Thursday, December 24, 2009


A while ago I wandered into a rest area along the PA turnpike and it was pretty full.

It was a real hash of ethnic groups. There were Irish, Amish, Black, White, Near Easterners, Middle Easterners, Far Easteners, and God knows what else.

Now, being a student of sorts of human behavior, I stopped and watched the dynamics of the scene for a while before I got my coffee.

Everyone seemed to get along pretty well.

People's faces ranged from relaxed too tired and irratible, but still, everyone seemed to get along. They said things like 'please', 'thank you' and 'excuse me'.

I wondered why this was happening until I looked around and then it dawned on me.

There was nobody there from the government or some do-good group to explain to us how different we were and to stir things up.

As a sailor, I have worked with a lot of different people and at sea we don't have time for nonsense. We have to put our self interests aside to get things done.

I recall eating a wonderful dinner of pork chops that had been cooked by a Jew even though he wouldn't eat them. He also made sure the morning bacon and sausage was done for the morning guys, even though he wouldn't eat it.

He simply put his selfishness aside and worked for the common good. The gentile crew wanted pork, it was his turn to cook, so he did the best he could and kept his mouth shut.

I often think that if Brother Jessee and Bigmouth Al would simply go away, a lot the so-called race problem would clear itself up on it's own, but if that happened, the both of them would be out on their ass and have to get a real job, and at a whole lot less pay.

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