Sunday, November 1, 2009

People that ruin things for everybody else suck.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to be the recipient of quite a few freebies. I’ve been grateful and not abused them in any way because I don’t want to be the guy that ruins things for everyone else.

I really try, but try as I may, there’s always someone that will come along and abuse things and the freebie will go away.

About a decade ago, the company I used to work for used to put us up in a damned fine hotel and pay for meals, to boot.

Of course, that came to a screeching fucking halt when some idiot got drunk and tore up a room and the company got whaled for the damages. The company accepted that, but then a couple geniuses decided to invite every hooker, stumblebum and hanger-on to steak and lobster on the company’s tab.

Of course, they stopped putting us up there and started to give us rooms in some fleabag and made arrangements at a greasy spoon.

No wonder. I can’t blame them, but I’d have done things a little differently. I’d have simply fired the assholes, both to get rid of them and to set an example for the rest.

Part of this was stupidity and lack of foresight on the part of the hotel. They knew what was going on and instead of stopping the abuse; they opted for the quick buck and lost out in the long run.

The open bar at a seminar was a sight to behold. Some of these idiots that would drink cheap rotgut rye if they were buying if for themselves started sucking down sixty dollar shots like soda pop. Dinner was steak and lobster for every night we were there.

Of course, that went away.

My personal rule of thumb for when someone else is footing the bill to do what I’d do if I was paying for things myself. For example, I’ll order a Heineken because that’s what I drink at home, although I’m pretty likely to order a domestic beer instead so as not to be looked on as an abuser.

I’ll look at the menu and order the meat loaf if it looks good, simply because it’s what I’m in the mood for and it’s be what I would order if I was footing the bill.

As a rule, when the person footing the bill sees that you’re not abusing their generosity, they will continue to provide it.

It’s just common sense to realize that when it gets abused, it’s going to go away.

I wasn’t home this Halloween, but last year in addition to giving candy to the kids, I’d offer the parents a Hot Buttered Rum, from an old recipe I got from a retired pre WW2 Shanghai sailor of the Old School.

No. I will not tell you the recipe.

Many of the parents gratefully accepted the drink, many politely refused. This is supposed to be the way it is. If you want one, fine. If not, fine, too.

Enter Claris, who gave me a bunch of crap about setting a bad example for children, yada, yada, yada, and so on.

I simply told her that if she didn’t want an HBR, fine.

Another mother told Claris to shut the hell up and stop ruining things for everyone else. The discussion grew heated fast and I damned near had a catfight in the garage. Finally I threw Claris out and told her to stay off of my property permanently.

Simple solution.

Next Halloween I’m still going to serve HBRs if I’m home because I’ll be damned if I’m going to let one imbecile ruin a good thing.

Ever notice the women that gripe about people having fun are the type you wouldn't look twice at?

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