Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tape measures are good to have kicking around

No matter what project you undertake, chances are pretty good that you will need to measure something.

There is at least one tape measure in every room of this house except for maybe one, and that room has 2tape measures in it.

Good ones were on sale yesterday at Trader Horn for $4 apiece and I bought two more, which is a pretty good deal.

These 2 new ones will go straight into the tool box because there were none there and there really ought to be one there.

You may wonder why I have so many of them kicking around until you watch me constantly fixing something or making something and you'll figure that that the reason for all the tapes is that I'm too lazy to keep going back and forth to the took box.

This latter arguement may just hold water, but the truth is something you use on a daily basis is nice to have around where it is easy to get to.
Maybe more later

Here's a little something from last summer.

Tonight I heard a thunderstorm headed my way.

I walked around and dug through a few drawers and looked for an old package of cigarettes. There were a couple of them left, so I snagged one. Then I put on my old bush jacket and poured about ¾ of an inch of bourbon into a small glass. Next I put on a grubby old cap and headed out to my porch, a rickety little thing that serve the purpose of being a place with a gorgeous view.

So equipped with a drink and a smoke, I set up the small umbrella and sat there and enjoyed a passing thunderstorm, a drink and a smoke. It’s been quite a while since I’ve enjoyed a smoke, a while since I’ve enjoyed a drink or enjoyed a thunderstorm.

Sometimes God calms the storm, sometimes God lets the storm rage and calms his child.

My mother gave me the common sense to come in out of the rain.

Tonight I listened to my father who taught me to enjoy the things I can’t change.
I miss my father.

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