Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day.

Which I celebrate with biscuits and gravy and 2 eggs for breakfast.

Oddly enough, I not once ate GI SOS the whole time I was in. They made it out of cheap hamburger and it reviled me. My nose rejected it.

I remember sneaking off and eating Cs to avoid it.

It was when I got out and started fishing and someone made it out of pork sausage that I first ate it. I love it now, but can't eat it too often or I'll blow up like a balloon.

Tomorrow: Purge for colonoscopy. Uggh!

Trash day eve.

Took out a trashed lawn mower and 2 trashed chain saws.

Now, there is fear and trepidation in this because Mrs Pic is constantly trying to save me from myself, and will rescue the things I put in the trash.

Generally it's one step forward, three steps back, but not this time.

The 'scrap guys' had the chain saws and lawn mower scarfed up about 45 minutes after I put them out. They got them before Mrs Pic got wind.

The 'scrap guys' have gotten a lot more competitive since the downturn of the economy.
Mrs Pic doesn't understand dealing with people like the trash guys.
Her attitude is the basic'They're getting paid for it' and that ends it. She carefully plays by the rules and makes sure she doesn't throw out anything prohibited by the official trash rules.

On the other hand, I treat the guys with a little courtesy and respect, and often schlep them cold drinks, coffee or something and offer them a few bucks for going above and beyond. As a result, I swear I could whack somebody and stuff them in a trash can and they'd just dump the body in the truck, no questions asked.

Getting people to make your life easier doesn't take a whole lot.

The funny part is that when I'm home, Mrs Pic gets all worked up when I put out something I'm not supposed to. What REALLY makes her blow a fuse is when they cart something off for me that they wouldn't haul off for her. It drives her up the wall.

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