Thursday, February 19, 2015

The other day a couple of us were discussing Jordan's King Abdullah II.

 He's one hell of a leader and one hell of a man. I'd follow him just because of who he is.

When ISIS burned one of his pilots to death he promptly hanged a pair of ISIS terrorists he happened to have sitting around in jail. Actually they were the people ISIS offered to trade for a pilot they had captured.

He doesn't play stupid games. He's makes decisions unlike a lot of our so-called leaders. 

I'm not going to get into the skydiving, beautiful wife he is devoted to, his hobbies of skydiving, motorcycling, scuba diving and the like.

What I will do is say that he learned his trade of being a head of state quite well by getting one hell of an education. He pretty much did this on his own.

This guy is a real deal badass. His military education includes Sandhurst in the UK, and advanced armor school at Fort Knox, KY just to name a part of it. He also ran the Special Operations department in Jordan, as a major general.

He's the kind of guy I would consider it an honor to have him lead me into battle.

On top of that he has worked with two Popes in an effort to bring Islam and Christianity closer and work together for peace. This guy is not just a military man. He's a person interested in making the world an easier place to live.

He's a pretty down to earth guy that was seen in Amman pushing a car out of a snowbank during the a rare middle east cold snap. Truth is, he sounds like a guy that gets things done no matter where he is.

I'm going to watch this guy.

Frankly I wish a lot of people in Washington would watch this guy and take heed to the way this man leads. There is a shortage of that in Washington these days. A BIG shortage.

I think I am going to write this guy a letter.

Incidentally, his father was a ham operator, call sign JY1, beloved by the ham community that was constantly on the air. If you were a ham, then for all intents and purposes you were on a first name basis with a king. 

He visited the States a number of times and it most likely used to irk the hell out of the State Department weenies to have to call him 'Your Highness' when some scruffy looking ham was addressing him by name.

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