Sunday, May 24, 2015

I did d a nine week tour once

and was astonished at what I came home to.

Mrs Pic had been out of town for most of the tour and I had placed a certain neighborhood kid in charge of taking care of the cat and a few things.

I was beat to hell when I got home and really wanted to simply unwind for a bit and knock back a snort of bourbon and crash out.

I came home to a happy cat and the mail neatly stacked and assorted by category on the kitchen table. Bills/business in one pile, junk in another and ham radio/personal stuff in the third.

The place was fairly clean and neat everything was where it belonged.

But the crowning glory was the refrigerator. Apparently he had raided his mom's fridge for leftovers because there was a nice pasta dish there and a note explaining that i was likely tired and hungry.

Now it was dark when I arrived and I was beat and didn't bother checking things out out side. The following morning I looked out to see a freshly mowed lawn.

The young man responsible for this is twelve years old. 

He's going places.

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