Saturday, February 28, 2015

Well, I am not $5.35 richer! Hoo-rah!

Which, I suppose, is better than being $5.35 poorer.

I went snooping around some of the 'find lost money' sites a while ago and they sent me to the Pennsylvania 'lost and found'.

An email to Harrisburg told me I had some money due and that it was under a hundred bucks.

Well, OK. That meant I had between a penny and $99.99 in the pot so I decided to claim it. I filled out the necessary forms and Presto!

A couple of months later a check arrived for $5.35.

I guess you could consider it a kind of lottery ticket where you know you've won something but do not know how much until you claim it.

You'd think the state would have told me how much they had in my name but they didn't. I had to claim it to find out.

It kind of reminds me of Congress passing various bills. You have to pass the bill to be able to see what's in it.

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