Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Years ago when I lived in Kodiak

 a bunch of us bored guys started watching 'General Hospital' at the Anchor Bar. If I recall it was on noon to noon thirty and it got to be contageous to the point where the Anchor was almost packed come noon.

During this period I was working for a contractor building a couple of apartment buildings and the entire crew were GH fans. At lunch we'd race to the Anchor and watch it and the instant it was over we'd race back to work.

If you'd miss a day then as soon as you coud you'd have to run down one of the guys to see what you had missed.

It got to the point where the general contractor actually brought a TV set onto the job site and somehow hooked it up to cable. 

At first he'd shake his head as we ate lunch and made comments about who was zooming who but after a while he was the one that was setting the TV up early and sitting down with us! 

I can remember sitting in the rain with the TV in the job shack facing out the door. The shack was too small for us to get into so we sat outside in the rain and watched it.

The bartender at the Anchor, a woman, thought it was the funniest thing to see construction guys, loggers and fisherman race in so as not to miss the daily episode.

This actually only lasted a couple of months until everyone started to get bored with it but it was one of those things that was fun while it lasted. I guess it was a stupid thing but it really was fun.

What is interesting now is that I don't remember a single episode of it.

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