Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It was a woman that led me to drink

So sayeth WC Fields.

Fields also commented that he never did write her to thank her.

I am a little different. Fields never had the internet.

I have her address in the Brownsville, Texas area.

If you are headed in that general direction, let me know.

I intend to pay her back and I will pay you handsomely to deliver her a jug of Kahlua, a jug of vodka, a half gallon of milk and a bucket of ice.

Unlike WC Fields, I pay my bills.
I got home and I am toasted. I need a good meal and a good night's sleep. Tomorrow I guess I'll be OK.

I am now up, but I feel pretty beat up. It was a long day yesterday, 22 hours of it, the last 14 or so traveling.

I had an interesting chat with a the teenaged girl that was sitting in the seat next to me on one of the legs of my flight. She had some sort of knitting project going on and we talked about sewing for a while.

I think it surprised the hell out of her to be chatting about sewing with a man her grandfathers age.

I have posted that I have made a few shirts and other odds and ends, but there's a hell of a lot more of it than meets the eye. As a seaman, I have a palm and needle and because I am so damned old school, I often do the palm and needle work that comes up every so often.

I have also made a couple of sails back when I lived on a sailboat.

I made a usable spinnaker/drifter out of a GI parachute that worked like a champ and kept me from being becalmed.

Most guys don't think women that sew are very mechanical.

Guess again. Take an old shirt apart sometime by splitting it at the seams and see what the parts look like. If you want a real mind blower, do it to a pair of pants.

Then look at a sewing machine and ask yourself if you have the skills to maintain it properly.

Betcha a lot of tough guys don't.

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