Saturday, May 9, 2015

My new business venture

Recently on a forum I have been on for years a policeman member posted that a woman called her over to her house and asked him to 'arrest' her recaltricent son.

The officer refused and said it wasn't policework.

Several officers chimed in that they hate being called for things like that. Can't say as I blame them. The result is generally a kid that grows up hating the police.

WHat one wag posted is written below:

You shouldn’t call the cops for things like that… 

You should have some dirty bearded guy wearing overalls show up with a truck that says “Bubba’s Alligator Farm” on the side and a bathroom scale. Everyone knows that Alligator farmers pay $2.00 a pound for bad kids. Cause if there’s one thing Alligators love to eat its bad children. 

Nothing like the threat of being sold for animal feed to keep a kid in line. 

Hmmm, I wonder if I could turn this into a business. 

Beint the clown I am, I copied that and posted it on a police board I drop in on occasionally. I asked the policemen on the board if they would hand out my business cards if I really did start a business like that.

One replied that he'd start by taking 400 cards and another said I couldn't print them fast enough.

Don't call the police to do your job for you. It's not their job to discipline your kids, it's your job. Please do it and let the poor policemen do theirs.

Bubba's Alligator Farm opens next week. The charge is $75 for a house call.

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  1. If you did it right, this could be a great retirement opportunity. You could even sell franchise rights if you wanted.