Saturday, December 12, 2009

A nominal world.

Life is pretty nominal when you really think about it, yet a lot of people will try and make it exact.

One dude told me that his car gets 33.1284 miles per gallon.

Yeah, right. It gets ABOUT 33.

He filled the tank, recorded the milage, and refilled the tank and did the math and it came out to 33.1284 mpg so that's what the car gets, right?

How accurate was the gauge on the gas pump? Probably fairly close, but it sure in hell wasn't 100% exact. How accurate is his odometer? This 'point one two eight four' is s pile of crap. Truth is, you don't really know.

People today seem to be enamored with a bunch of petty details, when the truth is that it ain't that way.

What ever happened to the 'ball park estimate'?

The damned car gets ABOUT 33 MPG.

maybe more later

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