Monday, December 7, 2009

My feminine side: The blog stays pink

Let's look at that today.

I am a pretty good cook. I keep a clean house, I can sew. I can bake cookies and pies. I can change a diaper, feed a squalling child and do a lot of feminine things.

In fact, I'm looking across the room at a shirt that I made for myself a while back. It fits me pretty good.

I routinely bake things, I chase dust bunnies out from under the sofa, and for those that want to take it to issue, there's a Miata in the garage with a racing suspension in it and this old fart can take a lot of young bucks through mountain passes so quickly they'll be screaming for their mamas.

When I dress up, I'll often wear a pink shirt, a black tie and a blue blazer. When I really dress up, it's Brooks Brothers time. I gravitate to the understated classics because I am of the Old School and do not follow fads.

I LIKE pink. This blog is pink because I like the color for certain things.

I certainly won't decorate with it, but I'm sure not afraid to wear it.

There is a reason I do a lot of these feminine things.

I am a man. Men take care of themselves. I can feed myself, keep my clothing maintained and my quarters clean and organized.

There is another reason that I show my feminine side.

It is because my mother is not here to pick up after me.

Recently I listened to a young serviceman thinking of going into an elite military unit. He said something about trying to escape some of the drudgery of military life.


What is he thinking? Anyone ever seen a Special Forces unit in garrison?

Let's take a look. Two officers, ten enlisted.

The lowest ranking enlisted is suppposed to be a sergeant, at least on paper.

No privates. None.

There also isn't any maid service available, either. That means that there is nobody available to do the work, right? The Special Forces live in squalor in unmade beds and torn filthy uniforms, right?

I sort of doubt it.

If you watch the day to day mechanics of this team, and it certainly is a team, you will see a lot of interesting things going on.

Most likely, you will see senior NCOs doing yard work and cleaning the place up from time to time. The basics never go away, they still have to be done and someone has to do them.

Watching a tough, battle hardened platoon sergeant pick up a mop is a fairly common thing in a Special Forces unit. The floor needs to be cleaned and someone has to do it.

Green Berets don't have mothers to clean up after then, either.
Ever notice the guys that gripe most about women are the ones that couldn't get laid in a whorehouse with a handful of $100 bills?

Look a little deeper. Ever notice that they're generally the ones that don't know how to take care of themselves?

A little secret: Chicks gravitate toward competent men.
It's Pearl Harbor day. A day of Infamy. 7 Dec,1941.


  1. "A little secret: Chicks gravitate toward competent men."

    Yes they do.

  2. Only the good ones...
    Dramma Queens and Crazys like the other ones.

  3. They can have them. I'll take a woman who can think for herself and isn't a drama queen every time.

  4. arfcom likes the pink