Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

Dateline:21 Dec,09

I'm a pretty lazy deer hunter. For me, it's a chance to take my rifle for a walk in the woods and take a nap in the woods.

Truth is, I really don't like killing vary much any more, but I sure like eating venison.

Anyway a while ago I made a post on an internet forum stating that if anyone had an extr(a piece of venison hanging around, I'd surely take it off their hands.

Lo and behold! I got an instant message from a person that lives along my way home that he had an entire hindquarter for me just for the taking.

The young guy loves to hunt, always fills his deer tags and generally gets more than he can use, which is fine because he contributes some of his extra to a 'hunters helping homeless' food kitchen, and passes on any extra to guys like me.

None of it goes to waste.

So what did I have to do to get an entire hindquarter?

I simply had to ask.

Sometimes it doesn't work, sometimes it does.

Sometimes you cast your bread on the water and the ducks eat it and swim away, but quite often you cast your bread on the water and get back poached eggs on toast.

(Thanks, Chris)

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