward. A couple neighbors dropped by, attracted by the flames and Mrs Pic stood and watched from a distance, with a hedge between her and everybody else. On the outside looking in. It was sad. She had a lot of envy over the easygoing way I have with the neighborhood.

truth is, I've earned it and will continue to do so. I take kids to school, fix things in the neighborhood and help out where I can and accept help when I need it.

Mrs Pic seems to be too one way to be a part of this. It's sad. She never seems to get it and blames me for poisoning her with the neighbors when the truth is that she has simply poisoned herself.

It doesn't take much, as a simple cold drink in July for the trash guys or a cup of coffee for the meter guy is all it takes. Being able to help a neighbor when he needs it also pays.

Last month I posted that sometimes when you cast your bread on the water the ducks eat it and swim off, but generally you get back poached eggs on toast.

It's true.

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