Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I got my upright for my 43 foot vertical antenna in yesterday.

I had to dig a 2.5 foot deep hole with a posthole digger and I planned this one right because I started it in the late afternoon and decided not to pursue it until the next day as it was late. I then stuck a garden hose in the hole and put the hose on just a slight drip and left it there.

It proved to be a pretty good move because the ground has been damned dry this summer and the water softened the dirt up a great deal and I managed to dig the hole in pretty short order.

The hole was full of waer when I got to it but the surrounding ground wasn't too wet. I attribute not turning a 10 foot radius into a quagmire because I set the hose to such a slow drip. Had I even let it run at a trickle I suppose the hole would have overflowed and I would have found myself standing in a swamp.

Sunday's post drew a comment that it began as mundane stuff which I suppose it did but you have to remember I am not Indianna Jones or Superman but an old sailorman and there are an awful lot of things that happen to me that happen to everyone else. I have mornings when the car won't start or I want something different for breakfast.

The cat is somehwt the same way. Every so often he gets on some kind of a snit which is what cats sometimes do.

There has been an interruption as I heard the trash guys go by and I looked to see if they were on my side of the street or across the street and they were across the street which means I can't take the trash can in yet.

Anyway, the reason that you read of me doing mundane things is simply because mundane things are simply anohter part of life.

Get used to it.

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  1. This aerial will be too long to work well on 10, 15, and perhaps 17 meters. Thats why the AT1011/U, at 32 feet long is the perfect compromise. I've been playing with mine for awhile now.


  2. Pic, I know you don’t worry about comments(“mundane stuff”) or mine for that matter, but I just had to say I find your blog rather entertaining and informative to read. Plus you do have some great “why didn’t I think of that” tips like the garden hose for the hole digger (after digging ten holes for a fence one day, that would have helped). One note, I think your theme song should be” Life’s Been Good” by Joe Walsh.