Monday, February 9, 2015

Every so often I drop in on a police subforum

 on a website I frequent. It's interesting and because I don't act like too much of a jerk on it, most of the guys make me feel welcome.

As you can imagine, most of the members are either active or retired cops. Some of the subjects they talk about are interesting. Some of it is shop talk.

I just went through a thread where the officers were talking about which kind of pen they preferred to use for tickets and reports. One officer made me laugh when he posted a picture of a cheap pen with a flower on top of it.

I can picture Joe Citizen being handed that to sign a 45 over speeding ticket with. Actually it is something I would do if I were a cop and probably part of the reason I'm not a police officer.

When I read the title to the thread I was a bit dubious until I realized that cops do a lot of writing. That's when the thread made sense to me.

Actually that was a rare thread for that forum. 

One of the threads was a discussion of the various bandages available. A couple of officers wanted to add a few things to the first aid kits in their cars. Likely they would be paying for these bandages out of their own pocket.

For the most part it seems to me that these officers are pretty caring guys that are trying to do a good job and serve the public. These guys are swapping notes about which first aid things they should add to their issued kits.

I've posted that there are good and bad apples in the LE community before and likely I will again. Good police officers do nothing but add to the community. They should be rewarded and well treated.

Yes, the bad ones should be gotten rid of but I don't want to cover that one today. I just want to remind us that there are an awful lot of good officers out there that serve the public.

I'm also grateful that the officers in the forum do a pretty good job of making me feel welcome.

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