Saturday, February 14, 2015

One of the things they do in the medical field

 is a thing called a triage. They teach it in medical school and they teach it to young people that go into the service to become medics.

It's an old system that divided injured people into three categories, routine, priority and beyond help. It's a pretty cold system but as cruel as it is, it saves lives.

The cold hard truth is that it is both a waste of time and a danger to the other injured to waste a whole lot of time on someone that is dead or dying and likely won't make it.

The routine casualties have injuries that are not life threatening. They can wait until the priorities can be taken stablized.

Priorities are those that will likely survive if they can get stablized. These are the people that generally get attention first.

Life is a lot like that when you think about it except that a lot of people are afraid to admit it. Instead they insist on propping up failure through social programs.

The system we have now reminds me of a triage nurse at a disaster that is spending precious assets on the dead and dying rather then the priority patients that will make it if they get attention.We're spending too much money on deadbeats.

It seems to me that we are wasting an awful lot of time and money on individuals that we simply ought to leave to their own devices. We ought to let them start taking care of themselves or let them simply wither away.

The truth is that most people will find their way.

It won't be pretty and it will likely take a couple generations but if we're going to survive as a free nation we're just going to have to buckle down, face the truth and deal with it. 

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