Sunday, May 10, 2015

I just saw where some imbecile of an Iranian general

 has claimed to welcome war with the United States.

Sometimes I think the solution to that is to simply open a giant imperial sized can of whoopass canned sunshine on them and get it over with.

I get tired of seeing US troops get chewed up and a one round knockout would preclude this.

The trick to keeping something like this from happening again is not to rebuild them afterwards. We have rebuilt just about every one of our former enemies. It is getting to the point where failing countries can get a free rebuild simply by going to war with us. Instead leave them in total ruins and starving.

Flatten the place and when they ask for money to rebuild the answer is simple.

"Oh. We don't do that anymore."

 Then we simply leave them to their own devices.

A lot of places would then think twice before they did anything to us.

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