Saturday, May 23, 2015

Piccolo meets a new neighbor

And promptly stuffed four beers into him like I'm supposed to.

It was an interesting meeting. I didn't want to meet them as a couple because often a guy will hold back in front of his wife.

Besides, there are a few questions one can ask a guy that if asked in front of his wife would make her uneasy.

"This first question I want to ask my new neighbor is this," I said.
"If I saw somebody I just  plain didn't like the looks of entering your house and I gave him a real nasty sucking chest wound, would you have a problem with it?"

He said something like hoping I would just go and finish him off  if I did.

Good answer. Now I know he's likely going to be an asset to the neighborhood instead of a millstone.

The guy that lived there is a jewel and fortunately just moved to a bigger house a couple of doors down so things still look pretty good here.

The first time I met him that was the first question I asked and he pretty much gave the same reply.

The new guy is an engineer so most likely responds to logic instead of emotion so he'll likely be easy to deal with. Thank God he isn't some kind of dopey liberal arts major that thinks the solution to crossing a river is to hold hands and sing Kum-by-ya. This guy knows how to build a bridge and that is always a good thing.

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