Friday, February 20, 2015

The drug dealer that was ready for war. Yeah, right.

I just saw where some druggie type got raided and busted which is something I question to begin with. It looks to me like a bunch of cops risked their hides in yet another battle on our failed never ending war on drugs.

So, of course, police leadership has decided to show the world the evidence as a show of how the officers risk their lives dealing with armed drug dealers. They set up a table and showed all of the deadly weapons they took from the dealer.

As usual, there is a police supervisor type standing there with the Official Look of outraged indignation on his face. It is the self-rightous look you see on the faces of people standing behind someone like Al Sharpton or some other community organizer type when they are giving a speech.

Most likely the rank and file cops not in the picture are rolling their eyes.

There is a pile of weapons on the table along with a small package of whatever drug they seized. At a quick glance it looks impressive. To those that are not in the shooting community it looks impressive.

Members of the shooting community are rolling their eyes if they are disciplined. If they are not, they are rolling on the floor laughing themselves silly.

Let's see what's on the table. There's a whole pile of stuff. The first thing I see are a pair of airsoft pistols. They're not even firearms!

Neither are the pair of AR-15 airsofts. They are not firearms, either.

On the end is a pair of WW2 bring-back Arisakas that that one can't get ammunition for anymore unless you go to a specialty house and spend an arm and a leg. One of the two appears to be missing the bolt, rendering it incapable of firing.

There's a couple of Ninja and Rennisance Fair type fantasy swords next to a set of nunchucks. Beside that is an old Civil war replica cap and ball revolver and a poorly put together flintlock kit pistol. The latter is a replic of a 200 year old pistol that was made before the days of percussion caps. 

There's a rusty machete in the pile. It looks like it came out of the garage and was used for whacking weeds as there seems to be dirt still on it.

There is what appears to be a servicable center fire rifle in the pile, a bolt action deer rifle that looks to be in halfway decent shape. It is nestled between a pair of kind of worn out Daisy Red Ryder BB guns.

Of course the cutline says that this heavily armed drug dealer was ready for a serious fight to the death. The police supervisor there is looking at the pile like it is going to jump up at them.

The working cop that helped set this display up looks somewhat embarrassed. He know that anyone in the shooting community is going to see through the display in a minute.

Of course, the soccer moms and little old ladies are going to look at the display wide-eyed and see that the police are saving them from a fate worse than death.

I wish the police would stop doing things like that because it makes them look foolish. Then again, there are a lot of supervisors in police departments that are kind of foolish. Still, the supervisors ought to run stuff like this past working cops and listen because the guys in the streets know how foolish things like this make them look.

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  1. Well, you gotta admit, the Spanish-American War was a war. They'd be ready for that one at least. Or maybe Custer's Last Stand.