Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One more of the simple things that is annoying

is that most coffee makers have a carafe that was scientifically designed to make damned sure that you spill just as much coffee as you get into your cup.

I've tried most of the homeowner style coffeemakers over the years and the carafes are all a pain in the ass with the exception of the type that takes the kind of carafe that they use in restaurants. Those carafes are pretty good.

Why is that?

It strikes me that it shouldn't be too hard for some rocket scientist to design a carafe that doesn't drip down the side when you pour a cup.

This might also be the time to get this done, as with this economy being what it is.

I'd just bet that the coffee maker companies could go to the Cape Kennedy space center and snag some underemployed rocket scientist that has a bunch of kids headed to college and is looking for a side job.

Besides simply having a no drip carafe, the advertising possibilities are there. if they wanted to persue the rocket scientist angle, too. I can see it on TV now.

"Designed by NASA scientists for the demanding needs of the space program!"

If it worked, they could sell a jillion of them.

I'd sure buy one. It would save me a fortune on sponges and paper towels.

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