Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tiger Woods car crash

I don't like to see anyone have an accident.

Tiger Woods had one.

Thankfully, he didn't get hurt.

Big deal. Now I wish the media would get over it.
Dealings with an idiot.

Got the OK to go shopping, which was good as it's the time of year to go to the Army/Navy store for a helmet liner. They're great for keeping warm when it's cold and windy.

Got to the store, got my goods and left to return to work.


So I am driving down a side road and come to an intersection. I slow down and right in front of me, some idiot starts to J-walk, so I stop. I can actually live with this.

The idiot spots me and gives me the official startled deer look, and I wave him across. He jumps back onto the curb, I wave again. Then the light turns, again I'm not too upset.

My window is down so I tell him to cross. He gives me a stupid look. Now I'm annoyed.

"You already cost me the light, either cross the street or go somewhere and do it now! If you wait until the light turns, I'll run you over just to get your stupid DNA off the planet!"

He goes across the street like a shot.

A cop I hadn't noticed and must have been leaning against the corner, came up to me. He actually looked somewhat amused.

"A it of road rage?" he asked. He was being a bit sarcastic.

"Not road rage, I just don't do stupid very well. Even though I had the light, I gave him the right of way. He dawdled and it cost me the light, which I could accept, but when he just stood there with a stupid look on his face, it just got me a little annoyed."

"I deal with stupid all day," said the cop.

"I'm sure you do. I wouldn't want your job for all the tea in China." I said. As I spoke the light turned.

"The light changed," said the cop. "Have a good day."

Not bad for dealing with a Philly cop.


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