Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why do people srtill insist on giving directions

is beyond me. Just give me your address and I'll run it through the computer.

The computer or GPS does a lot better job of giving directions than 99.8% of humans do.

In fact, humans generally give lousy directions.

"Now you go down the road to where the coal pile used to be before they moved it and turn right. Then you go down the road to where the house they just painted a while back that used to be green but it's some other color now and take the right after that. Go down to the tree where the Jenkins boy had that horrible accident back in 1962 and almost killed Licinda Felice when they hit that tree on prom night. Oh, wait! They cut that tree down last year, but that's OK, just make a left there. You'll find it all right."

A lot of people understand when you say "I've got GPS" or "I'll google it", but many do not.

Some know that it means, but insist on trying to give directions, anyway.

I was supposed to meet someone and they wanted to give me directions. I said to this jerk, ala Jack Webb/Joe Friday "Just the address, Sir. I'll know how to get there. I'm from the Internet."

"Oh, Gee! I didn't know! Really?" Then he caught on, and I'm sure he felt dumb.

Another direction giver was cut off with, "No directions needed, Ma'am, just an address. My cousin is an astronaut on the space shuttle and he had the National Aeronautical and Space Administration engineers fix me up with a special navigator. I give it the address and the car drives itself there."


"Absolutely, Ma'am.

When I arrived, she wanted to see the 'special navigator'. I showed her the GPS and she was astonished. Then I told her she could get one at WallyWorld for about $100 and she seemed dubious until I told her it would save her money on gas by more efficient routing.

Betcha she goes straight to WallyWorld.

The people that piss me off to no end are the ones that will not give you an address until they give you their lame directions. I generally cut them off with "Let's not do stupid. I don't listen to directions people give because they are inaccurate. Please just give me an address and I'll Google or GPS it."

I wish I had more patience, but I don't. Over the past 50 years I've spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours trying to find places by following directions given by people that don't know how to give then.

Now technology has finally done something useful for a change.

I like it.

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  1. that whole address thing is true.....IF you live in a locale that has enhanced 911, but if you dont, good luck. A lot of this country still doesnt have propper unless you have the contract for that mail route, you will have zero luck finding out where exactly "route 2 box 2248-9" actually is.

    Pilk from Arfcom