Thursday, May 7, 2015

The other day I wrote about wearing an AVG blood chit

 into a Chinese restaurant and the fun I had with a certain character of a waiter. 

There is another Chinese restaurant I occasionally eat at. It's more of a true sit down and be waited on place as opposed to the buffet place I mentioned that has a real character working there.

The guy that owns this place is an immigrant and has two places, one in the 'burbs where I occasionally eat and one in the city that I have never even seen.

This guy is special.

Apparently a few feds assigned to downtown eat there regularly because immediately after the attacks that occurred on 9-11 an agent came into the restaurant and asked him how they would go about setting up some sort of a chow line in Shanksville where one of the planes that had been hijacked augered in.

He told the fed that he'd get right on it...personally.

Right then and there he told a waiteress to assemble the entire crew in the dining room and explained to the customers to please take their time, finish their meals and that they would be closed for a while.

He then started barking orders to shut down the grille, oven and stoves, disconnect the gas fittings and prepare to pack up. They were going to Shanksville.

They did this in record time and set up shop there keeping the various workers fed for quite some time.

What is interesting to note is that after he resumed his business downtown he 'accidentally' forgot to send the government a bill.

I heard this story from someone else and one day when I was eating lunch the owner walked in to the place to take care of things.

I walked up to him and asked him about it and he smiled.

"No, I did not send a bill," he said. "This country has allowed me to be successful and own a couple of great businesses and do well. It was just my way of paying it back."

I have no idea whatsoever what this cost him but I know it wasn't cheap when you even begin to add things up.

What a neat guy!

When I see immigrants and others simply sucking the government tit I think of this guy and it only adds to my anger toward the system.

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