Thursday, November 5, 2009


Just got in a few minutes ago.

Ate a bite, had a drink and I'm hitting the rack.

Ok, I'm up, went grub shopping, now I gotta fix the chipper and the chain saw for Saturady, as Mrs Pic had a bright idea, whic probably ain't gonna happen.

Oh, yeah, I gotta make up a batch of Hot Buttered Rum batter, as Neighbor Bob finished the last of mine off when he did Halloween for me.

Weather is good, CAVU and cold. I put my helmet, goggles, leather jacket ansd scarf on and took the Miata out for a little jaunt through the twisties. If I hadn't put Bilstein shock and beefed up the sway bar, I'd have probably lost it on one or two of the corners. I let it hang out a little too much and found out that the little car will drift pretty good if I care to. Ouch.

Old men should NOT drive through the twisties the way I did, but it sure helped pull me out of the mean funk I've been in since it set in about an hour or two before I got home last night.-

Thanks go to a woman I do not even know. I've been looking at too many just plain fat people and there was this woman I saw at Wally World that there was just something about. She wasn't hot or sexy, just simple and reasonably well put together and looked like she took care of herself.

I simply wanted to thank her for not being fat, but I kept my mouth shut.

I was looking for light bulbs, as Mrs Pic asked me to get some of a certain type.
As usual, it was a wild goose chase. When I realized that, I muttered that I should have stayed single. Some woman heard it and asked me why that was. Idiot.

So instead of being pissed off at her, I decided to be smooth--and downright dry. I smoothly told her that if I WAS single, I could ask her out.

She replied that perhaps if I DID ask her out that she might refuse.

I told her I was a patient man and if I WAS going to ask her out, I'd up the odds and would wait until the middle of January when we are waist deep in snow and then invite her to go to Jamaica with me.

She told me I don't play fair.

She's right, I don't.

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  1. Hey aint Wally World kinda like Wal mart with a bunch of them fat dumpy folk there. But Good Stuff Cheap Y'Know?